Understand How to Ask a Girl Out

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Understand How to Ask a Girl Out


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I realized that a lot of men don’t know how to ask a girl out. Truth of the matter is, it is indeed a difficult feat especially if you have no idea how women behave when it comes to the opposite sex. That makes it the answer to one of the most common problems of men. Here are some helpful tips on how to ask a girl out.

How to Ask a Girl Out

1. Don’t be too showy of your attraction – like majority of men, women, too, love the chase. This is the most common mistake that nice guys do, they let their attraction show from the get go. In the end, they easily get rejected because women are not really turned on by the sight of a man who will do anything and follow her around like a cute little puppy. In short, you don’t give her the challenge that she needs that’s why she can drop you like a hot potato just like that.

If you noticed, natural chick magnets give off the aura that they don’t care or they don’t notice girls. As a result, the curious within her is awakened and once he gives her random attention, she gets turned on. In short, the natural chick magnet is the prize and not the pursuer in the game. So control yourself if you really want to go out with her.

2. It’s not a date – you need to change your mentality. There are a lot of reasons why you’re not supposed to ask her on a date but instead ask her to hangout with you. Well, technically it’s a date but if you think of it that way, things might not go your way.

If you ask her on a date and she says no, it sucks bigtime, right? Things may go awkward between you two and not to mention, you’ll end up with a sore ego. On the other hand, if she accepts the invitation, both of you will be put under pressure. When both of you are put under pressure to impress each other, things might just go bad. So relax, it’s not a date.

3. The Innocent Invite – if you want to learn how to ask a girl out, make use of the innocent invite. This has a higher success rate because it plays with how women think and how they want to be invited. For example, you can ask her to go with you to an event, activity that you planned. Doing so will make her think that you’re a lot of fun to be with. By inviting her, you’re making her think that this is her chance to enjoy spend time with you. Just keep in mind to make it sound like you’ve been planning to do this activity for a long time now.

So in case she says no, it’s not like she’s rejecting you.

If want to learn more tips on how to ask a girl out and some real-life examples and situations…

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