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Chris asks…

is this okay for my friends to do, should i talk to her about it?

I went for a sleepover at my best friends house with another girl and we went on omegle ( a site where you can chat or video a complete stranger) we were vedeoing people and a few really hot guys came up, my friends started to talk to them but i didnt because it seemed like they didnt want me to because i wasent as pretty as them. Anyway both my friends have boyfriends who they really like and they are all really cute together but on omegle me friends were wearing sluttyish tank tops which showed of their boobs and all the guys they talked to were commenting on them and then they started to get really pervertish and ask my friends to flash and they would do the same, my friends went along with it and got really flirty and when the guys asked if they had boyfriends my friends said no and kept flirting, they wouldnt ever flash then but they would flirt and say dirty things until they made up some crap excuse and left. Do you think i should talk to them about it? i dont know what to do…

admin answers:

I think your friends are doing it for fun. You should know one thing about omegle each time you log on to the site you are talking with different people . And i dont think there can be any scope of forming a relationship from that site. The site is mainly designed as a past time which became erotic(i dont know if you are 18 or not coz ) eventually due to the psychological thing we generally feel towards a strangers . And i dont think it is a serious issue now . I think you should talk to them only to find out what they feel about what they are doing. And if you feel that things are getting out of hand then you should try to talk them out of it.

George asks…

I had a bad Christmas. Can someone cheer me up? Also what can I do about this evil girl?

Im a 24 year old guy with a girlfriend and 23 month old little boy. This year I spent Christmas alone. . .

Me, my girlfriend, our little boy, my girlfriends parents and brother all got invited to my parents for Christmas day. My little sister (who I have got a restraining order against) made it clear that she didnt want me there. She said if I came she would walk out. If she done that I knew everyone would spend all day worrying about her because lately she has been getting into a lot of trouble so I didnt go. It was horrible being on my own on Christmas day. I just kept thinking about how much things have changed over the past year. My sister has made my life hell. She hates me and I dont know why. She used to be such a sweet kid

Anyway my girlfriend and son were meant to be coming back that night but that evening I got a phonecall saying that they were going to stay the night. Guess who the phonecall was off? My sister and she made sure I knew what a good time they were having without me

When they came home this morning my girlfriend told me her and my sister were going shopping and taking Jayden (my son) with them so I spent another day on my own. Well a couple of friends came round earlier but it didnt cheer me up

I tried talking to my girlfriend about this but as always she wouldnt listen. She told me it was my own fault for getting the restraining order against her. I know it seems like a horrible thing to do but it honestly was a last resort. I didnt want to do it but I couldnt have her in my life anymore

She spends all day drinking, she smokes canabis, ive heard shes on heroin, she was constantly turning up at mine in the middle of the night waking everyone up demanding to be let in and if I didnt let her in she would start screaming and banging on the door, she kicked the door so hard the glass shattered, she scratched my car, on occasions that I did let her in she would puke all over my house, trash the house, she wouldnt speak to me just shout swear and threaten, she told me she hated me and wanted me dead, she said I was a shit dad brother and son, she made death threats and said lots of other hurtful things, she would physically hurt me, she hangs about with such nasty people. . . Please tell me you can nderstand why I got a restraining order against her :(

admin answers:

I think your sister needs help. You said she used to be such a sweet kid. She probably changed because of drugs. Turning her to a rehab facility would be what’s best for you, her, and your family. If she won’t go then force her, it sounds like the drugs aren’t doing anyone well. As to cheer you up, here’s a list of amusing websites (Talk to strangers!) (Web comic) (Funny stories)

:) Hope you the best

John asks…

really need sexual stimulation?

im horny and a girl.. bean me up!!

admin answers:

I know ur 13, I am too, but this is really not the right place to ask about this stuff. Maybe sites like omegle, imeetzu? This is where u talk to random strangers about that kinda stuff. Remember not to be stupid and give them personal info though.

Ken asks…

I am really depressed (long story)?

Hey guys. Don’t answer this unless you’re really trying to help. All right, so about a year ago, i met this girl on Omegle ( a website where you video chat with random strangers). Let’s call her ‘anne’. Anyways i started 8th grade a month after i met her and she was so cool and fun to talk to. We talked about every thing! She always vented to me and i always vented to her. We started face timing and actually calling each other. I began to slowly fall in love with her and i know this sounds gay especially for a guy to say. Keep in mind, she is 2 years older than me. I thought that she was the most beautiful, perfect person on Earth. She even told me that we were best friends and that when we’re older, we would be room mates. I was so happy. She started dating this guy carl and he made her happy. And i was very happy for her. About a month later, she developed BIG feelings for another guy, lets call him carter. Then about 2 weeks later, she had sex with another guy al! I was telling her to stop and that it’s not right. She told me she’s trying so im like ‘okay’. She tried breaking up with carl but he just wouldn’t let her. And she hangs out with other guys by herself. And she snap chats and texts other guys. I know she sounds really bad, but she is really cool when u get to know her. The girl i knew became a whore. I felt really like ‘ cheated’ i felt like i really liked her and she just does this. And while it hurts the boys she scams on’s heart, it hurts mine as well. I told her a few days ago that shes being a whore and it irritates me.. We got into a big argument (our first one) and she deleted my number and blocked me on all social networks. I really thought she was the one. And i know none of this is my business, but i really care for her. She said that she trusted me that i don’t judge. And at first, i didn’t judge.. But now that i REAALY care for her, i do judge! Only because i don’t want her to get all messed up when she’s older. Anyways i really need som adv

admin answers:

Its pretty strange to be attracted to an 8th grader when you’re in 10th grade(2 years older) especially at that age,so yeah I say shes got problems.

