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Charles asks…

What do you think/ideas for a thoughtful boyfriend gift idea?

Hey everyone,
So his birthday is coming up in two months.
I don’t want to give him something like a teddy bear. I want to give him something thoughtful, something he will love.
What do you think of this…
Buying the type of guitar pick that he uses, and getting something etched on it and giving it to him?

Any ideas? :)

admin answers:

Wow that is a really good idea! You can also maybe get a CD of guitar music he likes or a book on guitars.

Steven asks…

A nice “just because” gift for boyfriend, ideas?

I’ve been under some stress and haven’t been myself. My great boyfriend has been supportive and I feel like giving him a gift to show him thanks. Non-oral gift ideas?

admin answers:

Maybe you could give him something that expresses what he means to you? Maybe a letter, poem, song or a painting expressing your feelings? If you’ve got a talent maybe you could use it to show him how you feel.

Hope I helped and good luck. :)

Donald asks…

Valentines Day with my long distance boyfriend – gift ideas?!?

I have no idea what to get him. I was going to send him helium balloons but because we are in different countries, this is not allowed through international mail. I am so clueless and this will be our first Valentines Day together so I want it to be amazing. Any ideas on what I could do regardless of the distance?? Seeing him would be the best but that’s unfortunately not possible as of the time being. All ideas welcome! Please help :)

admin answers:

This could be a good personalized gift idea depending on your age and relationships maturity

Helen asks…

Boyfriend gift ideas homemade or 10 dollars and under?

Hes a great boyfriend and were both 17 out of no where he has surprised me with flowers many times and I never know what to give him… He’s on vacation right now and will get back soon… He has left little letters for me to read that I get once a day it’s so adorable :)

so what are Any ideas for me to get him?? Anything is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!

admin answers:

Photo album is a great choice if he likes camera

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