How To Talk To A Girl You Like If Your Shy

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Sharon asks…

How to talk to girls in public without being shy!?

How do you talk to girls in public if you never seen them before but want to start a friendship or maybe I might want to get into a relationship with them if they are single. But I don’t want come off as a creep to them.

But one of my biggest problems is im to nice and im a shy person! You could punch me in the face and I wouldn’t do anything, if anything id probably get mad and say WTF and maybe alittle bit more and walk away!

Im going more for just the friendship before a relationship because I have like no friends of the opposite gender and I hate. I have one but she lives no where near me because she moved!

But suppose I like a girl and I know she is single by the way she acts or talks and i want to try to be more than friends then what do I do! And if I like her when would the appropriate time to try and ask her out be?

P.S. I was never the lady’s man in school because I was the quiet one, I used to get their numbers and call them all the time back in middle school but never during high school! I never talked much to them.

But its not about the number of girls i make for friends. I just want some friends of the opposite gender!

admin answers:

Get drunk

Thomas asks…

Im really shy and dont know how to talk to girls. How do i ask her out??!!!?!?

Ok well i really like this girl in my class, but i cant talk to girls that well and when i do i lose the conversation really easy and things get al odd. How do i ask her out and get over my shyness?????

admin answers:

Make one of your talkative friends go with you and start up a conversation and be social, make eye contact, and smile. Then get her alone and ask her if she wants to hang out. If you act nervous, then that’s awkward. BE CONFIDENT.

Carol asks…

How to talk to girls in 7th grade?

I want to talk to more girls this year. I am kinda shy when it comes yo this, aany advice?

admin answers:

Get out of your shell. Don’t be an introvert (look it up if you don’t know the word).
Middle school/junior high is a semi-proving ground. Meaning, you’re still in the process of developing who you are.
Day to day, i want you to set tasks for yourself. Whether it is to simple say “hi/hey” to random people (not just girls) that you don’t know or to participate more in class, set a task for yourself everyday.
Like, tomorrow/whenever, task:say “hi” to 15 random people (easy task, if you don’t think about it)
you can start low or jump into it right away.
Right away, meaning: task-talk to 5 different girls during the morning or lunch time.

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