Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend Before Bed

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Donna asks…

I have a problem with a ghost, can ANYONE please help?

Lets start off by going 4 and a half months back:
I was doing good. Great actually. Was a great guy, happy all the time. Always got the girls, was hardly single for more than 2 weeks. Then I broke up with my long term girlfriend I had for awhile, wasn’t too long before I got a new one, either. Then me and my family went on a trip to Disney Land about 4 months ago. YAY! You all get the picture, loads and loads of fun.

I have the uncanny ability to see and talk to ghosts.

While at Disney Land I met a nice ghost named Dolly. Anyone familiar of her? She died on the Matterhorn ride when she got up to check on her kids behind her. Then she flung out of the cart, landed on the rails and was run over. Terrifying death. She seemed so sweet and innocent. I talked to her to keep her company, so on and so forth.

We left Disney Land after a week. I “made” myself an “imaginary friend” after that because I quite enjoyed talking to Dolly. And I named her Macie.

My life flung downhill. Me and my girlfriend started getting serious problems, and we broke up.

About a month ago I noticed Macie wasn’t imaginary. You know how you can control your imaginary friend? I lost complete control of her. She wouldn’t do as I say, wouldn’t say things I expected. But she was still sweet. She pops up more and more as the days go by.

I’m at school, talking with a group of my friends. Macie appears and stands next to me. Next thing I know the group kind of just pushes me out. So I talk to Macie about it and she shuts me up and tried to tell me something before she just disappeared.
After awhile I noticed her very presence turns people to think that it’s just best to leave me alone. I think she wants to get me alone to tell me something but I can never get the chance to hear it. She always disappears. And here’s the worst one yet.

Just four days ago:
I flew out to my mother’s house with my sister to spend the rest of Christmas Break with her. And my dreaded step father. Note: Me and him normally got along, but 4 months ago, when I met Dolly, me and him have been giving each other the silent treatment. Until then. Three days ago me and him had a huge spat. Macie was sitting on the couch watching us. I yelled at him and my mother and disrespected them both, because of all the crap with the divorce five years ago.

Two days ago my mother woke me up and told me to hurry and say something to my step father before he left. I plain and simply said “He doesn’t want to be around people who don’t want to be around him.” Macie was sitting at the foot of my bed. My mother said to me “Pack your things, you’re going back to your father.” I got up and packed. Macie was with me up until the point when I got back on the plane, without my sister this time. Then she tried to tell it to me again and she disappeared.

I got back with my dad, he wanted to know what happened. I told him everything, just left out the part about Macie.

Concluding and in Summary of this:
Macie influences me and others around me to want to get me alone and secluded. She wants to tell me something and I have no clue what. Right now she’s sitting on my bed, next to me, and I have no clue what to do. This hole thing is driving me insane. I just wish it would end. I need help or guidance. Please.

Thank you.

admin answers:

Ask her, dammit! If she’s gonna tell you something, and she’s pissing people off to get you alone, then ask her. If it turns out she ends up threatening you, give us a mail. Keep us posted, and we’ll see what can be done. But do keep in mind that if you’re not crazy, and this really is happening, you’re one of about a few thousand people (getting bigger all the time) who are noticing increased paranormal activity, and indeed getting thrown in the deep end without a life jacket… So it might take a day or so to get back to you.

Lisa asks…

How Sweet Is Your Boyfriend?

I just wanted to ask this as a fun little survey before I go to bed.

My guy is the sweetest, most amazing guy i’ve ever met. Yesterday, he told me that he stopped putting his hand down the back of my jeans when we made out because he found it disrespectful towards me. And every time I look in the mirror, he comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me, kisses me, then picks me up and carries me out of the way, telling me i’m beautiful the way I am.

There are so many things I could say about him, I could talk about him all day if I really wanted to, but what I wanna do is find out how sweet your boyfriends are? Or girlfriend if you’re a guy :).

