How To Woo A Girl

How To Woo A Girl – Tips To Help You Get Her (And Keep Her)

how to woo a girl
Learn How To Woo A Girl
Lets face it, most guys have no idea how to woo a girl. When an average guy tries to impress a girl, he ends up doing all the wrong things. In fact, most guys completely screw things about in their attempts to woo a girl, and never realize where they went wrong!

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While you might think you’re being attentive, generous and thoughtful, you might actually be sending her the message that you’re needy and insecure. Understanding how to talk to a girl you like, and drive up her attraction by being a bit of a challenge to her, is vitally important. If you’re going to capture her interest and maker her feel attracted to you (as MORE a friend), heed this advice.

Listed below are ten magic tips to find (and keep) a girl.

10 Tips To Help You Learn How To Woo A Girl

1. Be Original

Most girls, especially attractive ones, have been taken out for dinner dates hundreds of times. When you go on a date, try do something fun and original that she hasn’t done with anyone else. Take her to a cool cafe or even to the park to play Frisbee. Sneak the highest building in your city or run around a playground. Fun and simple activities like this will increase her interest in you.

2. Be a Leader

Be decisive. When you call a girl for a date, dont have her make every decision. You should already know what time youll pick her up and where you are going. Most girls like to sit back and relax while the man handles the details.

3. Be a Gentleman

Chivalry is one of the best ways to show a girl that she is in good hands. Pulling out her chairs, opening doors, and other simple gestures can go a long way. Don’t make a big deal out of it, just let it come naturally and she’ll appreciate you for it.

4. Stay Cool

Any guy who knows how to woo a girl will tell you that its important to stay cool. Don’t let small problems like an unreturned phone call bother you. Just pretend like you were too busy to even notice that she forgot to return your call. If you start fretting over the tinniest problems, it can send a girl all the wrong messages.

5. Mysterious is Good

Guys have the tendency to sum up their entire life the first time they meet a girl they like. If you want her to like you, be different and hold back some details about yourself, especially if those details are impressive. People are far more impressed hearing about someones accomplishments from another party rather than being told directly.

6. Get a Life

In general, a successful man makes an attractive man. This doesn’t mean you need to have loads of money, but you should already have a great and happy life. Find things that you have a passion for, such as business, sports, or hobbies, and make them a major priority. Believe me, shell love you because of it.

7. Be Spontaneous

Most women will agree that men are too predictable. Anticipation and excitement are two essential factors in any relationship, so as a man you should be overflowing with both. If you keep her guessing, youll be keeping her happy and occupied.

8. Make Her Earn Your Attention

People wont value something as much if they didn’t have to work for it. Make sure she calls you more than you are calling her. Every once in a while, you can have her pick you up and ask for small favor. Don’t be the easy guy. Instead, let her work to get you.

9. Make Your Move

Girls respect a guy who is man enough to make the first move. Be the one who leans in for the first kiss. This will show that you are a powerful, confident man.

And my final tip on how to woo a girl…

10. Stay Casual

The last thing a girl wants is a needy guy who calls 20 times a day. This type of behavior reeks of insecurity. Don’t act like you’re married after the first date or youll scare her off. Avoid rushing into anything unless you know that shes ready for it. Keep a level head on your shoulders, and shell respect you much more for it.

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