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Laura asks…

Should I go to this wedding?

Okay this might be confusing but I’ll explain best I can.
(& this question is really about a wedding)

I was dating this guy. We broke up. Im now dating another guy.
My best friend is dating my ex-boyfriends brother.

I’m still really close to their family, and with my ex boyfriend, just as friends though.
Anyways, someone in their family is having a wedding. & my ex boyfriend asked me if I’d like to tag along. My ex-boyfriend and his brother(my best friends boyfriend) are going to be handing out drinks and stuff like that, so I’ll be with my best friend for most of the time.
Anyways, its a messed up situation but I’m not close to my ex-boyfriends extended family, so I dont know if I’ll feel welcome to go? I havent met any of his extended family, What do you think? Are people allowed to just bring dates to a wedding? Should I feel unwelcome or uncomfortable?

admin answers:

You write: Im now dating another guy.

Then be faithful and true to him. You do not date your ex, when you are involved with someone else. Politely decline the invitation, and stick with the current boyfriend.

Lizzie asks…

How should I handle my (more than) suspicion of dog abuse?

This is a long back story, sorry:
The questions alone are at the end.

There is a dog a couple houses down where I live in a busy neighborhood. This dog has escaped SEVERAL times and it’s absence goes unnoticed every time for extended periods of time. On Christmas (which happened to be it’s first birthday according to one of the owners who I’ve returned the dog to) the dog was out for over eight hours, and was not approachable. I began to worry when I saw cars swerving around it, and tried to approach the dog with treats and in every way I’ve learned by working with dogs and in training classes. It would bark and run away. Very skittish.

One day that it came, I took a risk after my dog and it were doing play bows through the screen porch and let my dog play with him. Mine plays better with this dog than ANY other dog I’ve seen her with (not that she’s aggressive, just has pet peeves that she ignores when interacting with this one). I returned it to the owner who told me her and her husband have a 3 yr old and a 6 yr old. Tonight it came back, and I returned the dog after letting them play. IMMEDIATELY upon sight of the male owner this dog cowered behind us, lowering it’s tail, ears, and body. While we were walking away, after telling the owner it’s no problem, we heard the dog YELPING AND WHINING. Not once, but three times, and for about a full minute this guy was beating the dog.

It took everything in me to not turn around and forcefully take the dog from the man. The child at the doorway was crying and as we approached this guy was yelling at the kid before I knocked. He’s abusive. I don’t know what to do. If he treats his dog this way (AFTER HE LEFT IT OUTSIDE IN 40 DEGREE WEATHER and expected it not to go anywhere) who the hell knows what he does to the kids. I understand the legal approaches with the animal, but my boyfriend and I want to keep it. It doesn’t wear tags, and I can’t stand the thought of this innocent being being beaten one more time or ending up in a shelter.

I really want to keep the dog, and find a home for it on my own if need be. Is there any legal action they could take if they found out, when the dog doesn’t even wear tags and continues to be left outside for long periods of time? (we’ve seen it at least a 15 times in 3 months – and we both work full time)

Also, is this any grounds to pursue investigation on child abuse? The man is obviously violent, and probably on a power trip.

Any helpful tips or advice in addition would be helpful. Even opinions, I’d love to hear what you think of this piece of **** excuse for a man.

By the way I hate calling animals “it” but it helped distinguish the guy from the dog when writing.

admin answers:

Next time you get the dog take it to the animal services and tell them you dont know whos dog it is and you would like to adopt it i think its like 7 days if they have no chip no collar and dont claim it by that time then its legally yours but if they do claim it then you have to remember that its not your dog and you cant just steal it but there should be someone you can call from the animal control or police to go and invesitgate if there is animal abuse or child abuse. I have the same problem with my neighbors except they dont beat there dogs they just leave them outside with the gate open and the dogs run accross the street and remember that it can also cause a serious accident for drivers not just the dog getting hit and by law dogs have to wear collars with tags and a rabies tag in florida at least and they also must be leashed when ever they are out check your local laws and call them up on it to get them in as much troble for it as possible and maybe they will just give up the dog

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