How You Can Get A Girl To Like You

How You Can Get A Girl To Like You


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The number of single, available and attractive ladies you come across every day gives you many chances to find that one girl with the prettiest face and the sweetest smile who is set apart from the rest. Surely, when you find such a girl you would want to get to know her and make her your girl. Probably, you will be at a loss for words as she appears to prefer certain types of men who are not similar to you in any way. Sure, you may feel disheartened but you must not give up but try to find out the effective tactics to get her to like you. To help you on this one, read on for pointers on how to make her know you are alive and finally get her to like you.

Tip #1: Girls prefer guys who have wonderful personalities. This one asks you to develop the kind of personality that puts you way above the rest so that you can make the girls notice you and like you. So, you have to exude an aura of confidence all the time. You have to show the girl that you are in command of the situation and you always know how to get your goal. If a girl sees you as this type of person, she will definitely give you a second look and may just get attracted to you.


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How To Get A Girl To Like You

Tip #2: In attempting to get a girl to like you, you have to show her that you have high value. You have to transmit the idea that you are an authority figure and thus, are a respected member of the social scene. Hence, you have to make sure to send the message across that you maintain a certain status in society. To do this, you have to be friendly to everyone to affirm your stature in the social circle. Even if you are by yourself at the bar, you can still send the message that you mean something in the social scene by talking with the bartender.

Third tip: Any attempt to get a girl to like you requires that you have social proof. This social proof is simple business that just needs you to broaden your circle of friends. For this part, you have to befriend as many people as you can, both men and women. When the girl you like sees you hanging with your friends and basically having a great time, she will see you as a sociable and likeable person who is loved by others. Aside from making more friends, you can also enhance your social proof if you have a profile in any popular social network as the girl you like may also maintain an online presence in the same social network.

Fourth tip: When you seriously want a girl to like you, you must never send the message that you desperately want to get her. This tells the girl that you must be an important person as you won’t be there waiting for her. If, in the tiniest amount, a girl finds herself attracted to you, she might even initiate the start of the conversation if she senses that you could go anywhere and she might not get to talk to you at all. This is great for making the girl thing that you are hard to get, thus a man of value. So, always act confident and self-assured but desperate and needy.

To summarize, if you want to get a girl to like you, have to take note of several things. Number one: You have to act cool and smooth to show being in authority. Number two: Convey your high value. Number three: Have social proof by having many friends. Number four: You must appear not too needy to get her.  Doing all these things is a must if you want to really get a girl to like you

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