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Ken asks…

Anyone know of an online chat where you can talk dirty?

Im a girl and Im just wondering if there is anywhere? If anyone wants to personally do something my msn is

admin answers:

Well there is a chat site called omegle. I go on it quite a lot and all i get is people asking me if im horny so i think this could benefit you? The only thing i dislike about this website is that you talk to strangers. When you go on the site you get the choice to do video or just chat beware of that.
Hope this helps!

Paul asks…

Why don’t intelligent people go on Omegle chat?

It seems that Omegle chat is full of idiots. Everyone on the site seems classifiable as one of the following:
-Horny male pervert who types in text speak
-12 to 16 year old girl who can only type in text speak

Why don’t intelligent people who can write in complete sentences frequent Omegle?
Is there a similar site where intelligent people frequent?

admin answers:

Smart people don’t have time to talk to strangers.
Those kinds of sites are basically made for weirdo’s. I stay FAR away from them.

Susan asks…

Is it inappropriate to talk to a guy i met on Omegle?

Okay. 2 days ago i went with my friend (we are 2 15 year old girls) and met one very nice guy, 15 year old boy from Russia on Omegle. He’s very funny and very nice.
I know all the rules, the rule to never talk to strangers or give them any personal information about you. But we wanted to continue talking to him so we just made a fake skype account and added him there. And we talked to him together. Then my friend had to go and lives far away from me. And that boy asked if i wanted to chat, i just said sure and it led to a video call.
It was fun, he’s a nice guy and all that, and i enjoyed talking to him (but i always used a fake name and i never told anything personal about me).
But we have talked a couple of times and it has always been great. But now I’m feeling guilty, because i know i’m not supposed to talk to strangers.
i like him and he seems very nice, not some jerk, but i feel weird?

admin answers:

I think that’s fine BUT never ever tell anything personal even your real name.

Michael asks…

are there any good chatrooms for 15 year olds to meet new girls or just to talk?

admin answers:
Just like chat roulette but without the cameras.
You are talking to random strangers just like chat roulette and most of the guys on there are masturbate, just like chat roulette.

Nancy asks…

Getting a different race girl help?

I mean no racism at all. I’m 16 and I just want to try going out with girls other than African american for once, like Puerto rican mixed, white, or even Indian, Hispanic, Latina. I see many of these type of girls that like me on Omegle (online cam with strangers) but in real life I don’t think I could find any. Say I was to go to the mall right now, how would I know they are into AAs? Do I give them a smile test?

-I live in miami by the way, lots of Hispanics but can’t tell which like blacks. I know to talk to them and sooner or later I’d fine out but isn’t there an easy way instead of spending time to?

admin answers:

You could just try talking. Women are much different than men. They don’t have that same differentiation between races in males as we do in females when it comes to attraction. Worst case is they shoot you down and you move on.

Robert asks…

What should I do about this girl?

I started talking to an 18 year old girl on omegle( website where you talk to strangers ) and I told her I was 19 but im actually 14 and she has sent me some nude pics and I don’t know if I should tell her how old I am

admin answers:

HAHAAHAAHAHHA. HILIRAIOUS, you know what enjoy the moment. After your done tell that slut you are 14.

Joseph asks…

Should I even try talking to him anymore?

I started talking to this guy I met over the internet 3 months ago. We met on a website called omegle where you can video chat with random strangers. We instantly clicked and we talked for 5 hours nonstop the first day we met. I thought surely either of us would have disconnected after an hour or so, or that we wouldn’t talk much after that, but we did. The next day, I helped him with his english paper, I edited it for him and he was so amazed that I would go through that trouble and do such a nice thing for someone I just met, so he skyped me to say thank you, and that lasted about 7 hours . . . We used to talk endlessly via skype, text messages, facebook. It was balanced too,we’d both initiate conversation. Then last month all of a sudden he said he needed a break from the internet and has ceased to contact me in any way. I’ll try to start a conversation with him when I see him on facebook, and he just replies with a short answer and goes offline. I know that he just got a new job, but he doesn’t even try to talk to me at all anymore. All the effort comes from me. We’re penpals too and I haven’t even received a letter from him in a while either. Was it just too much too fast and now he just wants to forget about me? I don’t really understand. . .should I even try anymore?
I actually did send him a message on facebook a couple of weeks ago about how i felt like he really just wanted a break from me and not the internet, and so then I deleted him as a friend on fb so I couldn’t see what he was up to. Then I realized that was a dumb mistake and that he’d probably be super confused,and he was. he sent me a bunch of ???? in reply. And I felt awkward as hell. Am I just overthinking all of this? He did add me back, but I just don’t know how we can ever go back to being the kind of friends we used to be. I know he is real. There is no doubt about that. I’ve even talked to his friends on skype with him before. In my mind, I don’t want a long distance relationship or anything, but in my heart i know that if he were to actually get a girlfriend, I’d be heartbroken. I already am and I am not even sure if its justified to feel this way at all.

admin answers:

One of three opts either he’s falling for you and realises things won’t work so its safe to keep a distance now allow himself to move on.or he just met a girl and maybe the girl isn’t so comfortable with you two having such long convos ets (had to cut off many of my female friends when started dating this other girl she was insecure) or now that he’s working its taking a tall on him. Hardly has time to do such now too tired all that jazz…can be any reason really. Best thing to do is just get on with your life and if he’s still keen on you guys being friends he’ll make the effort. Don’t keep pushing if he doesn’t seem interested at all. Goodluck :)

Lisa asks…

Is this is a good way to get a girlfriend?

im just going to look for a girl near me who looks really sad and depressed and say hi too her and ask what’s going on and if she’d like have to have a cup of coffee and talk about with me after a little while of talking. worth a try? idk i hate seeing sad girls =(

admin answers:

Go on Omegle
(Site that you can talk to strangers)

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