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Steven asksā€¦

How do I get a girl back who I hurt very bad?

I hurt this girl by breaking up with her. I never got over her and I want her soo bad. How do I win her back?

admin answers:

Well you really need to prove to her that you are very SORRY….something like that will never happen again…and that you were really stupid and foolish for breaking up with you..make it romantic šŸ˜‰

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Donald asksā€¦

How do I get my girl back?

My last girl and I were best friends for about a year before we started dating. We broke it off after I caught her cheating with an older guy, but stayed friends afterwards. Thing is, our friendships got extremely strained, and about 6 months ago I couldn’t take it anymore and told her I would stop seeing her and stop talking to her.

It’s been 6 months, and I still miss her. She’s dating the guy she cheated on me with, but I at least want to be friends again. How do I get her back?

admin answers:

I think it is too soon to be friends. If your still missing her your not done being hurt or over what happened. You have to go through being hurt and heal from that. Then one day out of the blue you’ll miss her, but in a friend way, not in the “I just need you in my life” way. Time heals all, and that’s what you need to give it, time. As far as getting her back as a friend, just talk to her. Tell her that you were friends before anything happened and you enjoyed her friendship and would like to remain friends. Be open and honest….After you’ve healed. If your not completely over what happened and healed from it your heart will get crushed. Good luck and I hope it works out for you :)

Ruth asksā€¦

Guys have you ever wanted a girl back the you broke up with?

For guys 17-19. Have you ever broken up with a girl and realized that you really wanted her back like 5 moths later? Does that ever happen? And if so, would you ever say anything or just let it go and realize you made a mistake and just get down with other girls anyway?

admin answers:

Guys minds are hardly ever set in stone. It’s very easy to persuade them in the right direction by just knowing what they want and giving it to them. If they’re in a relationship and they’re girlfriend isn’t the most honest person, then just give him what she won’t. If she’s not social, be social with him and his friends. Befriend him and show him you’ve changed or whatever was going on before. And guys also don’t like confrontation or making a big deal of anything because they don’t over analyze situations so they let it eat them up, or they just don’t really care. Most of the time, if they did make a mistake, they figure thats it and they won’t really go out of their way to change it unless they’ve picked up a sign.. And you know how guys are and taking hints.

Lisa asksā€¦

how to get a girl back after making a mistake of seeming clingy?

I met this beautiful girl at work, we seemed to have hit it off so i get her number. The next afternoon i get ahold of her again and we talk for awhile. But the conversation ended, the next morning i wake up early and text her, she doesnt answer, i dont think anything of it. I then text her around dinner, still no answer. We were planning on going out later in the week so i call her about 5 hours after texting her and still no answer. Is there anyway i can mend what ever i did wrong?

admin answers:

Man, the same thing happened to me about a month or two ago. Literally, I did the exact same thing with too many texts and we were supposed to ahve dinner a week later. The best advice I can give is just don’t talk to her anymore or try to contact her until she contacts you. That’s all you can do. In my situation, I never talked to her again. Hopefully yours works out better. Good luck.

Jenny asksā€¦

When should I call a girl back after getting her phone number?

I met a girl at a college party 2 days ago and she gave me her phone number. When should I call her? Does it matter that I had asked for HER phone number? Should I ask her to get coffee or dessert with me?

admin answers:


Betty asksā€¦

How to get a girl back that you regret breaking up with?

I was really pissed at her at the time, and I broke up with her. After 7 months. Now, a week later, every day I realize more and more how much i still like her and how bad i want her back. I don’t want to seem pathetic and desperate, but I want her back. We’re not even talking now. What should I do?

admin answers:

.Eat humble pie and apologise

Susan asksā€¦

Can you get a girl back after having an affair with her cousin by mistake?

Well this girl I use to talk to, I had a short-term affair with her close cousin YEARS ago and I didn’t even know they knew each other, I found out the hard way. So she still isn’t trying to put that situation behind us even though I’m more than serious in trying to work things out, not likely?

admin answers:

Find a new girl and don’t cheat this time. Cheating is for losers. She’ll never trust you again, and for good reason. I wouldn’t want you either.

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