Tips on Using Cheesy Pickup Lines for Girls

Using Cheesy Pick Up Lines for GirlsBars and other places frequented by girls can be a wonderland for guy like you whose into picking up girls; but, it can get awkward if you are new to the place or you are a newbie in asking girls out. When you are not experienced, you may have certain nights when you run out of openers to say to the girl that you like. As a result of this, you may have used cheesy picky lines for girls. Using cheesy pickup lines to get girls is not that terrible as there are cases when cheesy openers do work.

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As for cheesy pick up lines for girls, there are many. The lines considered cheesy or tacky may be lines that other guys have used in the past or you yourself may have used. Since the lines are considered cheesy, you have to have a certain image to get away with using them on girls. Thus, you need to appear confident and poised enough to grab the girl’s attention. One of the popular cheesy lines that will surely make a girl stop in her tracks and look at you goes like this: “You seem familiar, did we have sex before?”

Another popular cheesy pick up line for girls is aimed at two girlfriends at the bar or huddled in a table. You have to carefully select the ladies who fit the bill of your “hotness meter”. When you see two who qualify, sidle closer to them and ask: “Between the two of you, who gets hit on by guys more?” The two equally attractive ladies will want to give you pieces of their minds and talk to you. For this opener, you also have to be sure to send the message of being in control of the situation.

A breather on the list of cheesy pick up lines for girls is an opener that is not as vulgar as the first two examples. More often than not, this line can be considered by certain ladies as a sweet and sensitive pick up line. This line needs you to scan the crowd for a girl who is just standing there and who is looking bored out of her wits. Go near her, smile some, and directly tell her that she possesses thoughtful eyes. Finish the opener by telling her that her mind (done in synch with a slight touch on the girl’s head) could also be full of many things. This line will help you get a girl to talk to you.

The next opener is also a cheesy pick up line for girls and it is related to the pick up line in the previous paragraph. The trick is to center the opener on the eyes of the girl you like. Inform her that there is a general belief that individuals can tell a lot of things about somebody by just looking into her eyes. Tell her that when the small lines in a person’s eyes are arranged close together, it means that the person is a person in charge; on the other hand, when the lines are a bit far from each other, it means that the person is often sick. After that, say: “Let me have a close look at your eyes.”

To be brief, the pick up line samples can work positively or negatively for you. However, when you know you are the man-in-charge and say the lines without reservation, the lines will work to your advantage. You only need to say the lines assertively in order for the cheesy pick up lines for girls to do the trick, and will surely get a girl to like you back.

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