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Thomas asks…

is it easier to pick up girls at college than in highschool?

admin answers:

Depends how heavy they are… Or how strong you are…

Steven asks…

Best ways to pick up girls at school (College) need a few tips (Girls please)?

Hey, starting my first year of college this upcoming semester, unfortuneatly I am at home at Community College for at least a year. Obviously because I am living at home, and taking a big course load I doubt I will beable to party and cut loose THAT much. Soo…….

Girls: What are the non-creepy ways guys have aproached you and started converstion in a college setting such as the library, computer lab, small cafe type place on campus, in the classroom, and was it effective?

Guys: What are ways you did the same as above, and did you actually meet up with the girl later?

Also 1 more small question, birthday just passed and I got a giftcard I am going to go buy some Cologne with (Just ran out) any advice looking for a new scent.

admin answers:

The sweetest thing a guy has ever said to me was that i was really pretty and wanted to hang out sometime… I let him have my number he called the same night and we have been dating for 9 months..take it as you want it…

A good smell if Curve Crush for men.. It smells great.. Or you could try Tommy Hilfiger it really turns me on when i smell it on my bf

Susan asks…

Pick up girls in college?

OK i’m 16 (17 in november) I’ve just started community college and my class is kinda small and the girls on my course aren’t that attractive and i’m worried I won’t be able to get a girlfriend because the campus is very big and there are allot of people of different ages and so on.

how would I approach a girl who is not in my class in such a big and diverse place?

admin answers:

Getting an attractive girlfriend is not a must, you know. Try concentrating on your studies.

Nancy asks…

Is it creepy to pick up girls in college-dorm elevators?

is that usually welcome from girls? (assuming its not a bad looking guy)?

like, if i asked you to come over and hang out in my room for a bit, since we use the same elevator and same building…is that creepy?

admin answers:

No it’s not. Being creepy has nothing to do with the location, it has everything to do with what you say and do. If you goal is to hang out with girls in your room, say it the right way.

First start with an icebreaker, then continue the conversation but don’t make her feel like she’s being hit on. Then show utilize a dov, or demonstration of value (show her that you can teach her something interesting), read her palm, etc. Then say, I don’t have much time but I we can continue this conversation in my room for a little bit. :)

Mary asks…

Any tips on how to pick up a girl? im a college student. I want girls to give me their opinions on what to do?

I want to know ladies what a guy should do to impress you and ask you out. For example lets say your in a library and a guy comes up to you what should he say to get your number and attention. List the things he should do to get your number and whats the best way in your opinion please be honest. thanks!

admin answers:

Tell them their vajooga turns you on

Carol asks…

How do I pick up girls in college?

Ok so I’m a little behind in the dating aspect of life, and I’m entering college. From what I hear, crazy and amazing stuff happens. I want to be a part of it too, unlike my high school years…

I know the basics on how to meet a girl, and set the date. But I’m interested in some more intimate stuff. (playing in the sheets, lol) I just don’t know how to get to that step. I need help, how do I get there, how can I maybe entice or charm her, and most importantly, how would I know if she wants to try something

admin answers:

Show em your cccooooccckkk……….

Ken asks…

why can’t i pick up hot girls in hometown but could at college ?

was lookng thru some of the girls i meet at colege on fb , ones i’m still friends with and amazing at how good looking they were . yet at hometown i seem to be going nowhere and wasting away , with no dates or any girls at all . its going to be a lonely valentines day i suspect , hopefully i’m wrong though .
like what is going on here why could i meet and land better girls at college than when at home ? i though my dating skills would improve overtime not get worse .

admin answers:

Dude I don’t know but college is a totally different world. I’ve never been around so many beautiful, willing girls than I am right now at college!

George asks…

what is the best way to get a girl in college? pick up lines or just small talk ?)?

I have tired both and they both have worked but they both have failed too many times
but ive gotten rejected more from pickup lines but they sometimes have a higher SLIM CHANCE they WILL WORK
Im not an ugly guy and im looking for GF…. anyway,so which is better?
cool pick up lines or just small talk and being yourself?
whats the best way to a college girls heart?

admin answers:

Alcohol and degrading the competition

Sandra asks…

Picking up girls in college?

were would be the best place to pick up a decent hot chick in college? like were should i hang out/go?

admin answers:

Well if you are in the US its harder 21 drinkin age. What i would suggest is throw a huge party. Multiple kegs, and invite some certain little ladies as your guests of honour. Get boxed dude and live it up.

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