How to Talk to a Girl You Just Met

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How to Talk to a Girl You Just Met The Fast-Track Guide on How to Talk to a Girl You Just Met

So you’ve just picked up this amazing girl five minutes ago, and you’re already frantically trying to figure out how to talk to a girl you just met. You’ve opened the conversation, bantered a little about the weather or some other dull topic, and you’re quickly running out of things to say. Think fast, Cassanova! Try to get the first date tips from the expert! Knowing how to talk to a girl you just met can get pretty easy, once you’ve gotten the hang of it and eventually you will find how easy it is to know what to say to girls.

The first thing to remember is that girls hate conversations that have little or no direction or something that shows you do not what the right things to say on your first date. You know those exchanges that just seem to drag on and on with seemingly no point at all? Yeah, those kinds. They don’t like it when a guy comes up to them, asks them a series of pointless questions, and offers to buy them a drink. Tactics like those cannot be any more obvious. A guy might as well ask her straight up if she’s interested in crashing at his place for the night. This is what you do not want to do.

When you’re figuring out how to talk to a girl you just met, it always helps to be creative. Dump the standard questions. Twist them around to make them a lot more interesting. For example, instead of asking her the conventional “What hobbies do you enjoy?” you can say “You look like a girl who’s always on the lookout for adventure. I bet you skydive or go on safaris” or “Tell me, do you have any hobbies that might shock the socks off of me?” The girl is then burdened to either disprove your guesses or play along; either way, the ensuing discussion makes for good conversational material.

Know How to Talk to a Girl You Just Met

One tip is to pay close attention to what she’s saying. This is crucial in mastering how to talk to a girl you just met, because that’s exactly it: you just met her. You have no idea what she likes, or what she does, or what topics she might find interesting. It’s up to you to find certain “hook and ladders” in her statements that will move the conversation along.

For example, if she says “I just saw this Korean pop band with my sister last week. I didn’t understand a word they were saying, but I actually enjoyed it”, you can choose from different possible paths by that one statement alone. You might explore Korean pop bands, the fact that she has a sister, why she enjoyed a concert that didn’t sing a word of English.

Another good piece of advice is to never let things go too fast, too soon. Stay away from depressing subjects, such as family issues, recent breakups, or other similar topics of conversation. If she brings them up in passing, take note of her cues. She might want to discuss it, in that case, be sensitive and non-judgmental. Still, don’t allow the exchange to linger on the topic, and steer it to more pleasant things to talk about.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of how to talk to a girl you just met, remember that your goal is to get her to see you again beyond that initial meeting. Reverse psychology always works; you can come up with reasons with why you shouldn’t see each other again. You can say “Too bad my schedule is full, I’d really like to go out with you sometime” or “You’re usually not my type, even if I am somehow drawn to you”. A girl will find herself thinking about why she should see you again, instead of why she shouldn’t. Two nights later when you’re sitting across her on a dinner table laughing, you’ll agree that learning how to talk to a girl you just met was definitely worth your best efforts.

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