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Maria asks…

Pick up girls in club (special situation)?

I perform with a jazz band at a club once a week for “Swing Night”- the crowd is pretty big (30+ a night) and relatively young- college age. I am 19. we perform for awhile then have a 15 minute break inbetween sets. What would be the best way, since i dont have the advantage of other guys in the club who have the whole night to pick up ?

oh, and i’m male. Not to be arrogant but pretty attractive, and when we are individually introduced, i get the loudest cheers from the girls in the audience.

admin answers:

Walk up to a girl you like and say she caught your eye when you were on stage and you wanted to get a chance to talk to her before you had to go back on.

It’s flattering to say she stood out out of all the other girls and when people are in better moods they’re more likely to accept an invitation for coffee or something like that.

It’d work on me haha

David asks…

How to pick up girls at night clubs?

Any advice? What do I do? How should I dress? PLEASE HELP, I’ve only daggered for maybe 5-10 seconds with a girl…. I wrapped my arms around her stomach and she was getting started and so was I but her stupid friend came and pulled us apart because I think she hadta go because she was going to leave, but lost her purse….
P.S I don’t drink…

admin answers:

Dress shoes are an obvious must. Wear something simple like a white button up shirt (not silk) and a pair of jeans that fit you nice not to baggy not tight (and nothing with flashy pocket). Don’t tuck in your shirt. Don’t wear pants with wholes and no jewelry unless you have a nice watch. Also style your hair messy, you want to look like your just a natural hottie not like your trying to hard. Remember its not usually the best looking guy who gets the girl its the best sale man lol. Act confidently even if you have to fake it. Never appear intimidated. Talk to a girl for around 5mins before you decide to buy her a drink.

Thomas asks…

best style to pick up girls at dance night clubs?

so for my bit=birthday I went to a night club and loved it. but Idk about my style I went in a holster shirt, jeans and forces which probably makes me come off as a high school kid who has no money. what would be the best style to pick up girls at the club? also what is a good way to ask a girl to dance? I’m kinda shy and everyone looks like they have boyfriends

admin answers:

The girls you meet in bars are the girls you meet in bars.

Stay home and entertain yourself.

Mandy asks…

how to ask a girl to dance or pick one up at a club without being rejected?

i have a feeling i might get rejected or something and thats gona be really really embarrassing….im 17 adn new to this so any tips on how to pick up girls without being rejected

admin answers:

Well its always good to feel the girl out first that your about to ask. YOu can eye her a bit you can come over and be cool and just talkative first rather than come out of no where and ask her to dance specially if you feel you might be stood up. You can also have your more outgoing friend come over to the table first and break the ice and you come up behind him and then he introduces you. Lots of guys seem to do that as they feel intimidated or shy i suppose. No one wants to be turned down its hard for men as they do the asking .Most ladies will be polite not rude if you ask and they say I don’t like this particular song but i’ll let you know when I like a song or no thanks not right now im talking to my friend but thank you.. Those are hints not to come back and ask her again.

Carol asks…

Is this a pick up line for girls at a club?

Hey girls I just wanted to know if I could get a female opinion on something….do you like short guys or tall guys…..(and then i try to start a conversation after)

admin answers:

That is a boring, obviously premeditated line. Who cares what the answer is. It can be answered with one word, and it isn’t funny or interesting. You could improve it by asking if they would date someone shorter then them. And then follow it up with the question of ” are some guys too tall for you to date?” and don’t make the second question sound like you had it planned and rehearsed.

Sandy asks…

Hey how to pick up girls at clubs!!!?

hey this week im going to a all age event because im still 18 i was just wondering how can i pick up a girl at the girl
you know at all age events how you just grab on and the dance and some times they like push you of
well i don’t want that i wanna first talk face to face then dance
i wanna get a numbers and stuff
how can i do it
plz help me im so shy
i go all red

admin answers:

You have to be the one who approaches them. Maybe buy them a drink?

Maybe this might help:


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