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Lizzie asks…

How much would it cost to start a girls high school lacrosse team?

I’m really wanting to start up a girls lacrosse team at my high school.
I have enough girls interested, but I’m wondering what the cost would be.
My school has never had a lacrosse team, so we’d have to buy uniforms, balls,nets, sticks and goggles.
Roughly how much would that cost?

admin answers:

I congratulate you on your decision, I think it’s great that you want to start a team.

First of all, you’ll need permission. Once you have permission, they may or may not let you use the school athletic funds. Of course, those won’t cover everything, but they should cover a lot of the cost.

Next, everyone who wants to play has to bring their own sticks, goggles, and mouthguards. That also takes off money.

That still leaves uniforms, goals, and balls. Let’s start with the cheapest: a bucket of balls with 50 balls is about $100. Goals cost about $200. And depending where you get the uniforms from, they can cost about $400.

But don’t forget about costs for coaches and things like that…but other than that good luck starting up your team!!

Ken asks…

how do i get on the high school girls lacrosse team?

I am a sophomore and I want to try out for the girls lax team at my school because I really like it. I have never played on a team before, but I have played with friends before and stuff and I know that I am not terrible. I know how to play (for the most part), so what stuff would I need to play the sport? Like what equipment? I know I need the lacrosse stick, goggles, and the mouth guard, but what shoes? Any tips?

Thanks :)

admin answers:

It sort of depends on how good your school is at lacrosse but to make it on most high school teams you have to be a good runner. I know that my high school coach put a lot of girls on the JV team that have never played before but they are very athletic and really good runners. For shoes you should get lacrosse cleats, but soccer cleats or even football cleats work just as well! You should probably have sneakers too, just in case. Just have fun when you try out! All the coaches that i have talked to over the years have told me that if you stay coach-able and are willing to try new things and have a good attitude on and off the feild, then you are more likely to make it over a girl with skills but a horrible attitude.
Hope this helped and that you make it! Good luck!

Sandra asks…

Are there any high school girls lacrosse tournaments on the west coast- end of april, or may?

Excluding the Huntington Beach Tournie May 9th weekend. My team is really eager to finish off the season with an awesome tournament, but we have having trouble finding one. Any info or websites that could help me out with be awesome!

admin answers:

Yes their is. Usalacrosse.org official site us lacrosse. Please play event in canada. Played many many years first year novice 1947. Woman’s game hard to say is the best of the three. Mens field indoor. Watched under 19 last summer. Woman’s game is the best. Was talking to head coach of syracuse about this. He also agrees. Other retired players you bet. A lot of rings lot awards. All agreed

Linda asks…

What is the best high school girls lacrosse stick?

I have been playing lacrosse for two years and currently have an beginner STX stick and it works just fine for me but its coming time to get a new stick and I just need some ideas of what the best sticks are. Please leave company and stick name at least.

admin answers:

Brine: Mantra(may be illegal next season though) Amonte 1 or 2. Stx: Crux or Crux 10, Xen 10, Rave 10 Debeer: nv3, fierce, tempest pro 2 Harrow: prime 7, solo. Try going to a local lax store or a sporting goods store and test one out its all about personal preference.

Paul asks…

What is a good workout to do to prepare for high school girls lacrosse?

admin answers:

Of course running, but the most important thing is going to be ball-handling… Simple catching drills( like bouncing it against the wall and catching it without it touching the ground) and throwing drills. Also being quick on the feet helps. So lay the stick down and do quick feet( quick steps forwards and backwards over the stick) … Shuffles around the stick can help too.. Good luck :)

Joseph asks…

what kind of stick does a girls high school lacrosse player need?

i want a new stick any suggestions? i play attack.i played one season and i haven’t played in two years.im an ok player. id have to say im intermediate player.
im a girl player by the way.

admin answers:

Go to lacrossemonkey.com and find one in your price range. My sister plays

Richard asks…

Girls high school lacrosse advice *goalies preferably*?

so my school just started a jv girls lacrosse team and im the goalie. I’ve never played a sport before and i am terrified because our first game is soon. Apparently the varsity players all talk about me and say im good and they say the coach does too, but is there anything in specific i should know about being goalie any tips idk? I could just use some good advice, thanks in advance

admin answers:

I’m not a goalie but you should check out the lacrosse forums

Sandy asks…

New high school girls lacrosse stick?

I have been playing lacrosse for 3 year and I’d like to purchase a new stick. I play center/attack and I’ve been looking at the deBeer brand, the tempest pro, envy pro and apex pro in particular. Can anyone give some opinions about the three?
Thanks so much

admin answers:

My friend has the envy pro, and she likes it.
I’ve gone through a few sticks, but the solo (by harrow) is my favorite stick.
Its a good idea if you can to go to a store and test some different sticks out.

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