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Thomas asks…

was it the real justin bieber?

hey everyone, i was on omegle and ended up talking to justin bieber for a few hours. when we got off, i googled ‘justin beiber omegle‘ and found out that people have put up fake videos of him on sites like that. so i realize it might be fake, but he gave me his email address before i left (i didnt give him anyway to contact me and i said a fake name incase). should i email him on the off chance that it was real? i dont rlly listen to his music, im not a fan but i dont have anything against him either. but we had a nice convo and he wanted to keep in touch. should i email or not? is there anyway to find out if its real, like myabe ask something that only he’d know? its not really important but it bothers me that i mightve been talking to some impersonator who was doing it as a prank. thanks for the advice(:

admin answers:

It was a fake, a troll

Mandy asks…

Justin Bieber on the radio?

I was on a random stranger chat today and I was apparently talking to Justin Bieber. He said he was talking to people on to give away free tickets to his concert for a radio show. He sounded pretty legit, and I tested him with some facts because I knew he came to my town to perform once so I asked him about that. Does anyone know if this radio station that he claimed he was doing it for exists? Oh by the way he also mentioned something about a bet between him and Ryan Seacrest about omegle also, if it helps.

admin answers:

Sorry about your luck, but he is dead. Someone confirmed his death.

James asks…

How do you insert fake videos into omegle?

Ok so two of my friends were on omegle and there CONVINCED that they saw justin bieber. I keep telling them that it was a fake video and that they didnt actually see him but they dont believe me. Anyways now i want to make it look like im talking to justin bieber on omegle by inserting a fake video of justin bieber on one computer and using another to “video chat” with justin bieber. Then i can show them the picture and prove it was fake haha. So if you have a fake video or know how i can do that please help. Thanks!

admin answers:

Have a look at this page:

It explains in detail how to do it.

Lisa asks…

Was it justin bieber?

Me and my friend were on a chat room website call omegle and some guy who looked like justin bieber came and we think it was him but we are not sure because we had seen various tricks on youtube about talking to hime but
We asked him questions and ,
We asked him to smile – and he smiled
We did a hart hand thing and he did it back
We did like a pika boo thing and he did it to
And obviously we asked him to flick his hair and he did it

But he keept asking us to see out crotch :(
So we don’t know if it was him or not
Bevause we wroter stuff on the chat and got him to read it and he did
So we are very confused
Please help because we are convinced it was real

admin answers:

You should report him.
If it really was him, he will be arrested (please god, give him the death penalty) and you will hear about it on the news.

George asks…

I talked to a girl in omegle and… what did she mean by that?

I was searching for other people who like greyson chance and cody simpson on omegle, and i met this girl.. i talked to her for a while (she didnt know my gender yet) and i told her that im a guy. and i told her that im gay too (cuz there are many guys who are just searching for girls by searching for people who like justin bieber and stuff).. and this is how it went

Me: hey btw, im a guy
Me: and im gay
Her: To whom?
Me: ?
Her: To whom? are you gay?
Me: To whom? O.o
Her: To greyson chance?
Me: For*
Me: No. I’m not gay to greyson
Her: Then whom?
Me: I’m not gay for anyone o.o im just… gay
Her: But to whom are you gay?
Me: Im just.. gay 😐
Me: to myself
Her: you are gay to yourself? BULLSHIIT!

and then she disconnected O.o what did she mean? she was saying “to” whom instead of “for” whom… isn’t that an english mistake? Maybe she dont know that people are born gay :S I dont know.. i didnt know anything else to say, so i said that im gay to myself… what do you think she actually meant? :S

admin answers:

Lol, that’s so funny. I think she doesn’t know about homosexuals lol xD

Steven asks…

Help! I’m stuck online!?

I was chatting on Omegle, in the discussing a question option. I found a question “the first disconnect is Rebbeca Black (girl)/Justin Bieber (boy)” and I don’t really like Justin Bieber. Nor does the other guy I’m talking with. I don’t want to disconnect first, nor does him. We’ve been chatting for almost 2 hours, and none of us has disconnected yet. What should I do? I don’t want to disconnect, please.

admin answers:

I’m the spy of that question
hahaha… I kinda bored and I want make something fun, so, I make that question
pffttt.. U mad ?? *Trollface*
I can’t believe it, the conversation can be so long
ahaha~ you’re Justin Bieber XD

okay, I’m Amira, and I’m from Indonesia
sorry if I make you mad

my Twitter >> @aoi_noruaisu

Sandra asks…

Am I overreacting in this situation?

So out of sheer boredom, I was on omegle and I met someone (faking) to be Justin Bieber. although he sounded very convincing and this person even made a fb for justin and everything with albums and captions. I added him and talked to him for a while but then like 40 minutes later, this person deletes that fb. I get that what I did is very stupid and that I violated the first rule of the internet: never give out personal information! Can you give me feedback on what to do from here? Like, is it possible this poser could steal all of my information? (I feel really bad about my stupidity…)
Do you think this was just a teenager out to get some laughs?

admin answers:

Is it possible this poser could steal all of my information?
They can use it if you gave it to them

Charles asks…

Why does my friend lie so much?? Please help!?

Lie 1: She said Justin Bieber prank called her. Ummm…who would believe that?? She said he got her phone number when she did a webchat with him on Omegle.
Lie 2: She said Justin Bieber emailed her. How would he get her email..?
Lie 3: She tells me all the time that random 16-year-old guys hit on her and tell her shes hot. She’s 13. -.-
Lie 4: She said she got a new phone. Even though it was obviously the exact same phone I had seen her with yesterday.
Lie 5: She said this guy Nathan emailed her and said “I love you and I want you to be my girlfriend so bad.” and I emailed the guy and asked him if he really said that. He said he’s never even talked to her and he never said anything like that. I told her that and I was like “hmm…isn’t that weird?” and she went offline. A couple hours later I went back on and she said someone hacked her account and the hacker told me that Nathan emailed her and said that.

Why does she do this? What should I do?? Please help me! She is one of my bestfriends….when she doesn’t lie. And I’m not good at confronting people about stuff like this.

Thank you for reading all of that and helping. :)

admin answers:

It seems like your bestfriend is lying because she wants to make herself appear more than she really is. This is a common behavior in people that have been compared with other people all their lives, whether it’s family or friends. She may be lying because she wants attention and craves the feeling of superiority. In her case it seems like she is lying mostly about boys and this may be because she was recently rejected by a boy and trying to get over it by creating all these lies. Or maybe she is jealous that you get more attention from boys than she does and that’s why she is showing that behavior.

Your friend is entering her teens and might be unsure on how to deal with growing up. There is really nothing you can do to change her habit of lying. If you really care about her as a friend, talk to her about her lying habits and reassure her that she is an awesome friend even without lying. If this doesn’t work, then she just has to learn the hard way one day when everything blows up in her face.

Good luck!

Donna asks…

What is a “bieberconda”?

I was on Omegle and I was talking to this girl and she started talking about something called a “bieberconda”.

She said it’s really long, like over a foot. That’s not really very long for a snake.

Is there really a snake called a Bieberconda?

admin answers:

Llololololdolfsoldfol trolololol
bieberconda is justin biebers dick. 13 year old girls think justin bieber has a big dick.
Anaconda= long ass snake
bieberconda= .. Long ass penis

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