How To Talk To A Girl You Like To Make Her Feel Attraction

how to woo a girl

Do you find yourself tongue-tied around attractive girls, and struggling to figure out how to talk to a girl you like?

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It can be nerve-racking trying to carry on a conversation with a girl you’re attracted to, especially during those “awkward silences” where you’re not sure what to say next.  

You might be afraid that she will shut you down, or completely ignore you, and you already know that knowing a bunch of pick up lines for girls isn’t the solution.

For some guys, it’s about knowing how to talk to a girl you like in school. For others, the question is how to talk to a girl you like on Facebook. And the problem for a lot of men (of all ages) is how to talk to a girl you like if you are shy.

(Personally, that was my challenge for YEARS until I learned this stuff…)

How To Talk To A Girl You Like – Conversation Tips

1. Forget about using silly pick up lines, or worrying about how to impress a girl. Open the conversation in an interesting, original way that grabs her attention and makes her want to share her thoughts.

If she’s cute (or hot), you can bet she gets approached by guys constantly, and very few of these guys have anything original or interesting to say. They’ll say something obvious like “Hey, what’s up?” or, if they’re at a bar or club, they’ll offer to buy her a drink.

I want you to take a completely different approach. Scrap the corny pick up lines and try one of these openers the next time you’re wondering how to talk to a girl you like:

“Let me ask you a quick question. Who do you think are more jealous – men or women?”

This is an example of a “relationship question” opener. This is a topic that women naturally have strong opinions about, and it allows you to easily flow into a conversation. Here are a couple of other examples:

“I need to ask you something real quick. Would you allow your boyfriend to go to a bachelor party if you knew there were going to be strippers there?”


“Hey, I want to get your opinion on something, it will just take a second. How long do you need to be dating a guy, before you think he should change his Facebook relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship?'”

how to talk to a girl for the first time

(That last one is a perfect ice-breaker to use when trying to figure out how to talk to a girl you like on Facebook…)

Now, here’s the key to making these openers work. After she gives her answer, you need to tell a quick “story” to explain why you asked her that question.

I have a bunch of these stories. I can talk about my buddy Jeff, and how I think he’s being too jealous with his girlfriend…she still maintains a friendship with her ex-boyfriend, and Jeff got upset the other day because he saw her chatting with him on Facebook (even though the chat was friendly in nature, nothing flirty or sexual going on).

With the “bachelor party” opener, I’ll tell a quick story about my friend Jennifer, and how she is forbidding her boyfriend from attending a bachelor party because she heard that strippers have been hired…but I think it’s hypocritical, because Jennifer went to a bachelorette party just a few weeks ago and she got a naked lap dance from some dude named Adonis.

(Jennifer’s defense: it’s okay for a bunch of girls to hire a male stripper because girls “know how to behave themselves,” but guys at a bachelor party are going to behave like total horndogs…)

When you’re wondering how to talk to a girl you like, asking her a funny question about relationships/jealousy is a great way to start a conversation because these are topics that women are naturally going to want to talk about.

But you don’t want it to sound like a pick up line, so you’ll tack on a story about a friend of yours, to put the question into context.

These types of openers work in most situations, including if you want to know how to talk to a girl you like in school, or how to talk to a girl if you are shy.

Here’s another idea you can use when you’re trying to figure out how to talk to a girl you like: pay her a compliment on something she is wearing, and ask her where she bought it, because you need to buy a female friend of yours a birthday gift.

“Forgive me if this sounds a little gay, but I couldn’t help noticing your shoes – they look great with your outfit. I need to buy a birthday gift for my friend Lisa, and shoes are practically her favorite thing in the world…where did you get those?”

You can pay her a compliment on her handbag, her dress, a piece of jewelry she is wearing, or even a tattoo…and then put your compliment into context by mentioning how a female friend of yours would LOVE something like that. This works for three reasons:

1 – You’re noticing an aspect of her appearance that most guys would NEVER compliment her on, but obviously it’s something that she put a lot of time into choosing.

