Bad Pick up Lines for Girls are Bad for You

Bad Pick Up Lines for GirlsSuccess in the dating game is not something that comes easy; you have to practice the art form before you become an authority on the subject. That’s why you have to toe the line between becoming an expert pick up artist (PUA) and remaining the loser who never gets the girl. If you want lots of success every time you approach a girl, you have to make it your business to stay away from bad pick up lines for girls that won’t ever give you the time of day. So, where ever you may be, you can choose to be a pick up artist who has a few lines of attach to get girls.

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Pick up lines for girls can be found all over; you have to carefully select a pick up line so as not to end up with a bad opener that won’t help you increases your chances of landing a date. Choosing the opener to use on any girl needs you to consider the current situation and start from there. So, you have to think over the circumstances where you and the girl are and decide whether the pick up line you are about to use fits the scene. If you feel that you are comfortable in the situation, plunge right on, utter your selected pick up line, and patiently wait for a response. Just make sure to be confident when you say the line and convey the feeling of being an authority figure.

You should take hints from expert pick up artists: they are smart enough to know that bad pick up lines for girls don’t work. These expert guys always get the girls, even if they just get lines from dating books or think up the lines on their own. Thus, you should replicate the behavior of the great pick up artists and behave as they do. This means that when you do get the chance to say the line to a girl, you have to be self-assured and suave. But, it is also wise to stop yourself if you even think of saying: “Pardon me miss, I seem to have lost my phone number, could I borrow yours?”

You can also follow the example of pick up artists: they do not use bad pick up lines disguised as close-ended questions. These questions, though not as cheap as the cheesy ones around, won’t really get you the impact that you want in terms of the girl’s feelings of being attracted to you. When a girl notices that you seem blah, and talks to her with a blah opener, she will definitely give you a curt “yes” or “no” and go on her way. But, when you choose an interesting opener, this will not happen to you.

However, you should also remember that bad pick up lines are not always that cause that guys get rebuffed by the ladies. More often than not, the rejection is mainly because you don’t exude a certain confident air that girls unconsciously gravitate to. To ensure that this does not become a problem for you, you have to dress in a trendy way; keep eye contact with the girl you like; and just be the man of the night. But, heaven forbid, even if you have all these qualities that girls look for, never ever start a conversation with the uninteresting line, “So where do you work?”

In this light, you have to bear in mind that you have to pay heed to your image to be successful in getting girls. Therefore, you must be fit with a great taste for clothes. Also, you have to be confident so that the girls notice you right away. Doing all these things can do wonders if you want to get a girl, of course, if you also care to remember never to use bad pick up lines for girls. This would also help in picking up girls.

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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