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Michael asks…

Are Breaks different from Break Ups ? Is he my boyfriend or exboyfriend ?

I thought that I had an ex boyfriend.
Now it turns out he may be my boyfriend still but also on a break.
I had asked for a break because he had majorly screwed up
I kind of handled it in an immature cowardly fashion (emailed him i wanted a break and then gave a laundry list of problems)
I was certain he thought it was a break up because he removed our relationship off of facebook (he didnt list himself as single though and even deleted the feed that said he was ‘no longer in a relationship with me)

We’ve staye din touch for the last 7 weeks
him awkwardly calling me about random things
finally 3 weeks ago he said he missed me and started asking to ‘get together’ or ‘hang out’
I wasnt going to make it easy on him and instead have just staye din touch on the phone.

well finally i figured out he may be seeing someone new
but again he doesnt seem that happy so i wasn’t certain (he was the freakingest happiest man in the world the first 3 months we were dating and he doesnt sound like a man happily in love with someone new)

anyway he finally called me tonight after a couple days of telephone tag

he sounded a bit depressed (he has no reason to be from career or health standpoint so i immediately picked up on it)
he replied he felt betrayed by me asking for a break.
Oh wow after 7 weeks of pvssy footing around he finally started discussing the relationship.
anyway we got into a long conversation and the jist of it is that he keeps referring to us being on a break that i wanted.
i then asked what does he want and that the ball is in his court.
he said well break implies something broken and even if its repaired it’ll have hairline cracks.

so i tried to lift the mood and said well then we can start fresh
i joked we can ‘role play’ and pretend we’re doing everything over fresh.
that made him laugh.
i then got serious and said maybe we can makes start over fresh and even better.
he didnt say yes or no.
i then tried to let him know that i still care about him and am not really out dating anyone
he stopped me and sai dhe doesnt want to know what im doing on the break i wanted.
i then asked something else (i totally forget the question) and he replied that since he still on a break he didnt know.

so it sounds like he thinks we’re still on a break.
is that different from being broken up ?

Is it a good sign that he brought up the relationship ?

I had been planning to go no contact before this conversation, now Im thinking Limited Contact…. Does that make sense ?

Thanks !
oh and i told him i want the break to be over
so now the ball’s in his court.

admin answers:

Most of the time, we girls analyze every. Little. Friggen. Detail of our relationships, what he does, what he says, and how he says or does these things. I am no exception!

But to get down to the nitty-gritty, dear… If you really just want to get back together with him, just get back together with him. Give it to him straight: “i don’t want us to see other ppl. Let’s not be apart anymore. I want you. Be honest with me, and don’t try to hurt me ever again. If you cared about me, you wouldn’t play games with me. Now, do you want us to be an exclusive couple and not see other ppl? When you’re ready, just tell me what YOU want.”

or something like that. I hope this helps. If he doesn’t feel the same way that you do, then so be it. It will hurt, of course, like all relationships, but it’s all a matter of finding that one person who will work it out with you bc he really does care about you.

Good luck.

As for the differences btwn a “break” and a “break-up,” it doesn’t matter. Since there were not any clarifications, he probably assumed it was a break-up. It is all about communicating to each other about what you seriously want and asking for it, not beating around the bush too much that assumptions are all we can think about. You know?

Susan asks…

Christmas List Ideas for a Teen Girl?

Ya ya I know I’m another 13 year old girl asking for ideas for my christmas list. I already give most of the money I get for christmas to charity and I also volunteer on christmas and then go back home for christmas morning. So I really just need things to add to my list. I like to have a big list not because I need all of these things I just want to give my parents a lot of options for things because they said it would be helpful if I did. I would appreciate it if you didn’t say general things like clothes shoes money gift cards etc. SPECIFIC THINGS Because if I was going to put those on my list I wouldn’t be asking you all now would I. Ok so here is the list it also has links to the products if you wanna read more about them.

– A Nikon D3000 camera or an Old Polaroid camera (the one that has the pictures come out of the camera)

– Some Navy TOMS shoes (the buisness that donates shoes to kids when you buy some)

– Grey Tall Uggs

– This funny t-shirt that I’m obsessed with

– Cute boyfriend tops

-I’m redecorating my room to look like the first example picture

– A subscription to this really cool gift website you should look at it it’s so cute

– What would I do without monkey slippers

– A cute new fossil wallet

– This mostash ring

– This DORK ring

– And the old purple Ipod nano the 5th generation one

– I’m also asking for a subscription to Teen Vogue subscription, a new scarf and hat, some cute rain boots, and a cup called “I am Not a Paper Cup” That is really cute. I was just to lazy to find pictures of these things.

