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Betty asks…

How do Indian women in India react if you ask them out?

I am living in India although I am not Indian. I happen to find some Indian women I see extremely beautiful looking. I wonder how they react if you try to talk to them and ask them out if you are a stranger to them and have never seen them before. Also what is their view on premarital relationships.

admin answers:

I am an Indian girl. Depends on where you live. If you are in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. There are some girls who will date you. You should go to nightclubs,pubs. If you ask a very conservative girl out, most likely she will say no. Because such Indian girls don’t go out with strangers. Open minded ones will date you. And you will find such girls in nightclubs,pubs.
As for pre marital relationships, there are soooo many couples in cities. You don’t notice them much because PDA is frowned upon.And in a survey done in my college and other 2 colleges it was seen that some 40-45% girls have had pre martial sex. I don’t have problem with pre marital relationships.

William asks…

How to start a conversation with strangers in parties?

I’m a male, and i live in India. Age: 14 but I look like 12-11.

There are lots of parties to attend these days for me. There gonna be lots of cool guys and hot girls. How to talk to them? Will they find it weird if I (unknown) to goes up to them and start conversation?

admin answers:

In any party someone will go and take something, like water, sugar or any other eatables to add their own in the plate, you observe that and rush to the spot and help them, then he or she will say thank you( otherwise it will be considred mannerless) then quietly introduce yourself as who you are and join the conversation or else go and stand in a group when there is a lull during their conversation in a normal decibel voice say hi , your attention please,excuse me like you can start and introducing yourslf and join. First shed that inhibition you are new,. Be casual as if you know many of them, while talking to a person see their eyes and talk , if not, see their forehead ,I mean, the temple portion of the head and talk

Richard asks…

is it save for a girl to travel alone in Mumbai?

I’m a 27 year old chinese girl, going to be in Mumbai for 5 weeks, alone. Can anyone give me safety & security tips during my stay there?

admin answers:

Hi. I live in Mumbai. It is considered as the safest city in India for women. But, since you are chinese, your face will invoke a lot of curiosity. But don’t mind that. We Indians stare at anything unusual, but are mostly harmless.

In the day time, you should be completely safe, no matter where you are.

At late nights ( after 11 pm i guess), follow these simple rules:

1. Wear ample amount of clothing. Pervert indians are really turned on by skimpy clothing. Do not wear anyhting that exposes your cleavage or your hips. Do not wear extremely tight-fitting clothes. Do not wear jewellery, or carry a very expensive looking purse.

2. If you travel by the local trains, always get into the ‘ladies-only’ compartments. You will find many women travelling alone even at times like 1 am.

3. Carry a small knife. You will probably never have to use it, but just showing it will discourage any possible misbehavers.

4. Do not talk unnecessarily to strangers. Some indians can appear to be very sweet, while they are thinking of devious things to do to you in their sick little head.

5. If you have the choice of travelling by a taxi or an autorikshaw, take the taxi. They are known to be more trustworthy.

6. Ignore any racial comments that might be thrown your way. If you respond to them, you will make things only worse.

All in all, i guess you shouldn’t worry too much. There are many single working women in Mumbai, and they get by pretty fine. Also, the general people in Mumbai are very helpful. If you ever fall in trouble, don’t hesitate to cry out HELP!!! People will surely come to your help. Have a great stay in Mumbai. I’m sure you will love this city.

John asks…

Is this a good way for me to overcome my fear of White women?

All over the internet I have read that White women hate Indian (India) men. I have also heard in real life that no matter how rich or good looking an Indian guy is, a White woman won’t date him. So as a result I am scared to ask out girls that are White and even scared to talk to them in some cases. Sometimes I obsessively ask questions about White women dating Indian men to make myself feel better.

I decided that I am going to hit on every single good looking girl that is White from now on, tell her she looks good and so forth.

Is this a good way to overcome my fear?

admin answers:

After asking the same repetitive question 20 million times on Gender Studies, I’m glad you’ve finally proven to us you’re a human being and not some malfunctioning robotic troll.

“I decided that I am going to hit on every single good looking girl that is White from now on, tell her she looks good and so forth.”

-I’m happy to see you’ll be taking an initiative to change your life now. I fully support it.
However, I’m sure there are slightly more optimal ways to get this insecurity out of the way. I would say to just go talk to white women and get to know them. Don’t always do the same thing either (ie. Complimenting them). Take risks and approach random strangers until you get the hang of it.

Carol asks…

Are Muslims suppossed to marry strainger?

We are not supposed to be friends with the opposite sex. How are we supposed to find someone we love if we can’t talk to that person? Were in the Quran does it say we can’t be close friends with the opposite sex? If it’s the part that says something like – don’t get close to Zina. Then I don’t translate it as don’t become friends with the opposite sex.

admin answers:

Why to many accounts?

No, they are not supposed to marry strangers.
Define a stranger
1. One who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.
2. A foreigner, newcomer, or outsider.
3. One who is unaccustomed to or unacquainted with something specified; a novice: a stranger to our language; no stranger to hardship.
4. A visitor or guest.

Muslims don’t just pick one out of the street and marry them immediately.
Families get to know each other, be friends with people, and learn their personalities and features and study them. This is called arranged marriage. It is common between the Muslim people and other cultures like India and china.

There are some Muslims who don’t like arranged marriages and they try to find their own partner.

In my culture, for example, my brother want to get married, he sets his qualities he wants, his family find a girl that matches his need as much as they can.
Then, the family arrange a meeting, if they like each other, they get Engaged after the approval of the girl and her family,
After that, they can meet each other and learn more about each other. If they discovered that they are not for each other, they split.
they get married.

I hope you understand now.

But did you know that arranged marriages are more success full than un arranged marriages. This is a Fact.

Lizzie asks…

is abortion legal for an unmarried girl in india?

Im pregnant n im 21 years old now i want to go for abortion i stay in hyderabad n im unmarried pls suggest some good clinics in hyderabad where privacy is maintained im very tensed plsssss reply mee im waiting for ur answers.

admin answers:

Population Health Services India
House No 6-3-609-15 (1st Floor)
Anand Nagar Colony
Hyderabad 500004

Telephone: + 91 40 306 806 59

This is how it goes at a Planned Parenthood in the US . . . . .
You have the choice between the pill (which can be taken up to 11weeks, at home or at a friends house) or the vacuum method (in clinic procedure). Personally I used the pill method so I could be at home with my husband but some women want to have the surgical, so it’s done and over with when they leave the clinic.

You will be financially screened – usually this goes on the honor system, weight/height taken, blood pressure checked, pricked -fingertip- to check for rH factor and anemia, you will receive an ultrasound or sonogram to determine gestational age. You may be asked if you want to view the image, this is up to you. You will receive antibiotics, anti-nausea tabs and pain meds. Take them ALL. You must finish at the very least your course of antibiotics. Follow all aftercare instructions and go back to your after care appt. This last step is vital, you must go back for your aftercare appt! Abortion begins a new menstrual cycle. You should have a regular period in 4 to 8 may have the option of receiving birth control – again this will most likely be free, take it and use it correctly.

If you have any more questions or want/need to talk about it drop me an email.

It is entirely possible to have an abortion and not feel guilt because you knew it was the right thing to do.

~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion and I have a 13 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter’s choice.

Abortion: There is a Consensus

Ps – As for others who would judge you, this is your business and their opinion don’t have to mean anything to you. They are strangers after all, who don’t know you or your situation. I hope you heal well.

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