How to Use Funny Pickup Lines for Girls

Funny Pick Up Lines for GirlsIn general, ladies prefer guys who are good in using funny pick up lines for eliciting smiles from them. Using this knowledge to your advantage, you can be one of those men girls easily get attracted to. Funny openers are great ice breakers to use on a girl you see in a crowd. The way you say the funny lines, however, should go with certain ways of behaving in order to get the girl interested. Thus, you have to learn the art of picking up girls so that you can taste success in getting girls’ attention.

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To start your lesson, you can begin by thinking of and memorizing a funny pick up line for girls. Yes, it won’t help you if you want to think of a line only when you are actually face to face with a girl you like in a club. Thus, you do well by using the following pickup line: “Hi, I just wanted to give you the satisfaction of turning me down; go ahead say no.” Of course, when you say this line, you have to get the message across that you are teasing; therefore, smile and just be a bit flirty. When you sense that the girl is regarding you in a positive light, try to keep the conversation going by concentrating on the next few words to say.

Taken in that context, funny pickup lines for girls only work if you know how to use them as springboards for the rest of the conversation. Just getting the girl to talk to you using your funny opener does not mean you are a success. You have to make sure that the girl does not lose interest in your conversation by using interesting follow-up questions and safe comments that won’t scare her away. Further, girls are receptive when you only memorized a few lines just to pick them up. Thus, you have to make sure that your conversation stays alive by adding a bit of humor as well as authentic and sincere questions to get the girl warmed up to you.

If you want to get the girl feeling comfortable talking to you, you have to have the knack of being receptive to your surroundings. This is important as you won’t have wrack your brain for things to say as you have lots of things to talk about when you are aware of the goings-on around you. Thus, your funny pickup lines won’t be wasted as you will hook the girl with your follow-up questions and comments. What’s more, girls can tell when you are just trying to be funny just to get them interested. So the key here is to keep your conversation lively by talking about things in your surroundings while putting in some funny side comments.

To further ensure that your conversation with the girl stays animated, after you successfully use a funny opener, be sure to send out the impression that you are in command of the whole thing. Therefore, be relaxed and sure for yourself, not desperate to make her like you. The air of self-assurance that you display coupled with your self-assured words will make the girl feel at ease with you. Just remember to keep the conversation interesting with a tad of wittiness. Hot girls simply adore guys who can make them laugh.

In a nutshell, using your wit to pick up girls requires that you also do other things to attract girls. Therefore, it is important to choose your funny opener very well. Then, make it a point to take interest in your surroundings as they are good sources of topics to talk about. Then, make the conversation interesting by infusing wit and hilarity in your exchange. When you do all these things, the funny pick up lines for girls will really work to your advantage and get a girl to catch your attention.

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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