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Nancy asks…

My friend talks to strangers that she meets on the internet, is this dangerous?

Of course it’s dangerous, but how dangerous? What are the consequences? My friend and I live in america, but she adds people from austrailia, united kingdom, italy, malaysia, etc. I have nothing against people from those regions but the fact that they’re strangers is what bothers me. She even videochats with one of them and has conversations with him and his friends on skype. I guess it’s my fault, because one time she came over and I introduced her to omegle. We got on there and said random stuff to strangers. But now I catch her on there telling them about her life and interests, and she always says “yeah, i don’t think i’m like most girls. I love metal music and I hate lipgloss,” stuff like that. Is she like trying to impress them?

She’s 13 years old. Should I say something to her?

admin answers:

OUCH! That’s a hugggeee problem. Ok first of all, please tell her parents. If they don’t do anything, tell your parents to talk to your friend’s parents. This is a very dangerous thing to do. You might think “Oh what could happen to me if the person lives in Australia?” but what if the person is faking where they live? What if the person is a kidnapper? They could get so much information, and you don’t know what could happen one day! Please take my advice for your own good. Make the right choice so you won’t regret it.

FYI, a while ago in the newspaper, there was an article about programs that allow people to see hidden information while they are chatting. So be careful because a little thing could turn into a huge thing.

Michael asks…

Is it really dangerous to have cyber sex with a stranger?

Yesterday I was pretty much bored, and I went on omegle. I started talking to some people, and then a girl came and i asked for her picture, she sent me some pics of her on facebook and she was cute. So i sent her some of mine (they weren’t naked or anything). Then we got talking and started having some internet sex (just with text, not like naked pics or anything), it was kinda weird but fun. She seemed actually kinda really nice. So I decided to add her on facebook (still havnt got accepted tho yet :/)

I thought it was kind of funny, So I told my friend bout it. He laughed and said shed probably post it on the internet or somethin. And I was like youre an idiot, she wouldn’t do that. But it got me thinkin, I did it just cuz I was bored, it’s not something I actually do, I have a real girl who I’m interested, and I have really good grades and stuff, and dont need like some **** on google about me having cybersex.

It wasn’t really that dangerous was it. I was just doing it for fun…not because I was like a pervert or somethin.

admin answers:

Your friend is absolutely right to say you should ALWAYS be cautious about internet contact with strangers. They may not be who they say they are. In fact the ‘girl’ you chatted with could be an elderly man, who is just pretending to be a girl. They may also be malicious people who might well post the content of your chat on the internet. If this is embarrassing then it’s a good reason not to do it…….

Chris asks…

When facing so many personal problems and you have no one to talk to, what am I supposed to do?

I’m an emotional wreck, I suffer from depression and I have terrible moods swings, all affecting how badly I behave towards those around me. I literally have no one to talk to. Don’t bother saying there must at least be one person in your life, well there isn’t. I have a best friends who is miles away and can’t talk to. I have a loving family ( not my frist family, I mean Aunt, Unvle and Grandma) but no one understands me, I can’t even talk to them. Lately due to my bad bhaviour they are slightly put off me, and my mothers continues, non ending complaints to them about me doesnt help this cause either. They mean the world to me and i feat i may lose tem if i carry kn this way, they dont know about my suffering, I just cant express my feelings to people, I am not able to open up. Now I’m just sat here listening to my own creepy whispers and I don’t like it, I am having to talk and answer back to myself like a creep. =”(
There is no kne to hold me and tell me everything will be okay.

Please don’t recommend talking to family either because that’s just not possible.

admin answers:

Okay, so your depressed???

1) Remember that other people feel exactly the same way and remember there are people in waaaaayyy worse situations then you

2) You have no- one to talk to and find it hard to open up?
What about to strangers? Chat avenue or omegle or chat roulette, if you can find a nice person you could talk to them (thats what I do sometimes)

3)Your having mood swings? Are you a girl and a pre- teen or due on your period? Or is this all the time, I’m normally a moody-arse-bitch one week be4 my period then really sweet when I’m on… I’m odd like that.. Could you be bi- polar? Theres meds for that too …

4) Okay this one is hard (probably,for you) but force yourself to go to the doctors and get anti-depression meds, yeah they probs make you feel drowsy but it stops you from hurting yourself.

5) If none of the above helped AT ALL… Errrrr… Eat some ben- and jerrys and curl up with a blanket and watch care bears…

Oh and btw, your mum sounds like a ***** — ignore her.
Hoped this helped- some what

Betty asks…

the funniest omegle conversation xD lol we mad ghetto like?