Also don’t say something stupid like “A Life hahaha” because If i need a life then why are you answering this question if you not even going to try to help me.

P.S. I know because i said don’t say stupid things a lot of people probably will

admin answers:

The have some cool gifts for teens here, you will like them:

Laura asks…

I have a problem with my boyfriend asking his friends who are girls sending him pictures? Please help?

I just found out my boyfriend asks some of his friends, who are girls, to send him pictures of themselves and its bothering me really really badly. I found out by snooping through his Myspace account. He openly gave me his password though. He honestly told me, “my password is ____.”

Its a long distance relationship. I know hes not cheating like kissing and having sex with them or anything. I trust him on that. Its just the picture thing. Thats not my question so dont tell me anything related to that, please. He left two days ago after staying for a month.

He tells them they look really pretty and hes been doing ot for a while. These are girls he knows where he lives and I dont know them at all.

Its mostly this one girl who I think has a crush on him. He has a couple old ones on his phone of her back from like January but he told me that she had died.

After he left, his Myspace account was still open on my computer and I looked at all his read messages and found out that the girl he asks pictures from the most, looks a hell of alot like the girl on his phone he told me that died. And this girl has a picture of her and him under his tagged photos and she has a active Myspace account and is under his friends list. He calls her really pretty and once he called her a “sexy beast.” Its driving me crazy! I get jealous really easy and finding this out right after he left hurt like hell. I NEVER sent pics of myself to other guys or asked other guys to send me pics of themselves to me while dating him.

Im pissed off because, it looks like he lied to me and that hes flirting with his friends behind my back.

I want to confront him about this but I dont know how to bring it up. How can I bring it up to him without really telling him I looked at his messages? I feel bad I was looking in his messages but I think its better that I found this out. Please help but please no rude or pointless comments. Thank you.
And dont say break up with him. I want to talk to him about it first before I make a decision like that. Hes my first boyfriend and hes great. Hes such a gentleman to me. Im just new to this kind of thing…
Just pictures. No nudes. Face and body.

admin answers:

What kind of pictures are you talking about first of all? And really he lied to you about a girl being dead who he is in constant contact with … Makes me wonder what else he lies to you about.
If he gave you his myspace password, then tell him the truth, you were snooping. If he didn’t want you to look, he shouldn’t have given you the password in the first place.
You might think that this guy is great, but considering you have nothing to compare it to, Iwill go ahead and tell he is not.

Chris asks…

What can I get/make for my boyfriend’s 18th birthday?

I read about every single answer to this question that had been posted on other people’s question like this. But none of it seemed right for him.
So I’ll tell you a little what he’s like.
Basically, think of a typical badass/punk/rebel. That’s him. But he’s not the stereotypical punk. Even though he’s never lost a fight, isn’t afraid to fight anyone, has been arrested multiple times starting when he was 15, can drink a 30 case and is still able to bullshit the cops, everyone he knows has the highest respect for him because they know they could never take him, etc. But he has another side to him that at least I see. To me, he’s the most caring, gentle, protecting, loving man in the world. And he doesn’t hide the fact that he’s like that towards me in front of his friends. He would never lay a hand on me, he has so much respect for women. When I’m upset, he’ll drive the 20 minutes to my house just to hold me and wipe the tears away. When I wanna play, he’ll sit down and color with me and run around the yard playing tag with me. We have tickle fights, he’ll take me to the animal shelter so we can play with the kittens, and he’ll push me on the swings in the park. We chill and party a lot, but every so often he wants to just lay in bed with me and hold me for hours instead.

Anyway, sorry that’s long, but I hope it gives you an idea of what kinda person he is.
So far for his birthday in October, I’m getting him a new hat. Because 2 hats ago, that one got stolen. So for Valentines day I got him a new kickass Fox racing one. But it very recently got stolen. And so I have 2 new Famous ones picked out. One for his birthday, one for Christmas. Also, I’m thinking a nice shirt from Hollister. (Since he wears Hollister, skateboarding companies, and band tshirts.) But I don’t think just those 2 things are enough, not for his 18th that he’s reeeally looking forward to. But I’m only nearly 17 so I don’t have an actual job, which means I don’t have a ton of money for this. So I was wondering what else I could get/make for him. I can’t list like 100 reasons why I love him, because for our year anniversary in November I’m giving him a list of 365 reasons. Along with his favorite cologne and a jacket from Hollister. Oh, and I also was going to get some sexy lingerie to wear for his birthday. But I just feel like something’s missing. You know? Cuz I can’t take him anywhere since I don’t have a license or car yet. And his plans for the night were to take me to a rave, since I’ve never been.

Anyways, thanks for reading all of that. Really.
Any suggestions? /:

admin answers:

Homemade gift websites~

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