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Laura asks…

Does anyone know an adult dating game or sim online that is free?

I was playing a dating sim called Date ArianeB and was wondering if there was any games like it or if i could download versions of ArianeB. Someone answer plz.

admin answers:


The web’s first real free adult dating site. No cost to send and receive messages.

Joseph asks…

Can anyone reccomend some good dating sim games for the DS?

I want to buy a nice dating sim game with good art. ( * 3*)
I’m a girl, so dating a guy would be nice, and I only have the normal DS.
I know that they have a ton in Japan, so is there any good ones translated in english and sold in the US?

Is there also any good ones online?

admin answers:

I never knew they had dating sims for females O.o

As for it in english, i HIGHLY doubt it but you can try and find them online. should have some.

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Chris asks…

Is there a tutorial that teaches you how to make a dating sim in flash?

I want to make a jonas dating sim LOL I have all the drawings already.

admin answers:

Here are some Action Script programming tutorials:

Flash kit has tutorials to make any kind of game you want while w3 school has good basic flash tutorials.

Betty asks…

What is the name of the japanese man who married a dating sim character, not his gaming name his real name.?

I need to know the REAL name of the Japanese man who married the love plus dating sim character Nene Anegasaki

admin answers:

Hari Tsumato.

Ken asks…

What is a good dating sim to download?

I want a dating sim from japan that is in english… japan is better at dating sims also make so that a straight guy would enjoy it(not for a girl) and please no porn im not looking for that 😀

admin answers:

Clannad. An unofficial English patch exists, you can download it online . Clannad is one of *the* best of these type of games you can get.

You will have to import or otherwise find the game online. Note that Memorial Edition will NOT work, you will need Full Voice (recommended) or Original versions.

Carol asks…

Any RPG games that are also like a dating sim game that can be recommended?

I love RPG’s but especially those that have Romance similar to a dating sims As much as I enjoy them there are very few of them. I love those that are anime based but the only problem is that the majority are in Japanese. Does anyone know of one that is in English but meets these characteristics that you can recommend to me?

admin answers:

Well, they’re not made in the Japanese anime style but Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins are both great RPGs with Romantic subplots that are actually a pretty big part of the game.

You may want to look in to those.

George asks…

Is there somewhere I can get male dating sim characters for Renpy?

I’m testing out Renpy and, I want to make my own personal game but, I’ve only found female characters that I can use. If some one could be nice enough to give me some guy dating sims characters with diffrent facial expressions and, such.

admin answers:

They’re a bit rarer, although I think there are still a couple.

However if you want multiple ones that will work together you might need to buy a cheap sprite collection (or hire an artist) if you search on dlsite for Blue Forest you can find lots and lots of cheap sprite sets.

Sharon asks…

How are animations in dating sim H games made?

I’m making a dating sims BL game in flash for my friend for X-mass
I wanted to know if anyone knows how they do the animations in Hentai games like G.J’s Majodou ~ Ano Chirigiwa no Utsukushisa

admin answers:

Not sure
im learning flash next semester in school :

Ruth asks…

Anybody know some PC or PSP Dating sim games?

As the question states i need a PSP or PC (preferably) dating Sim game. I have never tried one and i would like to see how it is, and would appreciate it if they were in English. Iv tried to look at some forums etc but had no luck, so maybe you guys can help me out :D. And plz don’t give me a link to a visual novel. I know they are probably good, like the one for clannad, but im after a Dating Sim.

admin answers:

There’s not a lot of that sort of thing on the PSP. ‘Brooktown High’ is probably your only option and it’s not very good.

There’s a lot more on the PC, although there are more visual novels than true dating sims. Here’s what you should look for:

True Love – This was the oldest one that was ever sold in English. It’s hentai. Not available for sale anywhere anymore, so don’t expect to find a legit copy easily.

Casual Romance Club – This is a hentai game. It’s not a normal dating sim in the sense of having stats to raise, but it is *literally* a dating simulator – *all* you do is go to this club and chat up girls. 12 of them. Personally I found it boring.

Shira Oka – This is not hentai. It’s about being sent back in time to relive your high school years and try to get them right this time (and get a girl). It’s sort of repetitive because you have to keep starting over when you screw up. There is a free demo for this.

Summer Session – This is not hentai. It’s a short, straightforward game about taking classes at a university over the summer and trying to hook up with various girls in the process. Also has a free demo.

Magical Diary – Not hentai, and kind of for girls, but one of the more complicated sims available. It’s sort of a Harry Potter kind of game, where you go to school to learn spells for the RPG sections. You have to play a girl, but you can make her a lesbian. Also has a free demo

There are a few other sims for girls (Lucky Rabbit Reflex, RE: Alistair – that one’s free) but I can’t think of much more for guys. Oh, there’s The Flower Shop which has a gardening sim as well as stat-raising…

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