(Beautiful women never go out without carefully choosing their purse, shoes, outfit, etc.)

2 – You’re mentioning how you need to buy a gift for a female friend of yours. This implies that you’ve GOT attractive, fashion-conscious female friends, and it also implies that you’re a generous, thoughtful guy.

The “compliment opener” works like a charm. You can always fall back on this one when you’re struggling to figure out how to talk to a girl you like.

I’ve got a lot of conversational tips and tactics that you can use if you’re wondering how to talk to a girl you like. I can show you easy-to-learn routines that make it simple to start conversations, and get a girl to smile, laugh, and feel curious about you…which is an emotion you must trigger in order to make her start feeling attraction.

How To Talk To A Girl You Like If You Are Shy

Sweet Pick Up Lines

Take some time to feel more comfortable with yourself.  Look in the mirror and give yourself compliments. Make a list of some of your favorite things about yourself.  

This will help you give the added confidence boost that you need to succeed when you talk to girls.

It’s also important to convey social value. This means that from the moment you walk in, you’re interacting with people. If you’re with friends, loosen up and enjoy yourself. Always be smiling. Lead the conversation and keep your group laughing and engaged in what you are saying. People should notice that your crew is having fun.

Even if you’re accompanied by only one friend, the two of you should be standing up (not parked on a barstool) and engaged in an animated conversation. If you’re alone, strike up a chat with the bartender. If the bartender is too busy to talk, start a conversation with someone.

It could be a couple of guys standing nearby. It doesn’t matter. Right now, the women in that place are noticing you. The guy who is sitting alone, or huddled with his friends—scanning the room for women he would like to talk to—is communicating low value.

Your approach will have a greater chance of success if your target has already observed you socializing with people. When I go to my favorite bar, it usually takes me at least 15 minutes to settle in and scope out the girls I want to talk to, because I’m busy being welcomed.

The doorman greets me, and we chat for a couple of minutes…then the bartender and the waitresses say hello…and various friends of mine come over and welcome me. Meanwhile, the women are noticing me. (They’re always looking out for new guys who arrive.)

And when I decide to make my move and start talking to a girl, she’s receptive because she has already seen how popular I am. She knows I must have value. You can demonstrate the same type of value wherever you hang out. It’s simply a matter of befriending the people who work there, and perhaps some of the regular customers who you often see there.

Note, this isn’t necessary. You should never not approach just because she hasn’t seen you demonstrate social value. In a lot of situations, there isn’t any way for you to do so. (Such as when you’re walking down the street and you spot a girl you want to meet.)

What this does is give you an edge when you begin talking to a girl you like. If there are venues where you regularly hang out to meet women, you must invest the time and effort to build up a network of friends & allies in that place.

How To Talk To A Girl You Like – Asking The Right Questions

Next, you will want to make sure that you not only talk to the girl, but listen to her (and ask questions that encourage her to share interesting details about herself).  

No girl wants to talk with a guy who is all about himself.  When you’re talking with a girl you like, make sure that you ask questions about her ambitions and plans for the future.  This will not only allow you to learn more about her, but it will show that you’re interested in who she is.  Most girls enjoy a guy who not only talks, but listens.

When talking to her, make sure that you maintain eye contact and SMILE. Don’t take yourself, or this conversation, too seriously. As for the eye contact, this not only shows that you’re interested in what she has to say, but it helps to show your confidence.  

Before talking with the girl who you like, consider practicing in the mirror. Look at yourself in the eyes as you have a conversation with yourself.  

This can help you become more comfortable with making eye contact.  This is one of the most important steps, as you learn how to talk to a girl.

Another How To Talk 2 Girls Secret – Watch Your Body Language!