Robert asks…

Help with internet creepers and being a tease? (REALLY LONG)?

I’m a 16 year old girl, and I’m apparently really stupid.

So, I play Scrabble on Facebook. I decided to play a few games against random strangers, since that seemed like an interesting option, and not many of my friends play Scrabble (not to be confused with Words With Friends).

Anyways, I started playing with this one guy named… D. So, D is doing really well, and towards the end of the game, he decides to message me through the Scrabble game and say “Wow I’m getting really lucky letters”. I said “Hahaha yeah!” and we just started talking from there. We’ve been talking all day, practically, and have played at least 4 games of Scrabble.

He has started to get creepy. It started when he used the word “c-u-m” on Scrabble. I said, “You seriously used that word?? haha” and he said “Yeah” and…long story short, he wanted to see if I knew what c-u-m was (even though he knew what it meant), along with all details. Consistency, color, taste, everything! It was just weird…I think he was just trying to amuse himself.

It’s gotten weirder. He’s a 37-year-old divorced man, with 2 teenage kids. He asked me questions such as, “How big is too big?” (in terms of penis size). He asked, “Do you ever masturbate and what toys do you use?”, too. He’s called me cute a couple times. He implied that his penis is 8 inches, and I should be thinking about it, because he wants me to be turned on. He said that if I think about his penis (he refers to it as “cucumber”) enough, I can get a picture of it…

I’m genuinely creeped out! I was going to let him down nicely, and say, “I’m sorry, but I would appreciate it if you would stop talking to me, because I’m creeped out”. I was also thinking of saying, “Listen. You’re 37 and I’m 16; this is getting too creepy for me”… My sister flipped out and said I was ******* stupid because I was going to tell him my age… And I suppose, now that I think about it, she’s right. I mean, this game is through FACEBOOK. He already knows my full name and what I look like!

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I have another Yahoo! Answers account, where I offer people the opportunity to email me if they need more help. A couple of people have asked for my Facebook, and I have nicely declined them. There have also been times on Omegle (I don’t go on that website anymore, but I used to, for fun) where guys have asked me what size my breasts are and stuff….

Am I an idiot or what?? Am I an Internet whore?? What I mean is, do I encourage guys on the internet too much?? I don’t want to be a whore…In real life, I think I’ve been a tease. A few times, my guy-friends have fallen for me, and I encourage them, but then let them down…What the hell is wrong with me? I like attention, but this is just cruel and wrong!

How do I stop being a tease and associate myself with internet creepers? :(

P.S. Since D said I could see a picture of his penis, I have trying to have short responses, to distance myself from him. Finally, I ended my 4th game with him, and we haven’t talked in about an hour… I finally think I’ve gotten rid of him. But if he comes back…

admin answers:

Hmm well defiantly stay away from the creeper guy. Like seriously thats gross. Hes 37. And don’t ask for his pictures (unless you really want em?) And never put pictures of yourself (naked) On the internet or msg them to people. Shiz happens. And if you dont want to be a tease to your guys friends, make it clear you dont like them so they dont fall for you. Simply tell them your not interested beforehand.
Hope I helped.

Richard asks…

Girl wants to video chat with me. We’ve never met before, but we’ve been talking for a while? I’m nervous?

There’s this girl that messaged me on MyYearbook (similar to Facebook) a little over a month ago. We don’t live in the same state by the way. She’s been messaging me literally every day since then, and she’d always be the last person I’d talk to before I went to bed. Last week she got a phone, and now she texts me every day. She’s brought up the idea of video chatting multiple times but I’m sooo nervous. I know I shouldn’t be because I talk to her all the time, even more than the friends I have that I’ve actually MET in person. I don’t even like video chatting with friends because I’m worried it’ll be awkward (I’ve never actually TRIED it, I just thought it was awkward with my relatives so I’ve kind of avoided video chatting altogether). I’ve also tried omegle which was awkward but that’s with strangers, so it’s a bit different. She’s super pretty, and I don’t have any female friends in real life other than a few I used to talk to a year ago so that makes it more nerve wracking. I’ve told her she’s pretty multiple times and she’s told me I’m really attractive multiple times so I know there’s some mutual feelings. So what I’m asking is, should I really be nervous?

admin answers:

You should be nervous because you are…

William asks…

What should I do??? It’s urgent!?

