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Linda asks…

Tumblr Follower Boost?!?

Follower for a follower.
I’m always online, I probably will follow you right away.
Getting the followers up there.
Much love.

admin answers:

Follow me:)
i’ll follow back.

Carol asks…

Explain this pick up line?
“Best Pick Up Line Ever”
D: I don’t get it. My friend just laughed when I asked her. Explain please? lol.

admin answers:

It’s a line of pick-ups.

A pick-up line. 😛

Donna asks…

Best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

Spill it. NAO. or best joke?
10 points for whichever made me smile or laugh. c:

Also.. -cough-


admin answers:

I’ve lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you tonight?<3

If I was a pen I'd be inking all over you.

If you was my homework I'd be doing you on my desk right now.

Your dad must be a baker because you have some nice buns…

Do you work at subway? Cause you're giving me a footlong.

Susan asks…


Can somebody help me find this picture/gif of Chris Brown on tumblr? The background was a pic/gif of him then on it was a pick up line or somethin, whatever it said was cute and funny. I came across it one day but now I can’t find it or remember what it said. Pleeeease help!!

admin answers:

Ask chris brown .

Joseph asks…

How do I stop my pictures from losing resolution when I upload them to my tumblr?

I have a tumblr blog with a lot of my line art. Now line art needs to be black and white. But when you lose resolution, they get gray around the edges. This, in some cases, makes the line art worthless. I’m saving my files in a .gif format from GIMP (which is pretty much exactly like photoshop) When I look at the files just before upload, they are perfectly black lines against the white background. After I upload them, then download them as I hope my visitors do, the lines are grayed around the edges. Is it an issue with uploading to tumblr? Or is it a different format I need to use?

Please Help!
my site is . You can go there if you’d like to see a close up of what I’m talking about. Just pick any line art and you’ll see the graying.

admin answers:

Save as .png or something. Or do like save to web, and only save with 2 colors, black and white.

Paul asks…

Help I need a tumblr name!! ?

I want it to incorporate my name: Melanie. I was thinking something along the lines of “smelltheroses” because it has “Mel” in it, but I don’t think people would pick up on that. Any ideas please?!?? Thanks in advance!!

admin answers:

me-in-my-lanie the champagne
mellahellacute (smart etc.)

George asks…

My boyfriend has been drinking and acting different a lot lately, what do I do?

We’re seniors in high school and have been dating for around six years. Just recently an old friend of his committed suicide, about a month ago, and ever since then he’s been drinking instead of anything else. He hasn’t talked to this kid in a few years and I know what he’s feeling; regret. He totally blew him off because he wasn’t “cool” enough. Now my boyfriend will go out to parties every other night, and I’ll have to either come out to pick him up at two in the morning or take his jeep. We went to a party maybe two weeks ago, went to his apartment and we were laying in bed, obviously he was pretty out of it. I’m still a virgin and normally we just cuddle up, but he was being really aggressive and trying so hard to get me undressed. When I wouldn’t let him or told him “no” and other along the lines of those, he’d say “you know you want to” or “just relax”. When I got up and left, he followed me out into the hall and I knew he was mad. I was just glad he didn’t start screaming really loud. He was never liked that when he was drunk before, not ever aggressive, mad, or forceful like he was. He’s always been a really gentle, sincere guy; sober or intoxicated. The next day, he called me and asked if I wanted to go to church. Even though I’m not religious, I went anyway like we normally do on Sundays. He didn’t seem to remember what had happened the night before. He picked me up and when I got in his car, he had a beer can sitting in one of the cup holders. I figured it was full, so I just held his hand while we drove hoping he didn’t touch it or anything. When we got to the church, I threw it out when I seen he wasn’t looking. After church, we went back to the car. He noticed it was gone and just stared at me for a minute – then he flipped out. It basically resulted in me not having a ride home for that time. I had my mom come and pick me up, then I went home and started on some homework. When I do my homework, I’m also on Tumblr, Facebook, CNN, etc. He IMed me on Facebook and apologized, telling me to come over his house. I went over and the first thing I noticed when he tried to kiss me was the scent of alcohol. I’d been smelling this for the past two weeks then and it was just starting to really bother me. I couldn’t really ignore it, so I told him “Could you please not drink when I’m around?” And what really irks me is he knows I hate it when people drink, especially lots and around me. He agreed and even threw out his beer cans, a few that were sitting around though. But for the next hour or two, he was totally irritable and wasn’t the friendly guy I knew. His tone was super strict and seemed agitated. When we were sitting on the couch watching a movie, his body was kind of tense and it seemed like he felt violated? I dunno if that’s the right word, but it seemed like he didn’t want me snuggling up with him like I normally do. It was kind of a quiet parting when I left for my house. At the school that week he was being a real jerk to everyone, more than he normally appeared. He treated me like a total rag doll, and actually “slammed” me onto a locker and said something extremely sexist in front of his friends; something I don’t even remember because I was so shocked. The only thing I really remember about that moment is that it hurt, on the inside and out, I even have a big bruise on my back… I bruise kinda easily. Ever since then I’ve been trying to be real lenient with him and attempting to make him feel better. We’ve been going to church like normal. He still drinks everyday. He has a lot of older friends who buy him beer and etc. What do I do? I don’t want to leave him because I know this isn’t how he really is. But I don’t know if I can take any more shouting, bruises, drinking, late-night picking him up from random places, the dropping grades, the disrespect, the ruin of our future? We planned on getting married a few years after we graduated. I don’t want to marry this kind of person.
Please, help me.

admin answers:

You plan on getting married to him? He physically and verbally abused you. He has left you on your own. He knows you hate drinking, yet he continues to do so. Not sure how many messages you need to figure out that he really has two choices left to him. Give up his drinking, or give you up. Until he admits that his drinking is a problem, not only for your relationship but for him physically and mentally, nothing will change. By continuing to drink and ignoring your pleas for him to stop he is showing you how little he values you. Unless he stops now, and i mean completely stops, your relationship will continue to spiral downward. I am sure that is not how you want it to be. Either he stops, or you do.

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