How To Get Girls To Talk To You On Pof

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Betty asks…

How do I get hot girls to respond to my online dating emails and ads?

Like on sites such as match, pof.

admin answers:

Well, you have to keep in mind that attractive women are getting dozens of responses a day from guys on internet dating sites. Imagine looking at your inbox and seeing email after boring email with lame subject lines that ALL LOOK THE SAME!

What happens? She deletes them… One after the other. This is probably why you are having trouble getting responses. Women aren’t even READING THEM because they aren’t getting opened in the first place!

Kind of tough to meet women when you aren’t even noticed!

So, what’s the answer??

Use subject lines and profile headlines that get attention! And what do women respond to most?? Emotions! I always use the power of ambiguity in my subject lines. I want to make her STOP IN HER TRACKS and say, “what is he talking about?”

Here’s one I’ll use:

“Oh no!! I can’t believe you did that!”

You think that subject line is going to get her attention?? Damn Right!

She’ll be wanting to know what I mean by that and she’ll just have to click my email to find out. Of course, you’ll want to answer this teaser in the first part of your email by using your clever sense of humor:

“I mean, I can’t believe you are standing there posing with a loaded machine gun. What are you trying to do, frighten all the poor men around here?”

That’s just one example where I’m referring to one of her profile pics that shows her dressed up like Tank Girl. Probably just a Halloween costume party.

Anyway, you get the idea. Use subject lines and profile headlines that are witty, creative and mysterious. That’s how you meet women online. I’ve been doing it for over 12 years and IT WORKS!

If you want, check out one of my online dating profiles here:

I met a TON of women with that profile. I also have a ton of free online dating articles and a blog here:

Feel free to check it out. Hope this helps and good luck!!


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