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: hi
Stranger: HEY GIRL
You: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Stranger: girl how you is
You: im doin good gurrrrl, just got ma nails done
You: so how u zoing?
Stranger: ahh shyt, im good gurll just got mah hurrr pressed. you know, you know
Stranger: gotta protein fusion
Stranger: and some special collurrin
You: mhm dats wat it is
You: so wat u doin? i just picked up steve from my baby daddy house
You: yea gurl steve got like 4 teeth now
Stranger: ohh girl give that blessed child a kiss from his aunti croneesha. i’m hurr gettin ready fo my ride to com pick me up
You: alright. we at da library doe
You: cuz we dont go no internet
Stranger: oh ma gawd
You: and dey turned off the power i wish my baby daddy wuld pay his child support
Stranger: girl i’m at starbuckss
You: fa realll
Stranger: fuck hiss ass up!
Stranger: fuck itu p
You: i did
Stranger: soul clap!
You: we got in a huge fight right. and the judge said we cant be to getha
You: so yea we got half custody on the kids
Stranger: niggas aint nothin baby, aint nothin
Stranger: all you need
You: dey sure aint
You: fuck i look like havin sum more kids wit them
Stranger: ahh shit
Stranger: you gotta wire hanger?
Stranger: i can handle this
You: no u dont needa handle dis
You: i got it
Stranger: OH MY GOD i can’t talk ghetto anymore, my head hurts
You: oh child mines too!!
Stranger: sorry lol
You: l0l
You: where did dat come from
Stranger: i have no idea, i missed sharolaid
You: wats that
Stranger: i’m from california, so ghetto runs in my blood
You: im from newjersey
You: and we reall hood out here, EAST COAST BABY
Stranger: AHHH SHIT
You: fuck tupaccc lol
Stranger: LMAO
You: nah tupac was dat nigga
You: u white or black
Stranger: i’m mexiican
Stranger: but my sister’s black
Stranger: so yeah lol
You: me 2
You: im black
Stranger: nice :]
You: are u a bitch or a nigga”
Stranger: a nigga
You: oh im a bitch
You: lol
Stranger: haha
You: lol
You: damn its all boys on this site..
Stranger: haha yeah it’s weird but i get my laughs out of it
You: yessir

admin answers:

What was that all about???.

William asks…

Omegle cyber chat/law question. HELP!? Is this a prank?

Okay, Now I’m not some sexual deviant. I’m too busy with school to focus on sex and stuff haha. When I have free time I like to troll on like 4chan. I decided to cyber troll a girl on omegle. she said she was in a thong and would send me a pic. Not that I care haha. so I was like yeah heres my email yadda yadda yadda. Then like a minute or so later i get this long message saying that their law enforcement trying to stop online predators with underage girls and that they’ve submitted the chat to my local law enforcement and that I may be proven guily or not.

I’m shitting bricks! I typed back that I was actually 17 and just joking around. then I left. Help? I’ve never been serious to know this kind of crap. I honestly was just joking around
Also no pictures were exchanged. Not even explicit sexual dialogue!

admin answers:

Look at this this way. If you had done what you did irl would you have not been reported/chided/ignored/ beaten up by a relative/friend of this girl? If not by the girl herself?

I think she was the one who trolled you except you deserved it and the consequences are real. If you are not of age to know what you’re doing, gtfo out of omegle. If you want to see pics of girls wearing thongs go to google image or chatroulette where there is an explicit, obvious understanding that the other person will get to see something. For example on literotica you’d immediately get cyber. On chatroulette, you’d immediately know what the other person is there for through how they present themselves when the camera is on. On googleimage, you’d get to see all kinds of women wearing all kinds of thongs without getting through all this trouble and ending up on yahooanswers. Silly boy.

And no offence, explicit sexual dialogue didnt happen because you’re a silly 17 year old with nothing better to do or you most likely are not able to engage in any kind of world shattering dialogue because you hail from 4chan and do these things online instead of in real life (by which i mean.. Get a girl friend/ hookup [read: work on your hygiene and social skills]). Sorry for being mean but in all my time monitoring and moderating all kinds of chatrooms ive never seen a 17 year old able to actually do “cyber”. Those who are competent in this area usually end up writing erotica/fanfiction. Instead of “trolling online”

anyway, it should be a lesson for you. Things are increasingly monitored online. Back in the day ive pretended to be an underaged girl to catch a 30 sth year old pedophile from the states who was involved with an australian 16 year old girl. So you know, people say all kinds of things online but the dangers for girls are real. Think of it this way, would you like your daughter to be in a place like omegle? If a man like you engaged with her the way you did with this girl, what would you think of it? What if, say you as a father were the one talking to a guy like you pretending to be a young girl. Would you not have done the same thing this girl did to you?

