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Joseph asks…

How can I talk to this girl I met online again?

I was talking to this girl on, if you don’t know it’s it’s kind of like chat roulette only without as many pervs and text only. So we were talking for ages, way over an hour, and then our convo just randomly closed. Is there any way I can find her to talk to her again? I know it’s a long shot and I know this is going to sound kind of stupid but oh god she was incredible! I only know her first name, the country she lives in, and how many siblings she has to try find her btw I know it’s a long shot but if anybody knows any way to talk to her again I need to know it thanks :)

admin answers:


Do you know her surname, or what she may look like – a picture etc…???

If you do, you should try searching for her on facebook!!! That may help!!!

If not, go back onto the webste where you both started talking and search for her there!!!

Hope that helped!!!

Chris asks…

Why do girls get mad when I tell them I’m gay?

So I was talking to this random girl on omegle. It’s a site where you talk to strangers and whatnot.

Yeah so … we were talking and all of a sudden she started flirting with me. Then I told her I’m not attracted to her because I am gay. I’m only INTO men.

She got mad and said “W/e you’re stupid anyways, f*kcer.”. Then she disconnected on me, LOL. Seriously, why do girls get mad when I tell them I’m gay? Is it cuz they feel rejected?

admin answers:

She probably has a thing for you and it pisses girls off when they find out.. Been there a couple times.

Linda asks…

Am I a horrible person for talking to a girl on omegle?

Im a married man, and now the wife and I are having a huge fight about it, and I’m just wondering if anyone else sees this as a huge problem. The D word has been mentioned even. Is she over-reacting or am I truly a horrible person? Here’s the conversation, too long to post to yahoo. and what can I do to help the situation out? We’ve talked, but all she can do is talk about how I’m cheating.
I will also add, I never did email the other person, and I do not believe she emailed me, I don’t really check the email I gave, it’s mostly just to post on yahoo boards and possible spam sites, wife didn’t understand. and for those who don’t know what omegle is, “Stranger” is the actual screenname, you talk to random strangers.
and yeh, the 16 yr old part she wasn’t happy about either. but it was a harmless chat, I wasn’t flirting (I don’t think atleast).
and she has already seen the chat. She found it while snooping through my email. I tend to save a lot of chats.

admin answers:

Why can’t you talk to your wife. When you go on the internet there is to much freedom that is over done. You say and do things that you wouldn’t do in public, so in a sense you are cheating. If your wife was to do this, would you consider it okay, that should answer your question.

Daniel asks…

How can i find out who nikki from rochdale, england is, if i talked to her on

I am Andrew, a 17 year old boy living in Manchester. I was talking to a girl called Nikki on who is also 17 but my mistake Firefox closed and the window closed automatically. I felt really bad. I would really like to know who she is. If you say that you are her then tell me what you were doing when I was talking to you? Please help

admin answers:

B?n g?i ?i?n tho?i cho Chúa th? Xem, ng??i ta th??ng b?o ” có Chúa m?i bi?t” mà

Sharon asks…

When guys go on chat roulette do girls actually do stuff?

Everytime I go on chat roulette or omegle 99% of the guys are pervs. So if every time I go on and I get perv guys, does that mean when guys go on they get perv guys also 99% of the time?

So rarely any girls on there. And when I tell them I’m a girl they always tell me to do stuff or dirty talk.

Do girls actually do this? lol

admin answers:

Well i’m against going on Chatroulette and omegle kind of stuff cause i do not wanna see a guys thing but when my friends go on i just sit infront of them and they told me they have seen a vagina and they have seen women showing their breast without anyone even asking them and my friends im ashamed to call them my friends they have taken their shirts off for men and i just think it is disgusting DO not ever do anything the men as you to it will ruin your life!

Betty asks…

where can i talk to random people on the internet?

i want to talk to girls more than guys ok lol and a different site to

admin answers:

Have u tried not too bad.=)

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