How To Talk To A Girl You Like If You Are Shy

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Chris asks…

What to talk about while chatting with girls?

First off I’m a 17 year old guy and I used to not be able to talk to girls(shyest dude on the planet) years ago,that problem is long gone but now I have a new problem:after chatting with girls I just run out of topics she might be interested in but it gets worse when I meet her in person in those situations I really can’t find anything to talk about (awkward silences)
I usually start off introducing myself to girls then I ask about her interests I talk about my own then I start talking a bit about pop culture (music movies etc.) then sometimes they tell me to change the topic after that I hardly find one to talk about so my question is:what kind of questions could I ask them to start a really long meaningfull conversation so I can connect with them better?

admin answers:

No woman will ever get tired of talking about themselves. Ask her about her childhood,her aspirations, her family, her views on global topics, but you always try to blend the questions into each other and not make it sound like you have it scripted. When she asks you about yourself give short summarized answers, that are sincere though, so you can go back to talking about her. It is ok to talk about yourself but try to limit how much you do, and do not ask her her opinion on your problems since women usually like a strong man that can take care of them and is strong enough to deal with his own problems(to a certain extent).

John asks…

How do I get more comfortable talking to guys?

I am 18 and have never had a boyfriend. This might be because i am somewhat shy and get super nervous when talking to any guys. I have no problems talking to girls although some times i run out of things to say. I was homes schooled through all of my junior high and high schools years, and when I did hang out with friends they were all girls. I am not weird or anything, when ever I tell anyone I was home schooled they are shocked. Any suggestions on how talk to guys without making a fool of myself? I will be starting college soon and would like to put myself out there and meet guys.
Only nice answers please.

admin answers:

When I was young, I used to be really shy too and wouldn’t feel comfortable enough talking to girls. It was in my senior year of high school that I became a lot more talkative to girls. The best thing to do is start off by asking a simple question to a guy, such as “hey! Do you know what the homework for this class is?” or anything school related. Talk about things that you know the guy would know the answer to. Once you guys get closer, you can begin by saying things like “hey so and so, how’s your day?” or “what do you think of our English teacher?” Start cracking a few jokes that you know or say something that’s funny. Eventually, you’ll be able to talk about anything =] Oh and, guys are really visual people, so it’s best to always look nice. You don’t have to look perfect, but do look confident, dress nicely, look clean, etc. That would always bring more interest to a guy.

Hope this helps!

Donna asks…

What does it mean when a girl shows interest in you but is too shy to ask you out?

A girl shows interest in a guy and stares at him, talks to him and has him followed around by her spies

When the guy is near her, the girl is shy and can’t speak properly ?

Should the guy ask her out on a date ?

admin answers:

Depends on if the guy likes her or not .

Mark asks…

How can I get this girl to like me?

I really like this girl who I’ve befriended but sometimes I get shy when talking to girls. I’ve known her for a while and she always says how im sweet which makes me feel good because she’s really nice and beautiful. I recently told her I like her but she says she didnt feel the same. Should I keep pursuing her or just leave it? We share a lot in common and she is awesome and funny. What should I do?

admin answers:

Just keep being nice and hang out with her more
And u must have gutts! U told her u liked her. Thats one step forward(unfortunately I can’t tell the guy I like that) don’t give up yet… Its almost Valentine’s day get her roses :)

Thomas asks…

I really want to talk to this girl in my english class. How do i talk to her?

Here is the deal, i really want to talk to this girl in my english class but i am scared to approach her and say hi. Plus she is shy and quiet and mostly talks to her friend. She has such a pretty smile. I know i may seem like a p*ssy and i think that to but every time i say i will talk to her i was freeze up or make an excuse. Sorry if i sound desperate but yeah.

admin answers:

Just go for it! :)

All the best! 😀

btw answer mine?

Joseph asks…

What do girls generally like to talk about on first dates?

I’m a little anxious when talking to girls. It’s my impression that if I’m not very knowledgeable, witty and pretty much a communication guru, I’ll bore her to death. So, what do girls appreciate most when talking with a guy on first dates?

admin answers:

We are all diffrent but if she is a popular and outgoing girl maybe try saying jokes or talk about funny moments make her laugh. Or if she is shy type ask her questions to get her to open up.

Hope I help :)

Mandy asks…

How to make a good conversation with girl on facebook ?

Im 18 years old . and I dont know about girl..
Im not really friendship with girl.
I do like girl and im not gay but my mom Think im a gay because I never talks with girl. .
Because I cant , I always shy , I always dont know what to say when im with girl.

admin answers:

Always start of casual by saying “Hi how are you doing” and the go into how is your day going. Build your confidence with small talk and then ask her qusetions like what she is interested in and you guys might have somthing in common. Lead with that

Laura asks…

How do I make this girl like me tomorrow at school?

Tomorrow I’ll be moving to a new class set for 6 weeks and there is a popular girl in there who is beautiful and I really want to talk to her and at least be friends without being awkward. I’m 15 and not too good looking and very awkward around girls and shy. Any tips? Thank you

admin answers:

1)Be friendly, crack a joke or two to break any tension.

2)Make yourself stand out from other guys, you want to seem different, maybe casually slip in some interesting information about yourself into the conversation.

3)Try to find out HER interests and maybe talk about them.

4)Don’t be too cocky- generally I think cocky guys come off immature and are annoying to be around.

5)Have mental confidence, if you think positive thoughts you can do it, most girls I know have crushes and maybe you could be hers. Girls flirt with boys way more than you know!

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