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Mary asks…

Yahoo Answers haven’t let me down yet….so more girl help please?

I’ve been coming to Yahoo answers for a while to help out with girl troubles, problems, and solutions. You guys never lead me astray, and slowly I’ve gotten more confidence in myself to judge situations. I need you guys now though, for what probably could be one final time. Bear with me, it could get long.

I work at a place where there is a weird mix of ages. Old people, young people, part time college kids (thats where I fit in). Lately, I’ve been getting some strange signs from one of the young girls. All I’m going to say about the age difference is that she will be 18 within the next 12 months, and I am not yet old enough to legally drink. But I’m older than 18 by a bit.

She has been purposely nudging me, she’s been looking right at me quite a bit at work, she’s been talking and laughing a lot while at work. She’s even commented on some of my facebook stuff, which is odd because nobody I work with really does that (and she doesn’t do it to others that we work with). I’m pretty sure she is flirting with me, but I could be mistaking it for coworker friendliness. Am I?

Then it gets to me trying to get her number. I could do it on facebook, but something is stopping me. A lot of the people I work with have complained to me because one guy we work with has either given them his number or asked for theirs. If I am completely wrong about this girl and ask for her number, then my reputation there will be screwed for a long time. So then how do I go about getting her number, or giving her mine?

Lastly, I have noticed something…unusual. I haven’t really felt this with any of the other previous girls that I’ve liked. There’s likea feeling of chemistry. Which is weird, because I don’t ever have chemistry with anybody that I know. But I’m kind of scared to take the leap and go after this girl, because of the whole “we work together thing.” So my last question is…is it worth chasing her and hoping to land her?

admin answers:

About the co-worker part: you are a part-time student and by assumption can find another job similar to your current job if that needed to be done.

I think she’s worth it…try asking her out on the next group date (or two) that you can, and based on that ask her out for dinner. The number thing is not required for a group date – if she makes it, she makes it.

Good luck! :)

Ruth asks…

Does anyone remember yahoo answers before the jonas brothers?

I remember the good old days when yahoo answers wasnt filled with preteen girls who dont know what else to talk about except the jonas brothers. They all think they’re married to them. And you know, back when people actually liked GOOD music and didnt obsess over boys who desperately need a hair cut and think they’re all that? Those good days were only last year…does anyone else miss them?

admin answers:

Ahh, Those Were ‘The Good Old Days”….LOL..!!

Lisa asks…

Woman, what do you think of men that use the gender studies section of yahoo answers?

I’m in college and recently started using yahoo to procrastinate, when I want a break from homework, since I’m not really into social networking sites. I’m majoring in psychology so I can use a lot of the information I’m studying to answer people’s questions and it actually helps me make use of the material. The problem I’ve noticed is in the gender studies section in particular, regardless of what the question is and no matter how many sources back up your answer, the only answer that men seem to accept are variations of “woman are immature bitc*es and everything is their fault”. This problem became particularly apparent to me when I answered someone’s question about if it’s true that girls mature faster than boys. I was the only one who actually used science to answer the question (because yes, woman do mature neurologically way faster than guys) but I received so many thumbs down that my answer doesn’t even show but a bunch of men posting their groundless opinions are getting the highest ratings.
Then there are the men that actually act like they are asking a thought provoking question, but in the end only accept and answer that somehow glorifies men:
And then the ones that are just straight forward about their need to sh*t talk woman:
(And to answer the last link’s question: I had no ill feelings towards men until I read answers from the dumba*s men in the gender studies section on here.)
So here’s my question, why do you think men go out of their way to sh*t talk woman on here instead of legitimately asking and answering questions? From what I’ve gathered, I can only assume that these men are taking out their sexual frustrations on here. I’m guessing that woman have no interest in them, and instead of accepting their faults and trying to better themselves, they decide to continue believing the delusion that they’re perfect and woman are just too inferior to understand. What do you (woman) think? And how would you solve it? For example, my solution to my theory on the subject is that maybe they should just wack it to porn as a sexual release, since it would most likely be more productive than the sh*t they post on here. Or better yet, since they hate woman so much, maybe they should just meet up with their fellow yahoo misogynists at their local glory hole and abandon woman entirely. What do you think woman?
@ Kenneth, thank you for being rational. I am in no way criticizing men that use this appropriately, just the others.
@ThingsAsTheyAre You can’t compare two different species that have different life spans and expect that to be a legitimate example.That would be like me saying that a blue whale has bigger penis than you, therefor yours is small. Woman and men however are of the same species and woman do mature faster. That in no way implies that men are less mature, rather that they get to their peak at a later time. The problem is that men like you seem to think this is a sign of weakness and deny the fact that science has shown that woman start maturing earlier on.
@ Rowdy

