How To Stop Being Shy And Be The Alpha Male

Tips On Being The Alpha Male

become an alpha male

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I’m sure you’ve heard the term Alpha Male before. Some guys associate this expression with an animal species: the strongest and toughest monkey or lion that the others defer to and gets first crack at the food and the most desirable females.

In the minds of some men, the term Alpha Male has a a rather connotation. It could mean the football captain who used to rule their high school, intimidating the underclassmen and snatching all the hot chicks. Or, you might have an Alpha Male in your workplace: a “man’s man” who projects complete confidence, and focuses intensely on achieving his goals. He might be a pain in the ass to work for, but you gotta respect the guy.

In any case, most guys suffer under the conviction that some of us are born as Alpha Males, and the rest of us are destined to be “shy guys” or “nice guys” who can only have the leftovers and don’t even know how to get a girls phone number. But in reality, we’ve all got an Alpha Male within us. I’d like to give you several tips on how to start unleashing your Alpha side. These come from recent experiences in my life…

How To Become An Alpha Male, Tip #1: Displaying your Alpha side means that you display charm and self-confidence when you are around women AND other men. Always develop your social network! This is SO important. I’ve helped a lot of guys learn the craft of picking up women because they’re eager to learn how to become an Alpha Male. Although some of these men become more skilled and confident when they’re around women, they still act like “Beta” guys when they’re around other men — especially Alpha Males whom they perceive to have higher status than they do.

Obviously when you go out to socialize, your main goal is to pick up a girl, but making new friendships with “Alpha” guys is going to elevate your long-term lifestyle. Make this a habit: when you’re in a social environment — and you see dudes who have cool, positive energy and are having a great time (and getting attention from women) — introduce yourself to these dudes. Simply introduce yourself to the guy who seems like he’s getting lots of attention from the girls: “Hey man, it’s looks like you’re doing well with the chicks here. So what’s your secret?” There is a 90% chance that he will shake your hand, want to know you, and now you’ve got this guy as a friend and wingman.

As you expand your network of Alpha wingmen, the social benefits are huge. These guys will invite you to bars, parties, etc. that you didn’t know about. They may even know hot women that they want to introduce you to. And when you’re hanging out with your Alpha buddies in social situations, you automatically have social proof in the eyes of the women. When women see you hanging with these guys, it shows that you have high social value.

If you generally go to the same handful of bars, accompanied by the same friends you’ve been hanging out with for many years (and I’m assuming they are non-Alpha Males who DON’T approach women), it’s time for you to “upgrade” and start hanging out with some guys who are super-social and give you extra motivation.

How To Be An Alpha Male, Next Tip: My second quick tip on being an Alpha Male is that you must stop being wishy-washy, and be decisive instead. Women respect men who lay out a path for them to follow. It may sound chauvinistic, but it’s true. She really doesn’t want to have to decide which movie to go see, or where to have dinner tonight…you’re actually making her a bit uncomfortable when you show indecisive behavior. A girl needs to feel that you able to provide emotional stability and security.

You need to step up, take control, and make decisions. This principle even applies if it’s as insignificant as figuring out where to go for coffee or dinner. She might not always agree, but she will respect the fact that you have a definite opinion.

WEAK MOVE: “Um, if you’re not busy, maybe we could hang out sometime and do something…”

On the other hand, an Alpha Male might say this: “So what’s your favorite funny movie of all time? I’ll rent it and we can watch it at my place on Friday night, while you sample some of my cooking.” Or, “You mentioned you love Mexican food. I know about this great restaurant that’s sort of “off the radar”, and I know you’re going to flip out when you try the food. I’ll pick you up Thursday night at seven o’clock.”

How To Be An Alpha Male, Tip #3: Always leave ’em wanting more. The top Alpha Males – whether it’s a business mogul, or a Hollywood star – are very busy people. They simply are not going to give you unlimited amounts of time. Your way of thinking should be the same with girls. YOU want to be the one ending the conversation first, whether it’s a conversation at a bar, or a phone call to set up a date.

The average guy will talk… and talk… until the girl finally says, “I need to go find my friend” or “it’s was nice to meet you, but I have to get going…” As an Alpha Male, you must ALWAYS have a goal in mind when you talk to a girl, and obtain that goal before the interaction comes to an end. When you’re hanging out at a nightclub, the object could perhaps be to get her phone number and email address. If you’re ringing her phone, the objective could be to figure out when you’re going to see her next. Essentially, you’ve got to have a plan, a strategy, and a way to pull it off.

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