Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

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Mary asks…

What are some things to talk about with your girlfriend?

I need some things to talk about with my girlfriend. Lately theres been nothing to talk about lately and our conversations have gotten boring. I think she doesn’t like that and is losing interest in me. Please help me. They can be romantic or just like an ordinary conversation

admin answers:

Why me and my bf broke up. Lol
I was dyeing for him to talk to me but he would always say something to kill the conversation like “okay”… So don’t kill the conversation!
I would want to talk about the things I was learning in college, ways to make the world better, superheros, etc
If you have no idea what to talk to her about just ask how her day was and what happened. Ask her about if she had 1 million dollars to spend on improving the world what would she spend it on. Just really anything that can lead to a deep and meaningful conversation couples should have.

Robert asks…

What are good things to talk about with your girlfriend?

Well everytime I go with my girlfriend and hangout what are good things to talk about I always run out of stuff.

admin answers:

Besides the usual “how’s your day?” small talk conversations, you guys can talk about things/plans to do the upcoming weekend- catch a movie, invite them over for dinner/vice versa, get to really know them if you guys aren’t that deep in your relationship. Ask her about her family, show her you care about more than just her being but the life she lives. Talk about crazy stuff you’ve done or would like to do some day. Or if you really don’t have anything just do something to avoid any awkward moments. Like make funny faces at each other, playfully push her, something like that

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