Pay attention to the rest of your body language, as well as the body language that she displays.  You can learn a lot from someone’s body language.  For example, if she smiles a lot and sits upright without her arms crossed over her chest, she is enjoying the conversation that you two are having.  

You should also make sure that your body language is appropriate.  If you’re fearful or unsure, this will shine through in your body language.  Take the time to make sure that you’re sitting up straight, acting relaxed, and smiling a lot.  This will help to make the conversation more comfortable for both of you.

How To Talk To Girl Tips – Taking The Next Step

As you can see, there are many tips that you can follow when learning how to talk to a girl you like.  With the right attitude and some practice, you’ll be able to build up the confidence needed to interact with your crush.  It’s important that you take a chance, because you never know what will happen!  If you just sit back and never talk to your crush, you may never get the chance to know or date her.

How to Talk to a Girl that You Like: Simple Steps

If you like a girl, you do not insist on getting attention, because pressure can be intimidating and would make you look thoughtless and rude.

If you want to talk to the girl that you like, you should always be nice, sweet, thoughtful and gentle. Flattering a girl is not always the key to catch her attention. Talk to her like a normal person and it is very important not to feel awkward the moment you are in front of her.

How to talk to a girl you like is pretty much simple, all you have to do is…

Use your sense of humor and make her laugh. Any girl will definitely feel comfortable to be with a guy who have a good sense of humor and can make her laugh very often. However, do not overdo it just inject some jokes during the conversation. In case she does not get it, do not bother explaining it to her unless she asks you to. If you cannot think of a joke that will suit the situation, do not force it.

Find out some information about her. You have to know whether or not she is dating someone else. You would not want to be in a situation wherein you were having a real nice conversation when a guy would suddenly walk-in and give her a hug. Ask about her interests and hobbies, and you can ask her specific questions about it.

Try to engage in small talk. Talk about her current situation, if she is in school then you ask her about what particular subjects she is interested about. However, avoid jumping from one topic to another; you can just let the conversation flow smoothly.

Be generous with compliments.Compliment her on the way she looks or she dress up. But do not throw in your compliments one after the other because this might scare her off. Be subtle yet sincere in giving those compliments; and make sure that you do not sound sarcastic too.

Be conscious of your body language.Maintain eye contact when you talk with the girl you like. Listen to her and smile. Avoid looking around whenever she is talking. If you are talking to the girl that you like, focus on what she is saying rather than what you are going to say next.

Be as natural as possible. Do not make her feel as if she is under police interrogation. This will certainly make her feel uncomfortable if you start throwing in questions. Show that you are interested in her in a nice way and do it nicely. Do not make it appear as if you are reading a script.

How to Talk to a Girl You Like: Conversation Starters

Here are few tips on how to start, and carry on conversations with girls. Take a moment to study these tips so that the next time you’re talking to a girl, you can avoid “awkward silences.”

Remember to KISS! (Keep it Simple Stupid!) Your introduction should be simple. You can just simply walk up to her and say hi! Then tell her your name, you do not need to tell her your complete autobiography. You will receive a warm welcome if she is interested with you.

Even if you came up with the most brilliant conversation; you will not receive a good response if she is not interested in you.

Start to talk about your common interest. If you want to know how to talk to a girl you like then try to find out some of the things that you both have in common. The hardest part is to find the most common interest that you have as quickly as you can.

Talk about her pet.If you happen to be a pet owner it would be easier to approach the cat lady or other pet owners because you share something in common. Like any other pet owners, she can be very passionate about her pet and would love to talk about it. Even if you do not have the same type of pet, you can easily give compliment about the pet and ask other details pertaining to it. There is already a connection between the two of you and conversation can easily start.

These are just some of the conversation starters which are very basic and simple and all you need to do is to get it done. You have to compete with the other guys out there.

Just look a place where you are comfortable to meet the kind of women you are interested in. Remember that you are do not want just any woman; what you want the right woman for you. She is definitely out there just waiting for you to start a conversation!

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