Successfully Using Corny Pick up Lines For Girls

Successfully Using Corny Pick up Lines For Girls


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corny pick up lines

For you guys out there, a lot of great pick up lines exist; this includes corny pick up lines for girls. Thus, you should know the difference between the great ones and the corny ones when you want to catch the attention of a particular lady. However, you should exercise caution when using corny lines as not all girls are the same: there are girls who like the cornier the pickup line is, the better; while there are those who totally dislike corny openers. In this sense, you guys have to have great babe “radar” to pick the girl you can use the corny line on.

So, in this light, even if you use a corny pick up line on the pretty girl who catches your eye, you still have to convey a certain image. You should exude authority and control, together with social proof that you are an important part of the scene you are in. Thus, you have to send out the message that you have value in the social circle that you revolve in. A corny line that could work with some girls and might just get you somewhere goes a little like this: “Are you a magnet… because I’m attracted to you.”


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Using Corny Pick up Lines For Girls

This overworked pick up line can just get you the positive reaction, if the girl is into that mushy stuff, and if you convey confidence even in your getup. By this, it means that you have to be deliberate in the way you dress: dress in a way that you look well-put-together in the latest fashion, but not overdressed for the occasion. Your getup is very important as the girls see you and your clothes first, before they notice anything else about you. When you dress in order to get attention, positive attention, you will definitely get the girls to take a second look at you when you do open your mouth. It would also help if you accentuate your attire with your smooth and suave moves.

When you use corny pick up lines, you must also remember that your confident attire and manner just won’t do the trick. You have to let your eyes speak and shout “confidence”; thus, let your eyes do part of the talking too. As you already know, a person’s eyes speak volumes about his personality. Further, studies prove that the more two people look into each other’s eyes, the more they get attracted to one another. Use this information to your advantage by looking directly at the girl. But be careful not to stare more than the usual or above what is perceived as “normal” staring as the girl might be scared off.

Lastly, when you want to be successful in picking up a hot girl using your chosen corny pick up line, you have to be aware of what your hands are doing. Often, girls notice that guys are nervous when they talk to them just by looking at their hand gestures. Thus, when attempting to talk to a girl, never tap your fingers on the bar counter or fiddle with the buttons on your shirt (if you have any). This is a telltale sign that you are apprehensive about asking the girl to talk to you. Thus, you need to keep your hands relaxed and as cool as you are projecting yourself to be.

To cut a long story short, being prepared and ready to pick up a girl is very important in getting the “job” done. So, when you want to get the attention of a girl, you have to maintain an image of being in authority; dress for success, if you know what I mean; keep eye contact; and have a tight rein on hand that may nervously tap on bar counters. When you can easily do these things, then picking up girls using corny pick up lines is a done deal.

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