“People, creative people especially, NEVER mature because their minds are continuously growing.”
Yeah everyone’s brain continuously grow, the brain rewires itself throughout Life: Although plasticity decreases with age, the brain retains the ability to rewire itself throughout life. This ability is learning’s biological basis.
Although males’ and females’ brains are predominantly similar, males’ brains are larger than females’ (on average), and females’ verbal abilities are organized more bilaterally (more equally in both hemispheres). There are sex differences in the rate of development for some areas of the brain. Neuro-imaging shows that, early on, the typical teen girl has a stronger connection between the areas of the brain that control impulse — the amygdala — and judgment — the prefrontal cortex. It may not be until late adolescence or their early 20s that boys’ brains catch up to their girl peers.”
So yes. A brain never stops growi
Men AND woman are both capable of being immature. All of you who are throwing out BS examples of girls being immature need to grow up. People, regardless of their gender, can lack maturity just as much as any other personality characteristic. There are girls and guys who exhibit every possible trait and to choose a cross section of a gender and then decide that makes one or the other other more superior is bullsh*t. Your logic means that its okay for me to say “I’ve seen an episode of the show Jacka*ss and that proves that men are immature.” IT DOESN’T. That would be ignorant.
@ Every man that tried to give a rational answer on here, and show that there really are guys such as Kenneth who aren’t here to be sexist, but to give legitimate answers, look at all the thumbs down you got. That’s the same reaction that led me to post this in the first place. It seems that a ton of men will just dismiss anything that doesn’t scream “we are superior”. But thank you to the guys who are being down to earth about this, it’s good to know that you‘re out there.
@ Miles, I read your source. It’s discussing intelligence, not so much maturity.
“Another little-known fact is that, because girls on average mature faster than boys, the male advantage in intelligence does not appear until after puberty, when boys and girls finish maturing and growing. Until then, girls are on average always more mature than boys at any given chronological age.”
The topic in question was who matures first, and your article says the same thing that science keeps stating, and men on here keep denying.
And yes, a judge can throw out a prenup, and he can also deny alimony. There are always what if’s that can be thrown out there but it’s usully circumstance based, and just like any other contract, a breach in it would cause him to throw it out.
@ ThingsAsTheyAre, i want to stress that the “@ everyone” was mostly directed towards you
@ Matt I really like your answer. It made sense and it was well written.

@ Geno- As for being marriage material, I’m engaged. Having an opinion hasn’t stopped a woman from being marriage material since thee 1950s.
As far as me being a whack job. I have 4.0 GPA and I’m working towards doctorate, so maybe I am, but I can’t be that bad.
@ The Ultimate Male- Thank you for being the perfect example of the problem with the men on here. You managed to some up the immaturity and ignorance, that seem to be dominating this section, in such a graceful manor.

If anyone needs a good example of how unfounded the responses that some men leave on here are, please refer to “The Ultimate Male”

admin answers:

I think the main explanation of the endemic male need to dominate women is fear. That men fear women and hence have institutionalised sexism to assuage a monumental insecurity. But what are they insecure about? Why are women regarded as dangerous (though necessary) partners in life, whose influence and power must be curbed at all costs?
Women are less aggressive than men. Even now there is no serious threat to the male hegemony of power. Seen objectively, a woman is not in any sense an opponent or antagonist to a man. Rather, she is his complement, and this is itself a clue. Could it be that what men actually fear is not woman but something she represents?

If the external woman is not the cause of the fear then perhaps it is the internal one. Men have always feared weakness in themselves. Strength has been seen as the pre-eminent masculine virtue since the dawn of history, and doubtless before. Softness and weakness have traditionally been identified with femininity. Related to this is the well-known male fear of feeling, which is seen as a feminine faculty.

The tenor, Jose Carreras when asked what was his greatest quality unhesitatingly replied, “I am strong.” His greatest fault? “I am weak. I don’t like to face problems in my personal life. I prefer to walk away.”

My thesis is that a man fears his capacity for weakness and mistakenly identifies it with femininity. This causes him to fear and hence to deny the existence of the feminine side of his nature. The femininity of women threatens him because it reminds him of his own femininity, which he is suppressing. So he tries to fight his inner femininity by subjugating and dominating women.

In other words, he projects (sees in others what is in his own mind) his inner femininity onto the most natural object outside himself – woman, and then seeks to subjugate her as a way of combating his own weakness. Thus sexism is due to a double error: identification of weakness with femininity and mistaking inner for outer.

There is a wonderful formulation in the Upanishads, “Whenever there is other there is fear.” The ‘other’ in this case is the man’s disowned feminine side.

Helen asks…

Girls answers only (15-16)?

So this looks like a lot, but I ask that you please read it all and answer all my questions. This means a lot to me.

There is a girl I like and I want to ask her to the next school dance. But there are somethings I question. How would you react to me, the way I describe myself.

I say hi to you pretty often. You always respond politely. Inside I am confident and have high self esteem. I don’t appear that way, only in the sense that in class I am pretty awkward. I find things funny that no one else usually sees, that is unless I am talking directly to you. I am smart, get Bs and As. I eat lunch in the same place you do, your friends and my friends are in the same network, but you don’t know me well. I make dumb mistakes, I am a klutz and I have what seems to be a permenant stutter. I never used to do these until right about the time I realized I liked you. Girls I have liked in the past have never done that to me.