Thanks for reading,
Also, give an example of something sweet that he does/has done for you :).
Lolz, that’s fine. If it’s about Bill, it’s totally acceptable XD. Tokio Hotel liebe :).

admin answers:

My bf is also really sweet. When I look in the mirror, my bf also does that. When we’re walking on the street, he would hold out his hand for me to take it. And he would give me kisses on my head and forehead. On Friday, he took me jewelry shopping and just before we left the store, he asked me if I wanted this necklace. I said sure then he picked it up and paid for it. I looked closer at the necklace and it had a purple (my favorite color) stone shaped like a heart. He told me that as long as I wore that necklace, his heart will always be with me.

Charles asks…

Does this mean my fiance doesn’t care? He only calls while he’s doing something else?

I need your opinions.

I have been in a relationship with this man for two years, and finally we got engaged 2 months ago (but we don’t live together). I come from a conservative background so we don’t go out alone a lot, I only see him once a week.

Before, he used to call me at least once a day from work during his break or when he’s back home. But during the past 4 or 5 months, I have noticed that he usually only calls from the car when he’s driving back home from work, and as soon as he gets home he hangs up and doesn’t call until next day when he’s also in the car heading back home and also hangs up as soon as he reaches home and so on. If he calls me while he’s home he’s always actually doing something else while talking to me at the same time, usually he’s on the computer reading articles or browsing the internet while talking to me… Sometimes I talk and he doesn’t answer back or interact well (like he’s distracted) and then I discover he is reading something or looking at something while talking to me which kind of pisses me off and I feel is disrespectful. My point is that I rarely feel like he actually allocates a certain amount of time from his free time to only talk to me, but only calls while he’s doing something else simultaneously, like he doesn’t want to waste time by ONLY talking to me. He would only give me full attention when calling (calling me to talk to me only without doing anything else at the same time) if there’s something serious going on or he has something very important to say, which rarely happens, like once a month or something. I don’t mean that when he talks to me he’s unloving or uncaring… he is a sweet talker, he tells me about his day, he flirts with me, etc, and I do that too, we have a typical boyfriend-girlfriend conversation, but as I said my point is that I feel like he thinks that talking to me might be a waste of time which is why he never calls during his free time and sometimes doesn’t give me full attention while talking.

This makes me feel very insecure and makes me suspect that he stopped caring much about me… because guess what, If he calls me, I give him my full attention to him and won’t do something else while talking to him, which is only the appropriate and right thing to do.. But when he calls I feel like he never gives me full attention + I feel like he doesn’t want to waste his time by talking to me.

I have to mention here that he has long working hours (he works from 9:30 to 6pm) but he doesn’t sleep until 11 or 12 which means he actually has 5-6 hours of free time until he goes to bed.. Yet he doesn’t call at that time but only prefers to call while he’s driving back home like he’s afraid he’d waste time talking to me later on during his free time. I would not feel disrespected if he does actually have something to do during his free time when he gets back home, but he doesn’t! He goes on the internet or does other non important things.

I want your opinion, should I tell him how I feel? Do you think what he’s doing implies he stopped caring much for me? I feel very unhappy and insecure :(

admin answers:

No it doesn’t mean that he stopped caring.
It means that you need to get a social life,
try being too busy for him.
Then you will see where he is coming from,
and he can see what your side of this feels like.
I do not mean as a game
but as an experiment on changing your
behavior, because that is truly the
only behavior that you can change,
and see if this pushes him to
change his actions as well

Paul asks…

How do I do this? And what do you think of the whole thing? Guys preferable, but girls need your opionions too?

Right this is a long story but I’m going to try and keep it short =).

Me and this guy have been mates for over 2 and a half years, at the start of that time we did go out but because of stuff that we both had going on in our lives we thought it would be best to break up and stay friends; which we did. Now over the last 2 and a half years we have both admitted that we have liked each other on and off over that time (probably more on lol).

