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Betty asks…

Does it count if you talk to a girl online in messenger, myspace, and yahoo chat, and you ask her out?

ok if u like ask a girl out in messenger, or myspace or yahoo chat..and u never seen her in ur life but u know how she looks like in a cam..but u only seen her and u asked her out and she said yes….does that mean going out? okay i met this girl in yahoo chat and i talked to her for a month on messeger..and i asked her out and she said yes..and we talk everyday in the messenger..and she lives in CALIFORNIA and i live in GEORGIA…but we never seen each other cuz we’re young ..we’re both 16..does that mean we went out?

admin answers:

Uhhh… You need to find a girl in the state you live. The odds of you two ever meeting face-to-face is slim to none.

Ruth asks…

How do you talk to a girl?

i am like relationship retarded i think. i can NEVER talk to girls without messing up and gettn nervous unless ik them alredy. i really like this girl ( full story here: ) How do i get to know her better without making it akward in anyway?
btw she eats the same lunch as me but is always surrounded by friends

admin answers:

Ok just totally be your self around her and if she doesnt like u for who u r then why are u even talking to her if u make her laugh and she feels happy around you then she is the rit one.

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