Effectively Using Pickup Lines to Get a Girl

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Effectively Using Pickup Lines to Get a Girl


pickup lines to get a girlHave you ever tried using pickup lines to get a girl and ended with a negative response? Do you think some pick-up lines actually work while there are those that make you feel like a total loser? Do you think that women simply do not respond to pickup lines because they do not work? Friend, pick-up lines do not contain the secret ingredient or the magic formula. Pickup lines are part and parcel of the effective methods you need to master if you want success in getting the girl.

The first tip in using pickup lines to get a girl is to pay attention to your delivery of the line. This means that you have to be clear in the way you talk; don’t mumble or eat your words. Also, when you say the pickup lines, you have to show that you are a confident guy but you are sensitive enough to be a little bit funny. For this tip, you also to act the part of the confident guy and you have to look it as well. Thus, choose clothes that are in fashion and that enhance your looks.

When you are sure that you look and act confident enough, you can move in for the kill with tried and tested pickup lines. One pickup line to get a girl that you can use is the following: “Excuse me, but I heard they might be asking you to leave soon.” The intriguing pickup line could make her give you a glance and ask you why. You then follow it up with this silly reason: “Because you are making all the other girls look bad.” If you project confidence when you say it, and couple it with a hint of playfulness, the line will definitely work.

Using Pickup Lines to Get a Girl

Another one on the list of great pickup lines to get a girl is this: “I did not have any body piercing until just now. You pierced my heart.” This line could work if the girl you use it on is into mushy romantic stuff. Thus, when you want to use this opener, you have to assess the energy level of the girl in order for you to match it. You have to find out whether the girl might be receptive to romantic lines or she could be more on to the direct and simple pickup lines. But, either way, you really have to be attuned to your surroundings and to the girl so that you can react appropriately to whatever her reaction will be.

The third great pickup line for a girl that you can use is: “Can I have your opinion on something?” This is a simple and unpretentious opener can be great for getting the attention of girls of all types. It is effective because it tells the girl that you think of her as a person who is expert in the field, thus making her feel important. But you must remember that the line will not work if your body language is not consistent with the words you say. Thus, you have to be very careful to send positive vibrations through your body language so that the girl will not be intimidated by your demeanor.

Pickup lines are helpful in making you succeed in getting the girl you want. However, you must bear in mind that the pickup lines themselves are not some form of magic that will enchant a girl into liking you. Thus, you have to make sure that when you deliver the lines you are as confident as can be. It is also important to convey the idea of being nice person without any intimidating bone in your body. When you do this, the pickup lines you use to get a girl will really work!

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