When I laugh at things in class (that no one else sees funny) you don’t react. I don’t know if you see me as weird or awkward. I have great upper body strength. You have often seen me scale 8 foot concrete walls in seconds. People used to laugh at me for that, I believe in jealousy, and you would laugh at their jokes. But the fact remains. (I have yet to meet someone who can do more chin-ups than me :) )

When I talk to you, you give me short answers, nothing more. It makes it hard for me to speak to you. I think I usually catch you in a busy mind set, but I often see you laughing, smiling and conversing with others. I don’t know what to think of that.

None the less, I want to ask you to this dance, I am kind and respectful. Perhaps too much. My final question: Should you agree, you would find me telling you something. Of course everyone grinds at dances. Out of my morality I cannot, no matter if I like a girl or not, bring my self to grind like everyone else in the room. I respect my date too much.

So here is my dilema: My guy friends say I’m crazy, lots of girls here on yahoo answers say I’m sweet. But last time I brought a girl to a dance, she said she understood, and we had a great time. But a horny friend of mine who wanted to steal my date (I almost had to punch him to convince him otherwise) talked with her and brought me the news that she actually wanted me to do so. What do I do, go with my morals and be ME, or go ahead and grind while feeling as if I’d betrayed myself. Maybe she finds my moral sweet and thats a plus, or maybe, like the last girl, I don’t grind and I never see her again.


admin answers:

When I was that age I would totally have wanted to date you. You totally sound like my type: the smart geek who has more on his mind than his looks and has some decent morals and respect. That’s awesome!

However, I’m guessing from what you say that the girl you like wouldn’t agree with me. I think if she liked you she would never laugh at you even if other people were. That’s just mean. Find someone who appreciates your humor and who you are without you having to worry about being yourself.

Betty asks…

girl I met always picks up my calls, but always has an excuse not to talk?

here’s the back story: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091215112345AARSM2Y

if you read that link, then this is the update.

I decided to call her a second time. this time however is just like the first: she can’t talk. the answers never sound contrived, she sounds honest… the first time was something about her mom coming over or something, this one was that she had to pick up her car from the shop. it’s been 40 minutes since she said that.

there are a number of reasons I can come up with why this is happening:

A.) she’s really busy
B.) she wants to see how clingy / desperate / stalkerish I am
C.) she’s playing games with me, not interested in me, and just likes the attention of the calls.

what would you think?

admin answers:

Typically if someone likes you, they will make time to talk to you. If they don’t like you but don’t have the courage to tell you they will just make up excuses why the can’t talk.

If she makes the time to call you back then she’s interested. If she doesn’t call, she’s not interested and you should forget about her.

Chris asks…

About a girl. Just asking for sincere help, advice, a talk?

Hi guys. This is my first time ever using Yahoo! Answers and venting this kind of stuff, but…
Anyways, there’s this girl that I liked since 8th grade. She knows my name I guess, but she doesn’t know me personally. I’m in 9th grade now and she’s finally in my area of classes to the point where I can go and talk to her. I don’t have any classes with her though. I have her as a friend on FB, but I sort of added her awkwardly long time ago.
What I’m trying to say is.. I like this girl. She seems special. You see, I really never had interest in dating or anything like that, sure I guess i thought some girls were hot and cute, but I was never interested to the point where I was like: WOW! I wanna be friends with her and get to know her!
Right now, I only think about her and I just at least want her to know I’m here. Sometimes I feel like she notices me, and I was actually going to ask her to homecoming in the beginning of the year, but I chickened out..
I’m a sort of shy guy, yet a nice guy that keeps to himself and is very outgoing with everyone that I know and am comfy with. Not the MOST popular guy, but I’m known around for a good image I guess.
Anyways, I can’t get her off my mind and I just need to ask and vent this out.
Any suggestions? Help? Advice?
Sorry this was so long, but there’s oh so much more I can say about her*
– Thank you and cheers. c:
I sort of heard from some of my friends that she gets creeped out if she doesn’t know you, and she can completely make a huge border across people that she is not comfortable with or doesn’t like. But, at least she’s not mean to people she doesn’t enjoy being with.
Just wanted to add that because it may change some suggestions.

admin answers:

Welcome to yahoo answers :)

Sounds like you like this girl, you want to get to know this girl, you want to talk to this girl, so honestly what better way of doing that, then, doing it!

What I’m saying is, since you’re saying she’s in “youre area” now, why don’t you go up to her and say hi sometime, maybe when she’s by herself at her locker or afterschool when she’s leaving to go home, or she’s walking in the hallway by herself? That way it’s not been “creepy”, just friendly. Introduce yourself, and ask her what class she’s heading to next, if the bell rings, great! Tell her you enjoyed talking to her, and why don’t you continue this conversation over lunch? Once you become friends, you can work your way into a relationship if that’s what you want. Good luck (:

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