How To Walk Up To Females And Start The Conversation

How To Walk Up To Females And Start The Conversation


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how to approach women

Learning how to approach women might sound like a difficult and painful process. You have to gather up the confidence to walk up to a woman and kick off the conversation, and then get her phone number. If this is something that you’re not used to doing, then the process can be intimidating, and I know exactly how you feel.

But the bottom line is, you’ve got to learn how to approach women if you’re going to expand your social life and elevate your dating life. I know that most guys are intimidated by the thought of approaching women, especially in public places. Most men would rather have a fight with a UFC champion than approach a woman. If you feel nervous, shy or even hesitant to approach women, then I suggest you start learning some specific techniques to help you approach women without hesitation or fear.



One thing that you can do to help out with approaching women is practice in the mirror. Talking to yourself in the mirror will allow you to see how you look and to build up the confidence you need to approach someone. If you can first be comfortable with yourself, then you will more than likely be comfortable with talking with a woman too.

I’m sure you’ve heard of men approaching women and seducing them instantly. I don’t recommend trying this as this is the fastest way to get a drink thrown into your face. But when you do approach a woman, you need to have no fear of rejection. Not being intimated of rejection is a skill that you need to develop, and you can begin by walking up to women and asking them a simple question.

For instance, you should practice walking up to women and asking them a genuine question. Your question could be if they know what time it is or if they know where the nearest McDonalds is. This will help you to get into the habit of naturally approaching women so when the time comes to ask a woman for her phone number, it won’t be as hard to do.

If you can learn how not to be afraid of rejection, then you increase your chances of having success with women by a long shot. When practicing what I suggested above, you should only practice walking up to beautiful women. Ask a woman where the nearest bank is or where the nearest grocery store is. You’d be amazed at the responses and some of these women will even start up conversations with you!

How to Approach a Girl You Like


appraoch women

Do you want to learn some tricks on how to approach a girl you like without freezing? It becomes easier for men who have no experience when they understand the basics of macking and how women think. These strategies I’m going to share with you are based on how women think.

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #1: Convey Social Value

Never approach a girl directly and introduce yourself before this step. Showing off your personality, charisma and social clout can help you be noticed first and build up a huge amount of attraction. To put it simply, you have to display traits that attract women. For example, make sure your crowd is loving your company; say hi and chat with waiters and bartenders you happen to know; make an effort to talk to people you know in the room.

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #2: Control Your Attraction Towards Her

If you show her that you’re downright interested from the get go, you lose the game. This is what players do that’s why they always bring home the bacon. I didn’t say that you’re going to be a jerk. Somehow, make her think that you just want to chat a bit just like the way you chat with other people in the room but if she doesn’t like the idea, you have no problem with it. As long as you’ve done tip #1 well, she knows that if she rejects you, it’s going to be her loss. This is because she has witnessed how everybody loves your company and anyone would love to talk to you. Instead of being the pursuer, you just made yourself the prize.

You can do this by letting her know from the get go that you just wanted to say something and you’re not staying too long. Here’s a great example:

“Hey, I see you guys are having fun but this is not going to take long. I saw you from where I was standing and I just think you look great tonight. I just thought I’d drop by and say Hi”.

She will smile and thank you for the compliment, do as you said and leave afterwhich.

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #3: Understanding Neutral and Flirt Openers

Now for some specific approaches and openers…

Neutral openers are the opposite of flirt openers. If you want to use neutral openers, you have to be observant and notice everything about the girl and then you can make comments, questions or compliments using such observations.

It tells the girl that you not only appreciate her but you’re also willing to listen to what she has to say. The objective is to make her talk more. Women love it when guys see them as someone of value rather than someon they can sleep with. Although this may be your goal but the point is, you don’t make it obvious. Otherwise, she’ll just ignore you just like that. Sounds like a long ritual but these steps make it easier for you to make women up to you.

Further, if you want to use flirt openers, make sure you’re sure of your game. If you’re sure she’s 100% into you, you can use flirt openers. If in case you’re starting to get a lot of positive results everytime you use flirt openers, congratulations, it may mean you’re already an expert when it comes to macking.

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