Im not saying it’s inherently bad or good behaviour, but you need to use some judgement. Also, ‘deviant’ means many things to many people. It’s up to people who interact with you to decide whether or not you are. This applies to everyone. From young kids like you up to necrophiliacs. It’s not something we get to decide for ourselves. The private sexual lives of people are often shocking (im not talking about you here because i dont know you. But if you do a tour online you’d see the kinds of things people get into.. Globally scat, necro, gore, urolagnia etcetc). And people never openly talk about what they are into anyway so no one will ever know. You could have a gf who watches animal porn on the side or a bf who likes watching womens faces being put inside a toilet bowl as they’re being ****** and a significant other who wont ever know. Such is life lol.

Omegle says “talk to strangers”. That is their slogan. A lot of girls have found out that men treat the place like brothels (that means “whorehouse” if you didnt get it). So they decide to do something about it. If you were a girl would you not do the same? The difference being, every girl there experiences the same shit from at least 10 different men who start of a certain way and wait until the perfect opportunity to say “board”/”horny”/”lying in bed”. From american to french to spanish to arabic to indian.. The difference is just the way they say it. Only scandinavians and the dutch appear to behave very well on omegle. Heck even the british are better. Next to indians, americans on omegle have shit reputation there. Even canadians are better. Ive done my own study on this.

And ffs there are sites to exchange pics and talk dirty .. They are everywhere. Omegle is a considerably new site. But if you were hanging out at im sure you’d face a lot of grown ups who’d find your behaviour very silly and immature. The girls there do sex chats but guys your age would probably talk like this: “board”, ” i wanna fuck u :):):)” “pics plz”.. And the girls would probably find themselves “board” at the end of it.

Also, you never know if the person on the other side is a mature male instead of a young girl. There have been quite a few times when ive seen this for myself.. People lying about their gender.

And logic says if everyday ordinary people use the site, im sure cops do as well. There’s nothing on omegle that says cops arent allowed to spend time there. Plus, omegle has added a feature that enables people to watch the conversations of others. What if you were a cop with children who found yourself amazed at the behaviour of people on omegle and decided to teach a kid a lesson?

Mary asks…

Omegle .?

1.) How do you pronounce it?!?! Oh-meg-lay or o-mee-gul or what?
2.) is it wrong to immediatly disconnect w/ someone from america? I am from america, but it just seems so boring to talk to someone from here too. :/
3.) What do YOU have to say about omegle?

admin answers:

1. I pronounce it oh-meg-lay whenever i see it, but when i think about it, i think it might be o-meg-gul. But oh-meg-lay is more fun 😀

2. It’s not wrong aha, do what you want 😀 where they are from doesn’t really bother me, but i disconnect when i get the impression that the person doesn’t know much english. Ive talked to a few people from other countries who would ask me “what does ‘hit’ mean?” and it’s like, uh oh.

I disconnect if I realize that I’m talking to a girl. I don’t know, just talking to a guy is more fun. They hold better conversations in my experience on the site. The girls usually over punctuate & talk about dumb things, but the guys talk about random, interesting things.

3. The site is filled with pervs. I usually go on well after midnight (around 2 am est) because that’s about the time when the pervs are gone & it’s usually people around west coast usa or overseas that are on.

Either way, I really do like the site. I like talking to strangers & not having them know my background. They don’t judge me by my past, they make their own assumptions by the present. It’s fun! The last guy I talked to was last night, we spent a good hour talking about iced tea, how to not get stabbed, and random things aha.

Susan asks…

Do you use Omegle? :P?

I’m talking to a ‘stranger’ now 😛
You have totally inspired me to be a fcking troll on Omegle!
I’ve been disconnected 4 times now ^_^
Lol 😛
Latest Convo :
You: hey
You: human or zombie?
Stranger: human
Stranger: u?
You: human
Stranger: asl?
You: 21/m/australia
Stranger: okee, im 19 f indonesia
Stranger: wtf is that?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Lol,pretty cheap one 😛

admin answers:

I’m going to do a funny one and post it. Hang on.


Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Greetings, traveler! Care to embark on a magically wonderful quest!?
Stranger: ok
You: Amazing! Mount your white stallion and let’s go on and defeat the horrific dragon in the dastardly castle!
You: Does’d thoust want-eth to embark?
Stranger: no
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Oh well.

Edit again:

Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: are you?
A-horny guy
b-normal guy
c-horny girl
d-normal girl
You: c and d.
Stranger: nice im b
Stranger: could be a
You: Thank goodness, I’m Harold F. Walterston! Care to embark on a magically wonderful quest beyond your imaginable dreams? Encountering a horrific dragon and battling beyond epicness?
Stranger: im lost
You: Hop on your wonderful white stallion and we shall get on with our amazingly wonderful adventure!
Stranger: i think my advendture will be leavin this
You: Aw, snap! That’s a bummer. I suppose I shall encouter the quest myself then- AGH!!! I HAVE BEEN STABBED IN THE NECK BY A DRAGON!!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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