Cute Things To Say To A Guy Over Text

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Lisa asks…

What to talk ’bout over text with a guy you think is cute ?

well this guy i think is pretty cute texts me sometimes & whenever we do, i kinda run out of things to say. he’s suuuuper nice & funny & always uses smileys ^.^ but sometimes its like .. what do i say next ?

usually i can talk to guys over texts but him, im speechless haha

he’s a football player for his high school, we’re not going to the same school anymore, umm yeah. I dont really know that much about him.. so maybe 20 questions ? how can i initiate the convo about playing 20 questions? haha thankss (:

(if you have any topics you usually talk about or whatever & stuff, please help ! haha im like .. stuck lol)

admin answers:

Games are always a fun way to keep the convo going. 20 q’s or truth or dare seem to work in most cases Ive noticed. When it comes to asking him to play, I’m sure that as a guy I appreciate straight forwardness, so just straight up ask him. Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t drag out the situation too much, being the person to say bye first when the convo gets boring will always make the other person appreciate that you understand a good conversation.

Richard asks…

what are some cute things to say over text when you are flirting to a guy?

admin answers:

I only know one thing to say, if you want to start the texting first. Text……….Hey You!!!. My son is 13 and he loves that crap. And lord yes, the girls love him to death

Mandy asks…

Cute things to say over text?

i just met a guy recently and i kind of like him and we started texting today. he asked me how my day was so i was wondering what are some cute things to say back to how was your day? instead of just good or great?

also anything else cute to say back to someone you recently met!

admin answers:

PRETTY GOOD NOW 😉 . AHA hell like it. Plz help me!!??;_ylt=ArQbm63OBeXeL077jOt6wyHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091023163338AAjEDoK

Helen asks…


I really lyk this guy and Im kinda shy…What are some funny cute things I could say to him??? I want him to know Im interested

admin answers:

Tell the guy,
you: I have been thinking about you all day, mmmmm
Him: what have you been thinking darling
You: I have been thinking about all the great things I want to do with you
Him: What things?
You: I have been thinking about you wanking, and all the dirty things I want to do with you babe
Him: something like ‘ what things’ if he is aroused
You: I want you to take my bra off and lick my breasts, tickle my nipples with your tongue, I want you to get a hard on, I will put my hand down your pants and rub it for you, with my saliva as a lubricant. I will pull down your pants and suck it for you will you cum in my mouth.
Then I want you to go down on me and tickle my clit with the tip of your tongue and I want you to drink my vaginal juice
Him: wow, that sounds good
You: I want to taste your sweat in my mouth. I want you to use me as your toilet and piss down my throat. I want to fuck in kinky missionary position with my legs over your sholders and I want you to give me the best orgasm ever. I want to hit you so you bleed and mark your naked body. I want you to hit me hard and I want you to jurk off on my face, rub it on my breasts and spunk in my mouth.
Something like this should get him going HAHAHAHAHA
just call me gifted 😉

Ruth asks…

How to flirt with a guy over text?

So, i sorta have a thing with this guy, and whenever he texts me he usually says things like “hey cutie” . he calls me cute a lot, but i feel like i never say it back and that i dont flirt enough. I kinda lost when it comes to the right way to flirt with him. I dont wanna just randomly compliment him and freak him out, and i also dont wanna just say the same things he says. Like if i texted him hey cutie i would feel weird because thats what he usually says and i dont want him to think im just saying it because he does. If that make sense.. so what would be the right way for me to let him know im attracted to him and flirt with him?

admin answers:

I honestly think the conversation should at least look like..
-Him- Hey Cutie
-You- Hey I`ve been meaning to tell you something for some time now..
-Him- What is it?
-You- Well I wanted to say that I have feelings for you and I hope you have feelings for me too.

Good luck!! T.T

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