Using The Right Openers To Pick Up Girls

Using The Right Openers To Pick Up Girls


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It is time to party with your friends on a Friday night. What if you see a girl you are interested in and you want to get her interested in you, too? Well, you can make her look your way if you have a confident stride and hip clothes; but, you can really make her stop in her tracks and assess you if you use great openers for picking up girls. Knowledge of the great openers that can surely make the girls take notice of your presence is very important. In this sense, you can read this article from paragraph to paragraph to make sure that the girls give you the attention that you want!

In your attempt to use great pick up lines to get girls, you should know that it is not necessary to say something that will literally blow them away. In truth, effective openers can be simple lines that will arouse interest in the girl, thus making her want to talk to you. This is perfecto get a conversation started with the girl who caught your eye. Openers that you may use to pick up girls are plenty but, if you want to be safe, you can choose openers that won’t scare the girl and make her clam up. In this sense, let is discuss neutral openers.


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Openers To Use When You Meet Girls

Neutral openers are handy for beginners. These neutral openers for picking up girls do not send the message of your being interested in the girl sexually or romantically, thus, making the girl secure and safe with you. But, just be careful to use a neutral line that is not too bland so as to turn-off the girl you like. So, you must choose an opener that suits your personality. When you pull off a line that is harmless and reflects who you are, any girl will respond positively and will want to carry on a conversation with you.

One of the handy openers for picking up girls that you can try comes in the form of a question. But before you ask her the question, lead her on first with a comment that tells her that she seems to be a wonderful resource person for the matter you have in mind. When you have her attention, pose this question: “How long do a guy and girl need to date before any of them change his or her status on Facebook?” Then, tell her that you know of a girl who has been with guy for a month, yet the Facebook status of the guy is still “single”. This question will really intrigue her enough for her to give you a piece of her mind.

The second top opener for picking up girls still needs you to ask a question. However, you must first provide an overview before plunging into the question. Inform the girl that your best friend’s girl tried to kiss you the previous night and you felt weird about it; and that you also feel weird facing your best friend later on. Then, ask her this: “Should I tell my best friend about what almost happened last night or not? What if it happened to you; what would you do?”

The tips given in the previous paragraphs could score you bonus points with the girl you like, especially if you are still inexperienced. Using the neutral openers can give you a harmless air yet gives you the chance to attract the girl. In this sense, you don’t come off as intimidating which is great for making the girl talk to you. Just be sure to say the openers for picking up girls in a relaxed way so as to appear suave, not nervous or desperate.

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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