Why Bad Pickup Lines Don’t Spell Success

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Why Bad Pickup Lines Don’t Spell Success


bad pickup linesDid you know the reason that most guys fall short whenever they approach a girl they like? Mostly, it is because of a bad pickup lines. In essence, the thing that turns a girl off is you using a line that is totally inappropriate. This is really the worst thing that you can do as it kills all your chances with the girl you are attracted to. Therefore, you really need to beef up on the bad lines so that you won’t make the mistake of using them.

The first bad pickup line that won’t do you any good is this: “I’ve been told you’re a bad kisser. Wanna practice?” This line is bad because it sends the idea that you want to be sexually involved too early on in the conversation. Most girls will feel slighted when you say this line to them. When you say this line, not only will you get a snub, you will also probably get a slap in the face. Therefore, steer clear of lines with sexual innuendos.

The second bad conversation starter that you should never use is this: “You stole my heart, and now I want you to return it.” This line, although not insulting like the first one, does not work because it is cliché. If truth be told, it is completely unoriginal as it has been circulated for some time now, that most girls have probably the pickup line from friends who were hit on by guys. This pickup line is just too cheesy. Also, it reeks of hypocrisy and falsehood as no guy ever falls too desperately in love with a girl he just met.



Using Bad Pickup Lines

The third bad pickup lines goes like this: “I’m lonely, and you are lonely… So let’s make sweet music together, what do you say?” This line just scares the girl away. It sends the message across that you are desperate for any girl to like you. Further, girls don’t want guys to want them because no one else will. It is just too insulting, minus the sexual hints; so you better not use this line on any girl, ever.

The last bad pickup line that should never be used to draw the attention of a girl is, “Well, I’m here. What are your other two wishes?” It’s a bad pickup line because it puts you in the category of men with large egos. It’s something you do not want communicate to the girls as they just don’t like men who have think they are the best thing that ever happened to women’s lives. On the other hand, this line might work if you actually look and act like a celebrity. If not, do not even try to say the line.

In a nutshell, knowing the right things to say to a girl the minute you meet her does a lot in improving your chances of getting a date. When you know the great pickup lines and the bad pickup lines, you can mentally prepare yourself for the actual encounter with the girl you want to get to know. Armed with the list of totally bad pickup lines, you can concentrate on the more effective ones and practice the delivery so that you won’t fumble. When you also prepare yourself by paying attention to your looks and your level of confidence, you can thank high heavens that you took the time to find out the bad pickup lines and succeed with the girls.

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