Now we talk almost every day/night for at least 5-6 hours most days/nights, we do it online coz he lives bout an hour and a half/2 hours away. And alot of the time if I say I’m going to bed or going offline he will sign out of msn, or sometimes he will just appear offline on msn just to talk to me.

So after alot of talking about it we had sex. It was my first time and we booked a hotel room for it and paid it half and half. I did bleed alot and he got a bit freaked out by that but for the whole night and the next day he was extremely sweet asking if I was okay, carrying my bag without me asking, going the hour and a half/2 hours out of his to make sure I got home okay, cuddled me all night (and if I moved away from the cuddle he would ask me to move back). When we were going to sleep that night he REALLY wanted to cuddle or spoon until we got to sleep, however the room was very warm and we couldn’t do that, so I moved to my side of the bed and I sleep with my hand to my side and he grabbed the hand that was nearest him so we were holding hands while we slept. Now its important to say at this stage we were just flirting and all, we were not a couple and techincally are both single.

Since then we have still been flirtng and all, and now are on about having sex again. I was fine with having sex with him the first time (because he was the guy I wanted to lose my virginity too) but know I want to know exactly where I stand with him and I dont really know how to ask him that.

He always tells me how cute/beautiful (and sometimes sexy) I am.

Also he’s going back to college in September (I live bout an hour from where he goes to college) so I think he’s thinking that if we did get together it wouldnt work because he will be back in college soon, so any advice on how to manage that if we did get together? BUT there’s quite a good possibility that I will be going to his college either this year or next year because its the only college I can travel to daily from my house.

Ohhh and I’m 18 and he’s 21. And he’s not a player in the slightest, infact it was a good 8 months to a year when he last slept with someone before me, and that was his last girlfriend.

So basically I want to know:
1) Do you think from what I have told you he likes me?
2) How do I ask him exactly where we stand/where everything is going?
3) Does anyone have any advice about the whole college thing?

I just want to point out I do NOT love him and I don’t want to know if he loves me, I just want him to define exactly what we are.

I have already had my first love and it wasn’t him….just thought them two things needed clearing up =).

If you need any more information just ask and I will give ya it.

Thanks in advance =)

admin answers:

1) dude is into you
2) ask him what’s going to happen when he goes back to school. If he avoids it or gives the whole idk answer, he’s not looking for a relationship. If he gives an answer along the lines of making things work, he more than likely sees it as a dating relationship that he would like to take further, but just ask him how and if the sex has changed the relationship, without coming off obsessive
3) see where it goes, enjoy your friendship with him either way.
You guys sound really close and you seem level headed, not obsessive, I think in either event, you guys will remain close friends, so appriciate that and if it grows into something more, don’t ignore it. More times than not our best friends become our lovers and our lovers become our best friends.

David asks…

help on valentines day!?

is this an okay thing to say in a car to my bf of 3 months on valentines day? (btw he doesnt want a gift so i would just give him this card)

You’re the sweetest, most amazing guy I’ve ever met. I know people say nobody’s perfect, but your pretty much the closest thing to it. Every girl wishes for a guy like you, and sometimes I feel like you aren’t real because you are so amazing. I have the best feeling when I’m with you. You make me feel safe and special. I trust you and I don’t usually feel that way with any guys. Your not like the other guys who are careless of their girlfriends or would cheat. You’re the total opposite and that’s why I trust you so much. Just the way you are with me makes me feel so special; the littlest things you say or do make me so happy. You make me smile so easily, like how we lay down and just stare at each other, I just cant help but to smile.
When you are with me you always bring out my good side, not once have you made me upset. When I’m in a bad mood you don’t make it worse (and if you did, you would know your in big trouble). And when I’m in a bad mood you always know how to make me smile within the next 15 minutes. For example, that one time I was upset for those two days and I went over to your house, you made me feel better, and just knowing that I was going to see you made me feel better! I love talking to you. When you have soccer I cant wait until you call me after practice to talk.
There isn’t a moment when I’m not thinking about you. Sometimes I catch myself randomly smiling and I realize it’s because of you, and I just smile more. Right before bed I always think about you and how happy you make me. I love how alike we are, I remember when we first met and we would learn something new about each other and we would end up saying “me too!” and “twinss” because we had so much in common. And today we still find out similarities that we have!
These three months have gone by so quickly. I’m glad that we don’t fight at all and how we are always happy with each other; I’m never going to get sick of you ?. I care so much about you. You mean the world to me, I don’t know what I would do without you. I always want to be with you, I just can’t get enough! Your so sweet and nice; you treat me amazing and I appreciate it so much. Your special to me and I just want you to know that, Happy Valentines Day

