How To Talk To A Girl You Like On Facebook

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Nancy asks…

How can I talk to a girl on facebook? (more details) sorry it’s long, please read?

There’s a girl I haven’t seen in 4 years and I found her on facebook. And I was just wondering how to talk/be flirty on facebook

i already went ” hey do u remember me?” and she says “yep! ha ha I sure do” then I said “omg I’ve just been missing eveyone I used to be friends with, it seems like everyone left”

her: Yeah, I definately left after 8th grade.
Me: ya I wish you came to school with everyone else, but oh well.
Her: i hated that school, i’m glad i moved away lol.
Me: oh :( why? If you don’t mind me asking that is.
Her: because everyone was stuck up and I needed freedom
me: I guess that’s true. I always felt like something was wrong and you pretty much hit the nail on the head. At least you didn’t go to the other nearby school, you probably would have killed yourself!
Her: true true lol, people from that school went to my school everyone hated them.

Then I think this is where I said something stupid

me: Its like since last April I’ve been hating kids with a burning passion. Because they think that they own the world and are the best thing that ever happened to it. They think they’re the shit and it pisses me off. I’d like to hit them all with a bat.

I said that because I work near the other close preppy school and they always come in. She didn’t say anything else. So I feared that I messed up and put a picture of my new shoes up and sent her a message saying

“hey I remember one time you said my shoes were ugly! lol I didn’t really like those anyway. But here’s a pic. can you tell me if these are ugly?”

her: ha nah those are good, nikes are good.

So what should I do now?

admin answers:

She does not like you. She insulted you. If anything she hates you.

Donald asks…

How can I talk to a girl I really like on facebook if you doesn’t know me?

I have to talk on msn because she goes to a different school. How should I start the conversation or will she be creeped out by it. She only knows my name.

admin answers:

Is there anything the two of you have in common that you could use as an ice breaker?
Otherwise, just be like hi, seen you around, how are ya?
Take it easy

Charles asks…

How do you talk to a girl you like for the first time on facebook?

Like weve added each other on facebook but havent talked yet like what do i say.

admin answers:

Meet her in person, get to know her.

Dude, you’ll never get to know her on Facebook….it’s not real life.


Daniel asks…

How should I talk to this girl from high school on facebook?

This might be a long story, but 10 points from whoever gives the best answer…

Okay so back when I was in high school (junior year, two years ago) I had a huge crush on this girl from class, so my plan was to ask her out on a date. The first time I finally talked to her was second semester of our junior year when I asked her about how was her Christmas break and so on… But then here is the embarassing moment. Like the second day we were studying for our upcoming test in class, so while the teacher was lecturing I made an OUTRIGHT, inadvertent mistake by writing a REALLY stupid note to her saying which was, “Hey this class is getting boring, you wanna talk“. And when she read it it she had an apathetic face and whisphered to me (she was sitting in front of me) in a really low voice which I couldn’t hear and could not remember what she said. That point I felt like a pathetic douche for embarassing myself (good thing the class wasn’t witnessing this failure), but it felt like I was being a creep and made her uncomfortable since I assume that she was either into the lecture review or she was not interested in me. Since then I no longer had the confidence to approach and talk to her or even look at her because I felt ashamed of myself. The part that perturbs me the most even to this day is that I never exactly knew what she whispered to me that day, could it be that she was still interested in me that IDK. So I was skeeming thorugh one of my guy friends’ friend list on facebook and with contingency I stumbled upon her name, so I was like “eff it, I’ll add her” thinking that if she still remembers me then she will add me otherwise she would be like “is this another creep?” haha jk. Fortunately she added me signifying that she still remembers me, but since then I never chatted with her. But for some reason I still have this infatuated crush on her that I can’t seem to avoid it. I have always thought of coming to terms with my embarassing past and this is one of them…
Now, my question is from the latter inquiry that I have stated before. And since I have no in person reach to her as we attend a different college. How should I talk to this girl on facebook, without coming thorugh as a creep let alone that this is an impersonal approach since it’s facebook?

admin answers:

.First by clearing up any misunderstanding between you two.Tell who you are and see then where all this leads.You’ll be glad you did so

Sharon asks…

How can I talk to a girl on facebook, should it be with jokes?

I like this girl and we chat once in a while in person, but not much. We have chatted back and forth on facebook a couple of times as well. She is online a lot when it is late at night, so I was wondering if I could write this to her right away without saying hi or what’s up: “Hey, what are you doing up so late? Isn’t it a little late for a young girl like you to be up?” If not what could I say? I was also wondering what to say after that to keep the conversation going. Most of the time, I am good with coming up with a topic, I just don’t know how to introduce or ask a question about a topic in a way that will keep the conversation going, as I am nervous to chat with her. Also, whenever we chatted, I always started the conversation, how could I get her interested to start it? I was thinking maybe if I ask her about being up late she might say I am up late too and I could say I never will be again and that we should bet I won’t be and whenever I am, she should tell me. I don’t know, and do you think she would be mad if I tried to talk to her if she is chatting with someone else at the same time? What should I think if she takes long to answer?
I know I asked so much in this one question and I’m sorry but I really want some advice here.
Top answer will get 5 stars and all answers get thumbs up.

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Your should tell her how you feel and ask her out on a date or ask her if you can take her to see a movie sometimes. Tell her how you feel…

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