How to Get a Date with a Girl

How to Get a Date with the GirlGetting a girl to say yes to your invitation to go out on a date with you can be a bit difficult, if you don’t know the right moves. Thus, you must know how to get a date with a girl if you don’t want to go home like a dog with its tail between its legs. In asking a girl out on a date, there are several important things that you have to pay attention to and you should master before you even take the first step to go near the girl. This article will help you develop the skills to make the girl say yes for a quick break at the local café.

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The most important thing you need to remember when you want to get a date with a girl is sexual tension. No, it does not mean that the minute you see each other, you come close and never part. It’s not as overly dramatic as that; sexual tension just means that you and the girl find each other interesting, with a hint of being sexually attracted to each other. In simple words, it just means you have to create a feeling that the girl can expect better things to come from you. This has something to do with anticipation and anticipation of good things can be great for your chances of getting the girl to say yes.

Now, the main lesson on how to get a date with a girl has something to do with the sexual tension already mentioned: create chemistry with the girl. This can be tricky if you are not especially handsome and gorgeous, to start with. Thus, you have to take charge of the situation so that the girl can sense a feeling of somehow being attracted to you the minute you open your mouth. You have to do something to send the message that you are not just a friendly person who will make a great guy friend; you have to impart the idea that you are a person who makes her heart race. Therefore, you have to do two things to ignite the attraction and to keep it going.

In knowing how to get a date with a girl, you have to two separate things to be successful: flirt and be cocky and funny. Let’s take flirting first. Flirting plays a huge role in creating sexual tension as you playfully tell the girl that you “might” be interested in her. Thus, when you say: “Hi, I see you are alone, acting shy, and you probably are in need of attention from guys. That’s why I’m here.”  This line shows that you could be the man to get as you create an air of mystery regarding what you will say next.

Now, let us tackle being cocky and funny as a great way to get a date with a girl. When you are cocky, the girl could get turned off by your arrogant manner. When you are funny, the girl could see you as a clown who will be better off as her friend. Thus, you have to be both: cocky and funny to challenge a girl to get to know you better because she sees you as the alpha male. Thus, the line that goes “Do you have the time? (She gives you the time from her watch.) No, the time to write my number down” could be the opener that can get your conversation started, talk to the girl and know her more and progressing until you finally ask her out on a date.

The methods given can be effective if you practice, practice, practice! You won’t become an expert pick up artist and get a date with a girl if you just sit in the corner and watch PUA’s do their thing. You have to be proactive. You have to keep flirting, being cocky yet funny, and couple that with great pick up lines and you will surely succeed in getting a date with a girl.

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