admin answers:

Wow so cute, very lovely and meaningful message. But I noticed it is too long, can you make it make it short. Anyway I like it, however still the best card for this valentines for men is a personalized card.

Joseph asks…

What is going on in my girlfriend’s head?

Okay ladies, I need your help on this one. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 7 months now long distsnce. I am leaving this Saturday to see her for 2 weeks. We talk to each other every day. Half the week she can be real nice (she is the sweetest while having her period) and the other half she can be real short and rude with me. Sometimes she will call right before bed, talk for 15 minutes or less, and then she says she has to let me go cause she is getting tired. Last night was a prime example of this. I called her, she started to get real short with me about something I saw on tv and she said in a harsh tone, “I don’t know what your talking about”. She said she was getting tired and I told her that I would let her go so she could sleep. She knows that I get upset easily when she gets mean to me for no apparent reason so she was fishing to make sure I was okay before we hung up. So she says she is tired. Well, I call her the next morning and she tells me that her best friend had text her last night after we got off the phone, and she ended up calling her back and talked for 2 hours. She was sooo tired last night though…lol. She states 3 or 4 days out of the week that she can’t wait til I get there and the other remaining days it’s like she doesn’t want to deal with me. I spoil her rotten or try my best to so I’m thinking maybe she is keeping me around just for that. The only fact that I know is that she can get real irritable when she is tired. But after last night, she apparently wasn’t that tired to talk for 2 hours, so now that leaves me to question what the hell is going on her head. I never understood women and I realized two things while growing up. “I will never understand women, so don’t even try” and the phrase “A women is always right” is actually one of the 10 commandments. This shortness and rudeness started about 2 months ago. She used to be ALWAYS nice for the 1st 5 months. She was in a very bad marriage for 14 years before me. I have been pretty much monkey stomped by women all my life, I’m wondering if I’ve become the new game on the market for abuse. She has just called me. It was 8:15 when we got off the phone. She said she called me early cause she was tired and going to bed. I know that is a lie. I need help determining if I am being used.

admin answers:

The first months were the honeymoon days.
She’s really into you, is interested in you, longs to hear your voice.
But then…something happens.
And she changes.

It’s just that it was just an ‘excitement’.
If she’s being like this with you, then she isn’t very into you.
If you treat her like a princess, she has no point in being like this with you.
Maybe she needs a break, she’s confused, who knows.
Women can be very moody.

If she cared about you, she wouldn’t be acting this way.
Or maybe she does, and this is a period of just being confused.

Be straight with her, ask her whats going on.
If she doesn’t tell you, then you’ll decide if you wanna keep things like that.
After you ask her, wait another couple of days or weeks to see if her attitude has changed.

You’ll know what to do from there.

Best of luck :)

Mark asks…

What to do when you lose your virginity to a guy who doesnt care?

