Questions About How To Talk To A Girl You Like Over Text

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Linda asks…

how to keep a conversation going with a girl over text?

i know almost everything about this girl so i cant really ask her things like favorite shows movies songs etc. she thinks im not talkative enough. were just in the talking stage so were not going out or anything. i see my friend and hes texting literally all day and i wonder what he talks about to keep his convos going but he never tells me. so how do you keep a conversation going with a girl over text?? what kind of interesting topics are there to talk about?

admin answers:

Talk about her- ect,
-things she is gonna be doing on the weekend
-If she’d like to do something on the weekend with you…..
-suggest a movie to go and see (you now which ones she likes i take it..)
– go from there

Always start a text convo with enthusiasm, don’t just say ‘hey x’ because that’s really boring and she probably wont text back, start with something really exiting ‘you’l never belive what happend to me today….x’


Joseph asks…

How to say “i dont want to talk to you any longer for today” over text?

I just started talking to this girl. We usually talk for hours over text. We’ve hunged out and I think she likes me. But it’s just that sometimes our convos are boring. People say I should stop the convo at a high note. how do i do this?

admin answers:

You can say sorry i must do my job in any place. Can you back to your home now?

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