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Paul asksā€¦

I’m looking for some good verses/christian music videos to spread around Omegle :)?

Ok, so, in case you haven’t gone to, it’s a website where you can meet and talk with strangers. Sometimes you meet the occasional cool person, but a lot of people are there for sex šŸ˜›
Well, I’m a Christian and I’m going to try and spread the word across the website :) My plan is to post Christian music videos and/or good Bible verses on there…. Does anyone have any ideas on some songs?

I also posted this question to see if anyone else wanted to join me :)

Thanks! :)

admin answers:

Youtube be the best place brah

Sandra asksā€¦

NEED TO KNOW NOW!!! I’m scared!?

If I log onto a website that uses Webcam like Omegle or Chatroulette, does it record the video that happens per convo? It’s not like I did anything bad, but my parents don’t approve of talking to strangers on cam. That would be their only proof. HELP.

admin answers:

I’m just going to tell you this, hopefully before someone actually answers this. If you’re at an age where you’re worried about your parents finding out, DON’T DO IT. Omegle and Chatroulette aren’t that awesome.

John asksā€¦

What shall i do tonight?

I”m bored out of my mind none of my friends are online! I need something interesting and fun to do on this boring night!! Any ides???

admin answers:

Play Texas Hold’ Em on Facebook, draw with people on, watch a movie, make some music, play video games, talk to people on yahoo, talk to strangers on (that keeps me occupied for hours)

Richard asksā€¦

omegle/chatroulette video chats with strangers?? are they safe?

ive heard that ther r a lot of old pervs. but, u can easily disconnect. is it safe?? can they track ur IP adress or something?

admin answers:

They cant track u, just dont talk to creppy people

In the meantime,
Check out this nice story about Chatroulette’s founder’s story, he’s only 17!

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