Ok here is the deal.
This guy and I have been friends since we were 6. His parenst were really good friends with mine. We used to sleep over at each others houses ect..When we were little kids (around 10) we had this kinda “relationship”. We kissed each other ect, but it was just a kiddie relationship. We lost touch with each other when we were around 11. During this time his mum lost her battle with cancer and died. My family and I attended the funeral etc. Anyway about 8 months ago my dad and I ended up house sitting him and his brother (he’s 12) for 19 days while his dad went overseas. It was wierd seeing him again, but we kinda just slipped back into being friend again. It’s like we fit being together. Then I started to develop feelings for him. And he seemed to start getting feeling for me to. We would watch movies together at night and hold hands. He told me all his secrets and I told him all of mine. I have had a boyfriend before.He had never had a girlfriend before, but he chatted to this girl who lives 4 hours away. He said he really liked her and that he just couldnt go and see her because she lived to far away. He said she was beautiful ect. This confused me because he was holding my hand and acting like we almost went out, but yet he was still talking to this girl online. It was really strange. Like he would hold my hand and hug me, then a couple of hours later he would act like nothing had happened and we were just friends. Anyway on the last night I snuck out to see him. I ended up in his bed and we made out and cuddled. Then i went to bed and woke up the next morning so happy. Then I asked if he wanted to go out. He said no and that maybe we should just be friends with benefits for awhile and then maybe go out later. At the time I had no problem with it because he told me things like “I like you so much” and “You’re one of my bestfriends”. I thought we would eventually become something. He told me not to tell anyone about us because “The secrecy makes it seem naughtier.” Then this carried on for about 3 months. We would meet up and make out ect. We did everything but sex. Then he started to become distant. He would only txt me ect when he was horny or I started up convo’s. Then he started saying stuff like were only friends, I dont like you as anything else. By this time I had fallen in madly in love with him. He was my bestfriend and perfect to me. But then he started bringing up girls and saying stuff like how attractive they were. I ignored this and we continued to be friends with benefits. This carried on for 7 months. Then, on my birthday, I had had enough and told him that I wanted more. He said that he thought he had liked me but he had made a mistake. He realized he just liked me as a friend and that he cared, but didnt care that way for me. I told him that he was the one that made the first move, and he said he wasnt thinking and that he was sorry. I was so crazy in love with him, and I was left heart broken on my birthday. I told him that he had wasted 7 months of my life and that I was falling in love with him. I didnt txt me back so I sent him a txt telling him i never wanted to talk to him again. That lasted 2 months. Then we started talking again, and talking lead to dirty talking. Then about a week ago we ended up having sex. We were both virgins. Then as soon as he was finished he got up and went home. Not even a kiss goodbye or a “Thanks for that”. All I got was “See you later”. The thing is when we make out and do stuff and have sex he is the sweetest guy ever. He takes his time, strokes my face, tells me im beautiful, that im his bestfriend ect. He kisses me so softly and sweetly. Then we finish he acts like nothing has happened. I havent talked to him since. He hasnt txted me and I havent txt him. I dont know what to do. I am madly in love with him. When we hang out without doing anything we have the best time ever. He knows everything about me and vice versa. We are best friends. We ost our virginity to eacc other. How does he not care? How can he just act like nothing happened? I am 17 years old and im in love with someone who doesnt want me. What do I do?

admin answers:

:/ he’s using you for sex. I’m so sorry about that cause no one deserves that. Honestly, he isn’t acting like a best friend to you because if he was your best friend as soon as he realized that he lead you on he wouldn’t have tried to take it further with you he would have just stopped and acted like a friend. The fact that he only texts you when he is horny is despicable and you deserves so much more in a friend and a lover. You need to seriously stop talking to this guy because nothing will happen, he is just going to hurt you even more. I know you love him and this will probably be one of the hardest things you will do but you have to do this for yourself before you get really hurt. You deserve so much more, you deserve to have someone who loves you just as much as you love him. You deserve to have someone not be able to go one hour without texting you or missing you. You deserves to have someone who will give you their all and want to scream it to the world not want to keep it secret. You need to get away from this guy because he isn’t good for you. He’s using you and i am so sorry that you had to go through that. Good luck. ?

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