Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

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Linda asks…

What are some clean pick up lines to use on a girl?

I need some clean pick up lines to use on a girl?Some thing to win her over

admin answers:

A smile and a “Hello”…just be yourself

Mary asks…

what are some good pick up lines to use on girls that work?

admin answers:

How much does a polar bear weigh…
She says idk
You say enough to break the ice, Hi my name is ______.
It’s clean and simple and will hopefully spark a conversation and somewhat humorous so she will give you the time of day…

Chris asks…

What are some pick up lines i could use on a girl?

See i like this girl and I want to use some pick up lines.

admin answers:

You:”Wana hang out sometime”
Her: I Have a boyfriend
You: And i have a cat
You: Oh im sorry i thought we were talking about things that dont matter 😉

Helen asks…

What is the best pick up line to use on girls?

What is the pick up line that instantly starts something with a girl?
What’s the best thing to say to start a conversation?

admin answers:

There is no ‘failsafe line’ ….. Every girl is different buddy. You’ve just got ot pick an ice breaker, and hope your banter is up to backing it up!

You could try the following ……

“You have awful teeth …… How about I make you pregnant and you’ll get free dental care”

“Wanna go halves on a bastard?”

“Nice legs, what time do they open”

All of these will either get a positive response or a slap depending on how you carry it off.

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