Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To A Guy Over Text

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Robert asks…

What are some cute ways to text a girl goodnight?

For a guy who’s texting a girl who you like but she doesnt know it yet. Like a “hint” kinda.

admin answers:

Saying goodnight itself if a way to hint you like her… It’d be weird if a friend of mine said goodnight to me so if you even told her that it’d kind of hit you like her… But… A way to say you really really like is like by saying night ‘whatever their name is’ cuz idk that’s what the guy i like does to me when he says goodnight

Chris asks…

What is the best way to say goodnight too a guy you like, but when your not dating him?

I really like this guy and when I text him goodnight tonight, I want it too say something really cute. We aren’t going out so I dont want it to be over board with what I say. All help needed. Thanks.

admin answers:

Just say good night

answer my question?

Steven asks…

What are some cute ways to text a girl goodnight?

A girl who your interested in but you guys arent bf/gf.

admin answers:

Text her “sweet dreams :)”
it’s simple and sweet and it will make her smile

Ken asks…

What’s a cute name for a guy, like a pet name?

Every night a text this guy I like a cute message like “Goodnight Cutie” or something like that, um i’m running out of names lol I’m trying to be creative. What are cute names, or ways to say goodnight?

admin answers:


Daniel asks…

What are some cute ways to say i’m falling in love with you to your boyfriend?

Okay so me and my boyfriend will be 3 months on the 19th and like were both kinda shy and quiet around eachother and have never said i love you… but i wanna kinda give a hint. Help me?

admin answers:

Wait until you guys are on the phone or texting back and forth and just before you hang up say it. Or make it your last text before goodnight. Just say “luv ya” at the end and see if he says it back or texts it back. It may be easier if you guys aren’t face to face.

John asks…

Does This Mean That He Likes Me Or Is Just A Jerk?

Haha. Yep. So I like this guy a /lot/. We are sorta-ish friends and he always does kinda obnoxious things around me. (ie throws his football at me, friendly-ish-ly calls me kinda cute kinda meanish names, etc) but then at other times he’s really nice like when we text he always tells me goodnight. He also likes hanging out with me a lot. So, what does it mean?

admin answers:

He likes you but he is too frightened to admit it in the open to you – physical play like that is the way men tend to bond and we have a tendancy in our early years to try and use the same approach to girls – young men are pretty thick really!

Maria asks…

What is a cute way to end text conversation with my crush at the end of the night?

Some days this guy I like and i will text for hours. And to end it I always text him ” getting tired, goodnight” or
something like that. What is a cute way to end a
conversation at the end of the night? Btw Never been
on a date with this guy

admin answers:

Well, first you should text him asking him to hang out sometime. Just be like hey, I was wondering if u wanted to hang out sometime. But just be spontaneous about ur goodnight text. Sometimes I say night sweet dreams. Or sleep well or something about dreams. Sometimes ill say love ya. And tell them like a bf. And when they are like what I tell than best friend or sometimes we start talking about if I want him to be my boyfriend. And in the morning I text them that I had a dream about them last night or something voles to that.

William asks…

What does it mean for a guy to fall asleep on the phone with you?

I know many of you would say that it’s because you’re boring to talk to, but hear me out. My ex and I talk or text a lot during the day. Sure not as much as we did when we were together, in a way we still are, but a lot nonetheless. Usually around the time I go to bed, he’d still be awoke or waking from a nap because he’s always busy and exhausted so I’d text him goodnight. He’d then call me and we’d just fall asleep together. We won’t try and hold a conversation, it doesn’t lead to phone sex. Each time lol. But we’d just fall asleep together, and he snores lmao. Do you find it cute to fall asleep on the phone together, and why does he still do this?

admin answers:

If im not sleeping at my gf’s house or she isnt by me, we fall asleep on the phone at night. Every night. We would talk or just say goodnight and put the phone down and stay connected. Its like you are there with them. She always wakes from bad dreams so i would be there for her. I could give a sh*t if people think its weird or whatever but I like it.

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