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Ken asks…

How old were you on your first date or kiss?

I’m 13 [grade8] and havent had my first kiss … i wooouuld have but im kinda shy… i reeaally wanna have my first kiss. / date. How old were you when you had your first kiss ? Where was it? Or where was your first date/ what did you do?

admin answers:

My first kiss was when I was 16. It was extremely awkward, honestly the worst kiss I’ve ever had. My gf and I were just taking a walk together and she told me that we’d been together for a while but never kissed yet. So I said okay and then I kissed her. It was like kissing a wall!!! Really lame.

I’ve had 3 girlfriends since her and my current one I am madly in love with. I am actually her first bf so I had to kind of gently teach her how to kiss. She quickly learned and is awesome now. :) I am 21 now and she is 19

Helen asks…

How many of you like to kiss/be kissed on the first date?

Do you like to be kissed on a first date? Would you want to kiss someone, say at the end of a first date or something? How many of you actually HAVE kissed on the first date, especially if it was your first kiss? Tell me your stories if you’d like :)
I’ve always wondered this, and how many people do it. Thanks!

admin answers:

It depends on how wel the date went to be honest but I have kissed on 2 first dates because it just felt so right at the time. I have no regrets.

With my current boyfriend we had our first kiss on our first date under the stars. It was perfect!

Thomas asks…

When was your first kiss and first date?

How old were you on your first kiss? How old were you when you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend/date?

admin answers:

Never had a first date. But my first kiss was when i was 14

Jenny asks…

Is a first kiss appropriate for a first date?

This is our first date. I have known him since 2007. And I actually want to kiss him. Is it appropriate and okay to kiss on a first date?

admin answers:

If u really wanna kiss him GO FOR IT just b careful he might fell uncomdortable kidsin on the first date…if uknown him so long ushould know how he would feel about it

Lizzie asks…

Girls- What Is Your Opinion On First Date Kiss?

Say you were on a first date with a guy and you both hit it off well. You talked for hours and had a nice dinner and he drives you home. Once you are at your door and you agree to see each other next week would you be okay with:

A. Just a hug

B. Kiss on the cheek

C. Kiss on the lips

admin answers:

It really depends on how long you’ve known each other and how close you are. If it was me i would appreciate A. Then B and if the girl is interested she might make a move after. Use your gut when it come to the moment. Pay attention to how long the girl lingers at her door and how close she is standing to you. If she has her arms crossed or occupied with holding her bag she probably wants to take it slow. Good Luck!

Sandy asks…

He asked me out while we were on a first date. When should I expect a first kiss?

We were ice skating, and at one point he just sort of stopped and asked. After he asked we held hands, hugged, etc. Should I expect that we will have our first kiss on the next date? Also, if it does happen, it will be my very first kiss ever, so what should I expect?

admin answers:

He’ll probably throw up in your mouth. Don’t forget to chew the big chunks before swallowing. *

Richard asks…

Is it okay to kiss on your first date?

Here I am…. 35 years old and still single…. I am wondering if it’s okay for the first kiss of the first date? And how do I tilt my head? To the right or to the left? Also, how do I know if she is ready to get kissed?

admin answers:

The only appropriate time to kiss is when the person clearly expresses the desire to kiss. Doesn’t matter which way to kiss. Most people (that I know) go right.

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