So I went on omegle and i met this guy…It turned out he was kind of a creep, so I blocked him and deleted him on skype. I sent him one picture, and it wasn’t a nude or anything. I also talked to him over a skype call, I was on vid but he wasn’t, and I didn’t do anything, we just talked. A day after I blocked him I got this message from a girl saying:
“if you didnt say sorry i swear ur gonna fucking regret it badly… trust me on that your friends are goin to know what u do everyday and how u go on cam for strangers Yupp i recorded when you go on cam cause i knew you were a lying bitch dw not gonna do anything with it, ur just a pahetic lying bitch to me with no life. im closing both skypes anw ( they are both fake 😉 ).”
I haven’t been on skype in about a week so I’m pretty sure she closed the account already..and yes she is a girl who pretended to be a guy. I don’t know what to do because I’m afraid she might post our conversations on fb or utube or something. I won’t go to my parents about this because then they will take my cpu privileges away. Btw all this person knew about me was my name, and where I live as in which state..not my address. Please Help!!

admin answers:

Tell him your dad’s friend is a layer and this is blackmail which is a crime and he can be sent to prison ,you can call the police on him (I think)

Joseph asks…

meeting my “boyfriend” for the first time?? help please!?

Okay this is going to sound crazy & I know how bad it sounds but I am looking for genuine advice please, not to tell me I’m weird or any stupid comments.

Here is the story – I am a 16 year old girl. I was on Omegle (A chat website that connects you to strangers, not the video chat version.) Omegle is VERY popular among teens everywhere! Well while on Omegle I met this cute 18 year old guy. It turns out we only live about 40 minutes away from each other! We talked, traded MSNs and moved to there. We talked in detail about our lives, feelings, everything we could think of we talked about. We traded names, pictures, etc. We were just having a fun, flirty time.

He would ask questions (Where do you see yourself in 20yrs, what’s you favorite food, what’s your relationship like with your family, etc) And after some answers he would reply “OMG Marry me! We are sooo alike!” or something to that extent.
He eventually asked me to be his “girlfriend” and I said “sure!” because I thought we were being cute and flirty! But now he wants to meet me… and I sort of want to meet him too. When we talk we are so open, he never even talks about sex, just about cuddling, holding me, talking to me, going out with me & just being around me.

I looked him up on Facebook and he is a real person! (I know this because someone who I went to middle school with has a sister who is friends with this guy.)

So anyway, he is asking me to come out to him (I would have to go by train as I am not old enough to drive.) But he drives, but he doesn’t talk or mention that he would come here for me….

To make a short story, even longer lol –

Should I go meet him? Should he come here? Should I just stop talking to him all together?

I really do like him.

Help please!

Has anyone been through something similar??

admin answers:

If you’re 100% sure he is a real guy and not a 40 year old then meet him somewhere close to your home, like the mall and make sure you bring a friend with you! Things like this are just too risky. If he turns out to be a violent guy you are safe in a public place and have someone to look after you. If he seems okay your friend can leave but stay in a place with lots of people. But in this case? No! Let me tell you why.

I know Omegle. I used it when I was 17! And let me tell you, one of the things I wanted was just to chat up some girls! That’s what ALL guys do on an internet chat room! Even the nice ones, I promise you! An 18 year old guy wants NOTHING from a girl, especially when she is younger than him, but to get in your panties. Trust me, only the guys who grew up in a cultured and religious home don’t want that and let’s face it, guys on chat rooms aren’t that religious. Getting with girls is what I wanted and what EVERY SINGLE GUY wanted at 16 -20. If he wants a serious relationship (which at 18 he doesn’t, especially with a girl who lives quite far away!) he won’t be looking on the internet for one. He’ll look for a girl close to his age and home or college.

I don’t mean to sound like your dad or whatever. I’m just telling you how it is. Don’t do anything stupid. The age and location is just not going to work. I’d suggest you tell him something simple and effective that gives him the message and you stop contact with him. And stop using Omegle! Yeah it can be fun but don’t go around looking for relationships on there.


Susan asks…

Why am I getting raped by life so easily?

How can I have a NORMAL life involving women and men?
When I see movies like “Superbad” and “The Social Network”, people have crazy parties and there are certain guys that are always around girls who would drink, cuddle, have sex with them, etc. That’s such an awesome life…

I’m a freshman in college now…it’s been 6 months and I still haven’t found that kind of life. I’m always alone. Going to parties alone. My parents put me into a Substance free dorm so the people around me generally don’t like partying…i hate it!!

How do I change my life? Please don’t tell me to “meet people.” It just doesn’t work. Most of the time I get ignored because people already have their friends and don’t give a flying f***ck about me.

I also don’t have any close friends that I go to the cafeteria to eat with. I’m always ALONE. I hate it. What should I do to change that?

admin answers:

You sound exactly like my sister. Maybe that kind of idyllic college life doesn’t exist. Maybe you should transfer to a different school. Or, and I know this is pretty lame advice, do drugs. All of the people I know who do drugs expanded their social circle tenfold when they first started. And if all else fails you can go to and talk to strangers.

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