How to Start a Conversation with a Beautiful Woman

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How to Start a Conversation with a Beautiful Woman


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Not knowing how to start a conversation with a girl can be a very stressful experience. It’s true that not all of us are skilled when it comes to conversing with women but there’s always a way around this. If you want to better your skill in conversing with girls, just read on.

Know How to Start a Conversation with a Hot Girl

Make it Simple and Fun

Despite the fact that women are complex, winning their heart involves simple and fun conversations. But what do simple and fun conversations entail? Stay away from topics that are way too intense for first-time conversations. It’s a conscious effort actually so you have to condition your mind to give out a fun disposition.

The Introduction

The introduction can be as simple as “Hi” or “Hello”. No need to become way too formal. Try to keep things as casual as possible. Just imagine you’re talking to an old friend. Proper introduction may follow after you’ve had some good initial chat.

Ask a Question, State an Opinion, Compliment Her

Women are more likely to respond to you when you do these. Just be careful though that you don’t say anything that would irritate her or open topics that are way too intense or sensitive. Always keep it fun and simple. Also, make sure to never ask questions that can be answered by a “Yes” or a “No”. These types of questions do not entail follow up answers and do not support longer conversations. Here are some examples of questions that are answerable by a “Yes” or a “No”:

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“Are you new in this town?”

“Can you tell me your name?”

Read some examples on how to start a conversation starters below:

“Wow, I love your sense of style. Let me ask you—my friend John asked me to go shopping with him tomorrow because he wants me to help him do a, fashion makeover. He was married for a long time and now he’s single again and wants to get back out there and meet new people. So if you were going to take one of your guy friends shopping for clothes, where would you bring them?”

“Would you let your boyfriend go to a bachelor party if you knew there were going to be strippers there?”

Keep in mind that women are love to talk about topics pertaining to relationships and what constitutes cheating. Further, when you compliment a woman, you make her feel good and she feels good about you too because you appreciate her. When a girl feels good about you, you can easily use this to your advantage so you can talk to her easily.

Do you want to get more examples on how to start a conversation with women…

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