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Jenny asks…

What after saving an omegle chat log to my computer when open it it is empty?

I saved an omegle log and when i opened it it cam up with “Omegle chat log” but the rest of the screen was blank. Y did i do that and if the file is corrupted is there any way to get it back?

admin answers:

The same thing happens to me sometimes. To the extent of my knowledge, there is no way to get it back. I even re-downloaded the log three separate times, and to no avail. Perhaps it is just a glitch Omegle is having. You can send feed back to the Omegle staff to ask if they have heard of this problem yet, and are working to fix it. It’s on the homepage in the gray area on the lower left hand side.

If the conversation is short enough, then you can screen cap it. Directions for that can be found here:

Sandra asks…

What is the legality of exposing pedophiles on omegle?

If someone were to go on omegle and pose as a 13 year old girl, and state that they will send nude pictures if you give them your email (don’t send any pictures of course) then you take a pic of the conversation, search their email on facebook, find their facebook account. Then send the picture to his or her family members and tell them that pedophillia is wrong. Is this illegal?

admin answers:

Short answer: This is not legal.

Long answer: If you were to pose as a 13 year old girl, you would be in violation of the Omegle terms of service. Not only that, but in many states posing as a minor online, especially if you are doing something that would appear to be soliciting sex, is a crime.

Ruth asks…

What are your thoughts about just text talking on Omegle?

I had a bad experience on video Omegle, so I will for sure never be doing that again! But, I was wondering about your thoughts about just text talking on Omegle? Thanks.

admin answers:

Well, I gave up on video chatting on Omegle ’cause 90% of the people I got stuck with were naked guys… >.<
I prefer just text chatting anyway.
I know it's even more anonymous & my friend doesn't like it because of that.
But that's why I like it.
'cause there's no sign-up or anything so it's completely anonymous; they can't hack and find out email or real/full name etc

I'm not actually sure what you're asking but yeah.. :)
Omegle can be fun.
If you start a conversation with something really random, then it's easy to find someone decent to talk to.
The ones looking for cyber just click away and the decent ones reply with something equally random xD ^.^

Donald asks…

What can a person do with an iphone ip adress.Someone on omegle claimed to have traced my ip i?

What can a person do with an iphone ip adress.Someone on omegle claimed to have traced my ip but i was on my iphone i’d like to kno what they could do im kinda worried.

admin answers:

Your IP address will be different depending on how you’re using it. Are you connecting through your carrier’s 3G/Edge? You likely will have been assigned a dynamic IP that you may not have for very long anyways.
1) They’re likely lying.
2) If they’re not lying, they’ll probably not do anything with it.
3) If they wanted to do something with it, they likely couldn’t… A portscan/nmap could tell them you’re using an iPhone, but they wouldn’t be able to do anything after that.
4) If you’re behind a router, using wifi, they likely couldn’t do it anything. If they had the ability to, they wouldn’t tool around Omegle threatening strangers, they’d have more interesting things to do.

PS: I traced your IP from your question. J/k 😉

Linda asks…

How do you use Omegle Video Chat without a webcam?

Okay, So I my cousin and other people dont have webcams but they go on Omegle Video chat without webcams. They download something and they could go on Omegle Video Chat without a webcam.

How do you do that with a Windows HP Laptop? I dont really know the exact time but its an HP.

admin answers:

Sometimes Omegle blocks those programs. If it doesn’t work, you could just try Facebook Video Chat Rounds — you can always do that without a webcam. :)

Mark asks…

How to overlay Text with ManyCam and use it on Omegle?

I’ve just downloaded ManyCam for use on Omegle. I want to display text during the video chat and be able to edit it during the chat. The only problem is that I do not have a webcam. I met another person on Omegle Video Chat who was using ManyCam to display text and he/she told me that you do not need a webcam, but I still can’t figure it out. Any help?

admin answers:

Well ManyCam just serves as an alternative and virtual webcam. The most popular use of ManyCam is to overlay effects or text over an existing web cam source. However in ManyCam can change the source to be: another webcam, your desktop, a picture, or just a color.

So you would just change the source to a color, the put whatever text you want to put, and when you are on Omegle, or anywhere else, just select the ManyCam virtual cam as your webcam.

Chris asks…

How to find someone on omegle using interests?

Someone told me to find them on omegle, and you would just like type their name in on the interest thing. But when I typed in their name it said no results?

admin answers:


You can’t find a specific person by just typing their name. If someone told you to find them on omegle, it would highly unlikely be possible.

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