Know What to Say to Girls You Like

Know What to Say to Girls You Like

what to say to girls

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What to say to girls using the right words to get a girl’s attention is something that does not come naturally for most men. When it comes to pick up lines, there isn’t a perfect one which works everytime. There however is a way for girls to respond to you by means of conversation.

What to Say to Girls to Make Them Talk

1. Establish a high social value.

Studies have revealed that women tend to respond to men which emits power. Don’t worry about what to say to girls at this time. What you should do is concentrate on establishing your presence. You can go about doing this by:

a. Saying hello to people that you know once you enter a club

b. Make sure that your group is having fun

c. Start a conversation with other clubbers, bouncers or the bartender

Doing these things would make you look sociable and make it look as if you are a club local. The outcome would be you having less trouble getting into her circle.

Next stop is to approach your prey using these tips:

2. Avoid close-ended questions such as:

– “Can I buy you a drink?”

– “Are you alone?”

Never ask a question answerable by yes or no. Doing so will get you nowhere since you won’t be able to gather information about her. Using such an approach is like saying to a girl “I want to get inside your pants” even before saying hi. Your lack of creativity could easily earn you a ticket to doomland.

3. Let Her Talk

Again, the goal here is for you to know what to say to girls to make them talk more. The Mack Tactics eBook teaches about 2 ways of making a conversation with a girl. use neutral openers. You can choose to comment something about her, ask her opinion regarding something, or just make her respond to a query. The key element for this opener is “reason”. Include your reason by injecting the word “because”. For example:

“You really look good on that dress. Was looking for a gift for my friend, and I think that she’s going to love that.”

You can go really casual with:

“Hey nice book! I’ve heard a few people talk about it. What’s it about?

You can also opt to use trivial questions like:

“Excuse me, but I need a female’s take on this. My friends girl cheated on her since she found out he as cheating on her. If you were in my position, what would you tell your friend? I’m lost for words.”

Second are flirt openers. Though these lines may sound basic, it takes confidence to say them. For example:

“I just had to say Hi because you really look awesome tonight”

Aside from being able to deliver the right words, you also must consider the following:

a. Give her the idea that you won’t be staying by her side the whole night.

b. Avoid asking permission or apologizing because you tried to talk to her. Keep in mind that you are trying to project an image of a guy that is high in the social heirarchy. It totally sets the wrong tone and you could end up being ditched for having such a low self-esteem.

Striking a conversation with girls is easy as long as you understand how they think and the right approach. Building rapport and knowing what to say are two essential things one must be familiar with.

If you feel that you need a little extra help on your macking, then I strongly suggest you got read this mack tactics ebook. …

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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